Federal Reserve Modern History 101

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The Fed is not the enemy. They merely try to repair the damage done by the egocentrics in Washington who use the money of hard working Americans to help any so=called minority that will vote them back into office. "Every American should have the right to own their homes." Really! "Every American has a right to free health care." Really!Need I continue?

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Primary Dealers do not predict actions of the Fed to front-run the Fed. They find out what Fed's puppeteer's plans are. Whose hand is up Reb Shalom Bernookystein's ass? That's what I want to know.

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So the Fed is obviously rigging the value of the dollar yet the USA accuses China of doing the same thing.

Pot meet Kettle.

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Once we start seeing a change in citizenship (paperwise and/or real) of prominent names in the US financial system, we will know for sure that the endgame is just around the corner.

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Ridiculous that the country looks to the Fed to solve the economic problems.

The FED is a bank, banks "make" money.

The big daddy bank is going to take care of the other banks first and foremost. Inflating away debt is the best way to save face and "make" more money. We will all be richer!!!

Fjukin Free basers

Fed should clear checks, keep enough liquidity in the system for commerce and stay away from the rest of the economy.

And Ben, get a hair cut, you look like Crusty the Clown




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Anybody wants to buy some MAGIC BEANS?

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The Fed has bullets left.  The only problem is that they are putting them in the suicide weapon.  Strike "problem" and make that "solution".

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Good article. The only problem is that the author refers to the Federal Reserve being separate from the banks. They are the same entity. The Fed is comprised of the big U.S. banks.

This must be made clear to the public, for the public doesn't read or understand monetary policies. We must speak in layman's terms to John Q Citizen."

maybe a cliffnotes version of The Creature from Jekyll Island.

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Good article. The only problem is that the author refers to the Federal Reserve being separate from the banks. They are the same entity. The Fed is comprised of the big U.S. banks.

This must be made clear to the public, for the public doesn't read or understand monetary policies. We must speak in layman's terms to John Q Citizen.

When Bernanke refers to the system or calls banks systemically important, he's referring to the banks whose officers sit on the board of directors of the Fed. These are the banks that are insolvent. These are also the banks that control Congress and the country itself.

So, once again, tell the American people that the big U.S. banks are the Federal Reserve. Then tell them that it's time to dissolve the Fed.

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good speculation tho.  what is more interesting and factually true since the guys who did have "admitted to their crimes" are all the uber-profitable businesses who were obliterated because "there was no credit from 68-83" who then due to access to "free money from the government" were had for cents on the dollar by former treasury officials from the Reagan days.  these "lost industries" were then sold "for hundreds of millions" thus creating among others "the thing called KKR" which still has one of the world's most awesome buildings.  needless to say "this was just the beginning."  we were minting billionaires by the late 90's mainly by "buying some failing business and selling off subset so and so for a fortune."  these business were always in the "high rent areas of indiana and tennesee" (ha, ha.)