Final Count: Pittman Wins, Fed Loses, As Supreme Court Refuses To Grant Confidential Data Disclosure Appeal Sought By Banks

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Yipee!  The news will be rich after the release of these documents.

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what the hell happened? didn't the Supremes get the memos?

good god, someone tell them that the banks are supposed to be allowed to drain the country's assets without ....I REPEAT...without any trouble from the peasants....


someone get over there and slap them upside the head!



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Don't worry all transactions that took place in April and May  that could raise questions have been moved to March 31 and June 1st 

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Right, and we are already past the 7th inning of the financial crisis.  I think it is a new world series, actually!

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Congress to FED: "Show us who got the money"

FED: "no"

SCOTUS to FED: "Show them who got the money"

FED: "no"

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They won't even bother dignifying the demand with a response.  When you're at the top of the food chain, you aren't beholden to anybody.

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BFD!!!  This ruling means nothing in the near term.  This is not the circle jerk you are looking for...

The legislation didn’t apply retroactively to the discount window lending program, which provides short-term funding to financial institutions. Discount window loans made after July 21, 2010, must be released following a two-year lag.

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Forget the discount window stuff, I already know all the big banks got tons of money.


I want to see the gold left, and all gold lease obligations and swaps. I want to see a true picture of what the good money situation is.....

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c'mon  You realize that bloomberg is a member of the insider joo-circle.  Think good cop bad cop.  THis is their way of defusing the issue.  Not sure what their game plan is but to trust Bloomberg...your freaking nutzo.  Don't trust any of them...especially Bloomberg.  You guys really have to quit reacting to the news and attempt to decipher their hidden objectives.

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I can see Hitler in his bunker planning out the next strategy steps for the FED.

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It really must be coming to the end of the world.

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The Supreme Court, without comment, on Monday refused to consider the group's appeal.

[So there was no vote.]

[per WSJ online]

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Is the supreme court the ultimate salvation?

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...until the Banksters figure out that they need to bribe the third branch of government too...

Hey, Blankfein!  There are THREE branches of government in the USA.

Looks like you missed one...

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I thought the "Supremes" had shown their rottn hand with the Bush selection.

Do they have any credibility left? At all?


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ORI,'re better than that.

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I was kind of shocked when the supreme court voted that corporate contributions were protected under free speech.

If there is money involved is not free. Is it guys?

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Out of curiosity, does anyone know how Scalia, Thomas, Roberts and Alito voted in this decision?

ZeroHedge, could you break down the tally by each SCOTUS Justice?

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"Hey, Blankfein!  There are THREE branches of government in the USA."

And according to one of his paid lackeys, Senator Chuckie (Hey Let's Expand the Price Cap on Mortgages Covered by Fannie) Schumer, they are;

The House, the Senate and the President?!?...what a friggin doofus.

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3?? Shit...

The hierarchy goes like this. The unelected FED and the subordinate branches of elected officials in the E, J, and L branches. These are the branches that create the illusion that the "people" whoever the fuck that is, have some say in how this place runs. They don't. The FED runs this mf'er.

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Awesome. Whenever I hear 'Pelosi' I remember than scene of her marching around with that giant theatrical gavel hammer after they illegally rammed thru that Deathcare monstrosity. I hope shes got the worst intestinal parasites known to the world.

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There you are!    Haven't seen you posting for a while, was worried some coyote got ya

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Perhaps she senses the end is near for her ruling elites.

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I just want to know if she is in one of these now oh so common "comas"

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She's been in a liberal/progressive coma all her adult life.  It's staggering the amount of damage you can do while in a coma....

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Exactly.  Ask any Republic.  They've been brain dead for years.

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Don't be so cruel to intestinal parasites.

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Yes, a few thousand colonies of assorted flagellum, paramecium, prions, and protozoans, requiring a regimen of barium enemas and cesium 137 douches is all we ask.

One is, what one eats; Madame Squeaker (ret.)?

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Because I too always immediately check myself in when I feel "slightly unwell."

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Ahhh, you must have one of those Government health plans too...  ;)

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No copay, no deductible.

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Not to worry. Reptilians just need more frequent upkeep on their host bodies, just check out Cheney.

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Nothing to see here...... she checked in for her 30,000 mile warranty on her facelift.


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Didn't the Fed already release all the data requested, hence the Fed data dump about 6 months ago?

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That is what I thought....

I remember Harley Davidson, Mcdonalds and Bank of Montreal where some of the names.

so whats this about ?

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Nope it is more about the Central Banks and other black accounts that received help which are not directly in the best interest of the US taxpayer...

How do you say taxpayer help to the BOC?

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I believe that was the documentation of TARP recipients.  This is a list of other-than-Discount Window recipients (I believe DW recipients are already disclosed as a matter of course).  This is a big deal because it means that the Fed must report all back-door bailouts, not just the one that Congress affirmatively authorized.

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Thanks for that reply, it is very informative as to why this was quite important. 

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Another brick knocked out of the wall

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Brisbane first. The Quake in the North Island .

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i know you have friends there, YC.  so, good luck to everybody, there, from me, too.

looks like pittman scores!  ghost to the post!  hard to believe that the "legal" argumentz of:  it's a secret! and if we tell, confidence will plummet! both failed, tho, doncha think?

barry bonds' trial starts today;  jury selection.  guys on the radio just reported a twitter from the courthouse:  bonds looks much smaller than he was when he was playing...

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It's a start.

But that's all it is.

I want to know when there's going to be a legal challenge to the Federal Reserve's action of monetizing U.S. deficit spending (they're now buying 80% of all treasuries) as the Federal Reserve, via mouthpiece and ChairBeast The Bernank claims they can do an end run around the law so long as they buy Treasuries in the secondary market, from their very much favored Primary Dealers/Too-Big-To-Failures.

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The sheild turns the fast blow, admits the slow kindjal!

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Slow pellet stunners do the trick too...

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So when are the documents to be released?  5 days?

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Small dent in the red shield.

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WOO HOO! Yea Fuk you FED! Fuk you Wall St bankstas!