First US, Now Japan: S&P Revises Japan Credit AA- Outlook To Negative

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Well once again, this is obviously the correct thing to do. Actually the correct thing to do would be to just downgrade both credit ratings, as obviously they arn't much higher than junk bonds.  It does make you wonder what is going on behind the scenes, and wonder why the S&P would be committing suicide. Something fishy here.

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I downgrade S&P to junk status.

"Hey fuckers, how about all the money you defrauded from pension funds with your stupid fucking AAA ratings on paper feces?"

You belong in JAIL.  Stop sucking off the banker-gangsters.

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Thanks Tyler and crew! Excellent work! Lets discuss the long term debt Japan has. Lets discuss Korea and China, (and another lost decade) Lets discuss a homogeneous society that is ageing rapidly! Lets discuss the fraud in Kampo! LETS GET TRANSPARENT!

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Still enough to apply for a visa or mastercard.




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Well; maybe a secured one.

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And the market ignores it. Fun times. Anyone see the yields on the piigs today. 2 yr Greek is worse than a shitty credit card rate, and they keep saying all is well. Anyone wanna guess when they crumble?

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These S&P downgrades are a blatant bid to regain credibility after the mistakes made with sub-prime AAA credit ratings.  S&P should up their corporate security forces a la BACs black helicopters and SWAT teams if they want to play it straight with the major industrial nations and not collude anymore.  Honesty has its risks in the well-armed ponzi world.

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feta cheese crumbles.

greek 2-years have their own barber shop!

the japanese situ will be less uncertain in the future.

in the long run, we'll all glow in the dark, but the supply chain, strap-on of the huge, enormously corpulent, teetering, tottering nanny state, can be expected to deliver a veritable fistfull of reflation to a battered ass near y-o-u.


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Coffee out the nose!  Too funny.

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The new cesium 137 atoms that I have recently added to my biological distinctiveness says true dat!!!

I'm gonna go eat some yogurt and pick up a bit more strontium 90. Yummy.

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All the eyes are on the FOMC press conference.

Who cares about the Chinese, they all look the same.


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Great.  S&P now recognizes what the entire rest of the world has recognized for some time.  

I'm really glad that the big corrupt institution that's in the pocket of the mega-banks has managed to stutter out a smidgeon of truth.   

It's the little things, I guess...

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I was reading about Japan's economic policy yesterday and the blog post I read pointed this out a day ahead of Standard and Poors move.

The Japanese government has not helped much either. I am not discussing her reconstruction programme as plainly one is necessary I am discussing the fantasy being peddled that Japan can do this without issuing any more government debt! The first plan is for her to spend an extra 4 trillion Yen which is around US $49 billion and yet this heavily in debt country feels that it can do so without borrowing anymore but so far without taxing anymore too! Indeed taxing  a weak economy may also not be an especially cunning plan either. So again we see the consequences of past failures and as the government did badly in the elections which took place over Easter Japan lacks clear leadership right now.

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have ant one of you noticed the german state to gdp ratio's? or france?(province) guess what they are insolvent as well. you have to tax the rent out of the system for it t work.

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i yam speechless, yet thinking of food. 

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excellant - now we can all show off our glowsticks in the dark


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S&P cuts are the new buy signal. Please go out of business

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 NEWS BEFORE ITS NEWS!!!.....copy and pasted from a "to be written & released"  rating agencies file.....these are mere excerpts of a more whole release coming soon.

With Japans recent high energy discovery, they have single handedly reduced/removed the need for light-bulbs everywhere...a global it lights out over the heads of the financial engineers in the US!

... As Japans patented trade secrets seem to remain currently intact. The world awhole, would never doubt an ability to repay debt. The simple solution Japan has found from the historical U.S.Empirical/financial advancement technologies, sending state delegates (living or passed) to regions in doubt. Allowing an abundance of cheap energy for community heating, and lighting.

 Mainland Japan now has a greater power source then the famed...U.S. printing press technologies of year passed.

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Cheaper than an intervention.....