Feds Try To Confiscate $7 Million In Silver Liberty Dollars

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Looks like they need to seize another few billion ounces to cover JPM's short


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The war has escalated.  They are fighting fire with fire.  Their shorts are no longer functioning, we won that battle, but we need to keep the heat on!  Buy silver!

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Whats this, Government's afraid of system avoidance and consumer empowerment that challenges their enumerate collectivist Ponzi pledging idiocy.

S H O C K I N G 

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There is no more Silver, Bitchez

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OK, he should not have written "dollars" on his coins, but why are they targeting him rather than the criminial banksters?

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Looking at (Title 18 USC 486)  http://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/718/usc_sec_18_00000486----000-.html, it appears that it doesn't matter whether you try to impersonate a coin or not.  Bottomline: You can't create a coin to compete period.  Is that possible?

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Agree he was foolish in how he did it.
But one thing I never heard the feds explain was how a "counterfeiting" scheme of buying silver at $38 and coining it for us as a $1 coin was going to be sustainable for long. If infiltrating the coins into general use to confuse the public was the concern, that implies they would be used for exchanges worth $1.
Who would do that?

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I remember seeing Von Nothaus on a promotional video clip in the 'early days' of internet video clips, circa 1999.

In the segment he spends some of his silver coins at local merchants who seem downright confused, but end up accepting the coins (at least, the ones that made it into the clip did).

I remember thinking at the time that it was sort of strange trying to spend them as legal tender, as at the time the new Sacagawea dollar coin had just came out and I was trying to get more people to use it (alas, they are rusting in vaults now).

While his ethics were in the right place, the Feds targeted him for other reasons and although I think he should simply be reprimanded and fined, there are clearly alternative motives to their bringing a case against him.

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The dollar sign first showed up on pieces of eight. They have dollars in Canada, Australia, Bahamas, and a bunch more. Don't bring any back from vacation unspent now or you may be a rightwing terrorist...

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And why not?

They don't own that word.

We do.

I will outlive the United States of America.


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Before the United States existed, there were Americans.

After the United States ceases to exist, there will be Americans.

And after the tyranny is dead, we will lead the world again.



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amen brother mick!  the word "dollar" has many different meanings and is used by many different countries.  i call bs on this alleged terrorist conviction.  it is extremely difficult to avoid use of banks and credit cards but it can be done.  did they have plastic cc's in 1776?  don't think so!

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You two got it covered!  The law is a whore but the anarchists would rather see Geitner and all the Gov Saks (and all government SACKS OF sheet) with their heads on the chopping block rather than this disaster.  I couldn't agree with you two more..

throwitontheground's picture

You two got it covered!  The law is a whore but the anarchists would rather see Geitner and all the Gov Saks (and all government SACKS OF sheet) with their heads on the chopping block rather than this disaster.  I couldn't agree with you two more..

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Oh sh...t, the guy did'nt make it on the bilderbergers list... wrong caste.

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Yep. The feds can bring home a case against a guy minting silver, but haven't indicted or prosecuted anybody related to the banking meltdown.

The cops are bought. Banana Republic USA.

Disgusting, ain't it?

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yes, especially when we grow no bananas in the ol' u s of a!

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well we can confirm what it feels like to live in a third world nation...very soon if not already.

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Long Silver Long Ammo

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Need silver bullets to take down vampires.

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Yeah, what is the legal velocity limit for compliance with a confiscation order?

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from answers dot com - "In armor and projectile testing, the lowest possible velocity at which any one of the complete penetrations is obtained; since the limit velocity is difficult to obtain, a more easily obtainable value, designated as the ballistic limit, is usually employed."

so, the correct question (still unanswered) appears to be what is the legal ballistic limit for silver projectiles in a confiscation order.


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I still think Robert Kahre for POTUS...

"Attempts to undermine the legitimate currency of this country are simply a unique form of domestic terrorism..."

States as terrorists?

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Is there no mention that each "DOLLAR" is worth $38.50 today? Only a moron would try slip these into US circulation. How do you front-run stupidity?

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That is irony, isn't it. The Counterfeiter was minting coins of increasing value. Meanwhile the legal tender FRNs are headed to ass-wipe status.

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"How do you front-run stupidity?"

Start a government?

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No, and no reason.

He was simply trying to sell Bullion to J6P for the crash.

Where he screwed up was using incorrect wording on the coins.

And trust me, his 7 mil is gone, he was convicted of a Felony, so all his earthly property is now the Feds.

No appeals, screwed.

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How are these fake mints still in business?  They are making exact replicas of the $50 Gold Buffalo, sans gold.  Bernard had a unique design on his coins, these people are blatently copying official coinage and plating it in gold.  Is the difference that Liberty Dollars actually have value?


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Great point, he might walk based on this.

The fake Buffalo nickels have the govt's name & the word 'cents'.

Much more evidence of counterfeiting than Liberty Dollars, or Ron Paul Dollars.

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Exactly.  I don't know what the exact opposite of counterfeiting is, but I'm pretty sure liberty dollars fall under that category.

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....right you are....that's my take on it...passing off something of lesser value for something of greater value...his crime appears to be more like uncounterfeiting...passing off something actually of greater value than what is recieved in exchange for it....


...and then there is the other very obvious fact: his coins bore no resemblence to anything actually in circulation....our government once again makes itself look stupid.

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Heidelberg GTO, bitches.

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Heidelberg Speedmaster 102vp or a row of Miehle 77" 6-colors, judging the Bernank volume...

Hell, the Bernank should go Heidelberg heatset web...

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Silver - to the moon - bitchez!

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"Not everyone believes in the purity of von NotHaus' motives: "NotHaus' group has been followed for years by the Southern Poverty Law Center, a group that tracks political extremism. Long before the government began its investigation into von NotHaus, the group was raising concerns about the popularity of Liberty Dollars among fringe groups on the far right.

I've always said that bigot, nerdy libertarians were dangerous and racist. 


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I resemble that remark!!!

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Commies hate real money -- unless it's theirs.

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I would believe BERNANKE before the scum sucking pigs a SPLC.

THe SPLC Makes UP shit about any group that is not ultra left wing.

They are worse than the ACLU.

You own a weapon, have a Concealed carry permit,go to a house of worship,do not agree with ALL the Gov't is doing, against illegal immigration?,you believe in the Constitution?.

Your their ENEMY,just like you are to the DHS.

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+ Dos Zapos!

The SPLC is a leftist bunch of troublemaking scum.  THEY are internal enemies, just like CAIR and many others.

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SPLC is jew-run and funded

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I believe the extremist thing to do is start taking hostages/blowing up innocents until NotHaus is released from prison.  Worked for the PLO didn't it?


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Southern Poverty Zionist Unlawful Center. 

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i hope no one confiscates my farmville dollars.