Feeling Depressed? 27 Depressing Statistics About The U.S. Economy That Will Make You Feel Even Worse

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The S&P500 is the economy.  Nothing else.

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Thanks Ilene

Being armed with some information/facts may be depressing but it also shines a light on where we should be heading, ie future trends. Corn prices doubling, arm yourself with silver (physical and in great quantity) - Americans spend 23% of income on food and gas (add another 40-50% on Fed, state, local taxes and you're left with 25% to pay rent/mortgage and all other living expenses) and you shouldn't wonder why you feel pinched each month.

The writing is on the wall, right there in front of our noses - prepare, find a different way, eat food you grow, pay off your mortgage, make money 'on the side', create your own job (don't look for someone else to sub-contract you). Rely on no one for your income, your happiness, your future - you make it or it doesn't happen.

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Maybe its time to resuscitate the Mohican tribe? They were much better than current tribe. They polluted less and ate clean : pity they didn't eat all those early white settlers. Would have saved the world a lot of trouble. Instead, they got eaten by the red coats. But never say die...all it takes is a Noah to repopulate the world...BTW what was Noah's wife's name??? He didn't do it all on his own...the Ark thing. I'm enjoying my black humor this morning. Must be 'cos the coffee ran out in my cup.

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OK, you folks disgust me. :)

Gloom & doom this, gloom & doom that.

All is black, nothing is white, the best to hope for is grey.

Almost everyone on this stupid thread wants to sell America & Americans short.

Y'all go right ahead & underestimate America, but make sure to hold onto your Kotex, you're gonna need it.

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Reading these comments are the only thing keeping me sane as everyone around me is completely oblivious to the mess we are in. I really wish I was dead, fuck living like this...

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If you and yours have a job these statistics mean nothing to you.

If you are still on unemployment benefits and looking for work you still have hope.

If you are over 50 and layed off you have probably been out of work for an least 6 months. Your chances of finding work are diminishing daily.

If you are a white male, over 50 with no political connections or have a financial or criminal blemish on your background check, good luck with that work thing. You might as well plan an early entry into SS retirement.

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Yeah but on the upside, the whole world ends in December 2012.

Balanced on the biggest wave, race towards an early grave.


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Why is it Michelle Bachman and Sarah Palin exhibit more intelligence in a horizontal position then a vertical position?

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We can all die of cardiac arrests and the will be a BIG + for Obummah Care.

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Hey, why the sad face? McDonald's is hiring 50,000 workers! and Ronald can put smiles on the sourest of pusses.

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Message to our elected assholes: I think you can stop "helping" us now.

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were out of credit its slave wage time

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Jesse is in fine form today as well:

"It tends to support the theory of Bernays, that the great bulk of people do not act on reason, but on their emotions which are easily controlled and influenced, and therefore subject to manipulation. I can think of no better example of this than how the Tea Party was turned away from its initial cause of financial reform and put to the task of plundering the weak, the victims of the Wall Street and governing class frauds."



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My civil disorder meter just moved up; good thing I'm in the "country".

Those of you in the big cities better have a damn good escape plan.

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Solylent green is people. Cities are full of people. If you live in the boonies, you'll starve, there aren't enough people there to make it economical to make Solylent Green.

Just in case you are feeling optimistic:


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Even the liberals I know are aware that things are messed up and are losing faith in Ocommie.

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"#11 According to the Economic Policy Institute, almost 25 percent of U.S. households now have zero net worth or negative net worth.  Back in 2007, that number was just 18.6 percent."

If this 10% annual clip holds, most of the US should be flat broke within 15 years. 

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most is a very disturbing word.

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The elites will not go broke.  Silly rabbit, Trix are for Kids.

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These statistics don't make me depressed at all. They just make me want to load up the trunk of my Pontiac Grand Am with Molotov cocktails and hit the streets.

/just kidding...sort of

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Just don't put the Molotov cocktails next to the flares when you load up your trunk. You never know when some drunk will rearend you. At some point soon, the price of gas will be so high that even Molotov Cocktails are a luxury. Anybody got a recipe for flaming crisco grease balloons?

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#3 Over the last decade, the number of Americans Poeple in America without health insurance has risen from about 38 million to about 52 million.

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I thought we all had health care now, or is that just the illegals?

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Make certain you own nothing and change rental units every 6 months.

Hit up the emergency rooms in different counties so they don't get to know you; and if it gets bad you may have to go to another state.

Wait a year or two and the hospitals, municipalities, and insurance companies will have your bills all written off and passed on to the American citizen household, especially the one's with homes or property that pay taxes (the damn fools).

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I live in a RV. parked at various Walmarts! Thers one every 8 miles or so.

Truck stops work good too.

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Are you the smitty I know?

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32) all those student loans and I'm working at McDonalds! 

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Yep, anymore gotta drop 100K so you can beat out the HS grad for the minimum wage job.

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Are we on 31 now?  Japan

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This is another interesting chart showing the percentage of citizens in each US State + Washington DC that are on Food Stamps and the percentage of citizens in each US State + Washington DC that are counted as unemployed (U-6).

This is a factor in the misery index:


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Great reality list. I have a list entitled "Potential Bubbles and Mischievious Business and Government Behavior". It is up to 35 and growing. Will share on ZH, unless I get a call from CIA or Homeland Security.

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...that explains the black Ford Crown Victoria seen circling your block...

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Feeling repressed?

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#28.  97% of the country is in a state of denial of the first 27 facts.

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#30 More guns owned than you could put up every 'pigeon' hole in USA. (just half kidding).

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That's one of the few things that gives me hope, actually.  Hardly depressing.

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Then, too, it depends on who's stockpiled the most ammo.

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Brass and lead, the true precious metals.

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ANYONE who buys a depreciating item--like a house--deserves the misery they get for being an idiot.

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I junked you. I wouldn't even know where to begin. 

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"...even when it is their home, with no plans to sell."  -from The Over-Simplified World According to PulauHantu29

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Does this mean I won't get change for buying food with a 1/4 oz. American Eagle....?? Maybe so when a bag of groceries costs 400 fiatscos.

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just don't tell this to Ackerman.....

and it's gonna get worse folks.......

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Not to worry ---- the shell of arrogant denial in which Quackerman is encased is utterly impervious to the passage of facts.  He remains immune to the growing realization that the only thing truly deflating is his credibility on economic analysis.

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unfortunately, yes, I am depressed.   depressed is what I do best .......... but, I call it "reality."

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29.  No silver left at the coin dealer.

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Silver; the first element to go extinct.