Federal Reserve Plant To Be Next Greek Finance Minister

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Not going to end well.... for him.

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I wish ZH would lay off all these innocent Greek Pap guys.  It's turned into a real Pap smear around here.


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Naughty redpill! But very funny!


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Guys, guys, guys...listen up.

Please quit talking "nonsense." Thanks.


06-16 13:11: ECB's Mersch says nonsense talk about Greece insolvency must stop now
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So many phony, pedophile Papas for such an orphan country!

G-R-U-N-T's picture

L-Pap's: "I said start those fuckn' presses NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


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redpill: "a real Pap smear around here"...

Indeed "around here"; smear spawn courtecy Columbia U, Ivy Ilk Globa-Fi-Scum Machine.

Spec not of the speck in Greece, but the logs in Geekman Sachs, Cali, D.C., Penta-gram (ehh "gun")... the USUK collectivist cartels of cricle-jerkle fratboys of death mongering.

My Motto: Angloginem *USUKs delendam esse.

*(US+UK) The original FI-DOM-Scum (DOM; abrv. add "inatrix")


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I agree, but I don't think he'll take the job, unless he is, well, how shall I put it, "hungry"?

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Another academic. Oh the joys of education.

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Greece needs a transitory government.

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Greece needs to file for chapter 7.

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at this point, it is likely they get a dictator.

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They aren't all Federal Reserve plants. I find that disappointing. Time to ring up the Bilderbergers to find out who's dropping the ball..............besides Miami.

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the fact that he is a longterm serving member of the Trilateral commission makes me comfortable he will follow the script...time to buy!

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"They aren't all Federal Reserve plants."

Do you mean plant as in treasonous covert operatives... or plant as in potted (e.g. "Crazy Chester" Greenspan)?

Problem Is's picture

BTW: "who's dropping the ball..............besides Miami."

LeBron certainly suffers from cognitive dissonance...

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I'm a little surprised I wasn't showered with junks. I'll try harder next time. :>)

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He'll do a great job, for whoever he's really working for.

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He may get nominated but I don't think he will take the offer.  One of the reasons G-Pap is postponing the government reshuffle is because he can't find any people willing to join.  Seriously.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

Will all finance whores please raise their right hand.

See, there are plenty of takers. You must be mistaken.

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Xe to the rescue.

If I were negotiating his contract I would demand there be a 5 man team of bodyguards on duty at all times and an extraction team on standby 24/7.

But that's just me.

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is he going take $$$/drahma printing press w/ him?
or benny jet will deliver fresh crisp 'benjamins' by himself


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I think I saw a step ladder in IKEA with that name

DavidC's picture

You're on a roll today! That made me laugh more than the Pap smear one!


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IKEA is a dangerous place to visit...mini bombs every where...talk about eskalation.

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I'm guessing this is what euro-guido wannabes listen to?

PY-129-20's picture

No, they're actually listening to the original version. You need to understand some German to understand the joke. It's about a party that is getting messy.


But I actually like Feindflug...


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The Repo man for the syndicate

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So The Family hopes. 

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Worldwide fascist dictatorship... a step closer everyday.

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So far it seems to be progressing nicely.  Just let the unsustainable debt and austerity topple the governments one-by-one until everyone is begging for salvation.

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People have now gone through such an enduring process of detachment from reallity and gratuitous mindlessness, that I fear they will happily continue to go along, enslaved by a lack of awareness that has become chronic, satisfied in their misery.

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"...Columbia University, as well as serving... at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston... Chief Economist... Governor in 1994... Vice President of the European Central Bank..."

= recipe for another financial weapon of mass destruction.

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L-Pap "The Auctioneer"

centerline's picture

When history looks back on this time, all of this will be either be forgotten (because the "people" lost and the bankers won and history was written accordingly) or we will collectively have to hold our heads in shame.

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Meet the new boss...same as the ol' boss.

Any word on whether he chauffered for the Rockefellers?

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Mr Market doesn't seem to "take" this "news"! Selling into "strength" is still the order of the day!

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Tte populace needs to root out these whores by attacking them at their homes--drive these fuckers out of the country.

Instead of 25,000 people marching on downtown Athens, how about finding out where these people live and simply engage in some mob rule justice.

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Eventually, one of these candidates will be able to fool the Greek populace.  That's what the banking cartel hopes anyway.

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the bastards sure are playing Russian Roulette with their lives taking these jobs