Federal Reserve Balance Sheet Update: Week Of January 21 - $2.3 Trillion - Rolling Record Highs

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Wall of liquidity; not the first time Manhattan needed to build a wall.

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Not that I don't believe it, but what is the rationale for claiming that the Fed will continue increasing its holdings into March?

Just the continuation of the MBS purchasing program, or something else too?

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the MBS purchases go into March (at least), but they won't take delivery of all the MBS right away, so some will continue to hit their balance sheet for a couple months after.

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The Fed itself says:

"The Desk is expected to execute purchases of about $175 billion in housing-related agency debt and about $1.25 trillion of agency MBS by the end of the first quarter of 2010."

That leaves about $300 billion yet to settle in the next three months.

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"Rolling Record Highs"...that's like a Win Streak right?

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Can I buy a call option on the Fed balance sheet?  Maybe a $2.5 trillion strike....

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sorry but only goldman sachs is allowed to make
easy money.

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I look at that wall of red (a.k.a. bloodletting with MBS) and think two things:

  • the taxpayer will see 40 cents on the dollar, if we're lucky
  • that sea of red will continue to grow, probably well into 2012, until all the resets have had a chance to hit the fan
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yep...and to think the whole mess of it isn't likely worth the dime in my pocket, which in itself isn't worth a dime either.  A massive pile of nothing.

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Buy it, start digging for it.

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On a short timeline the survival rate of every fiat currency drops to zero.
(short time line relative to gold currency's time line)

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