Fitch Places 3 BofA ABCP Conduits On Rating Watch Negative

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Present the truth and the Law Firm of Lenin, Stalin & Mao LLP, will hire cnbc to do its contracting.

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cnbc the worlds largest, most prolific purveyor of fraud.  day after day - no reporting on the facts or real economy.

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"extend and pretend" has many interest groups supporting it...


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So eat that Erin Burnett...beotch.

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now Pissani saying BAC issue is like BP issue...being overhyped.  What a complete shillsawing tool that wad of organic waste is.

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Bank Run!  Wooo Hoooo!

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whoop whoop..talked to my mom about getting out of BofA over the weekend. just called her and told her to GTFO now. I'm probably gonna get my mouth washed out with soap...

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Did the same with my wife.  And that got me thinking, how many others are doing this?

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Who cares about the mainstream medias, seriously? Let's ignore them. Internet will exterminate them anyway.

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'cause its like hearing your wife say, "I was wrong....and you were....right".

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Erin Burnett probably snorting up all her remaining coke right now. You wanna WAR! Come and get it! Say hello to my little B cup friends!

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I've heard her sex tape is something to behold, however.

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Wait, was Erin one of them in '2 Girls, 1 Cup'? OMG what a disgusting ho!

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Negative, pretty sure she was the fella in 1 guy 1 jar

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she really is a card carrying memebr of the itty bitty committee...doesn't hold my attention at all

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Friggin crooks...Check out the video "Party Like It's 1929" at for more info on the BAC disaster.

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Benjamin, we need a drop over here in Sector CR. Do you copy?

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Roger . Will do drop in about a week after election. over


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GOD, where's Ken Lewis when we need him? He'd turn this ship around.

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Yeah, he'd hit the iceberg head-on instead of circling it. Miss old Kenny boy.

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Ken.  Call Tangelo.  He's got the inside dope on buying off the SEC.

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LMAO, remember, these three are CURRENTLY rated "F1":

F1:  best quality grade, indicating exceptionally strong capacity of obligor to meet its financial commitment

Zis is zee highest kwalitee!  Only da best fo you!

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All your kwalitee is belong to me.

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just unplug the damn conduit

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die JP Morgan, die. we hope all the bank CDS you sold tear a hole in your undead ass.

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More cowbell please.

Defaultous is comin!

Someone, anyone !