FL Bar on Fraudclosures | Lawyers Obligated by Law to Disclose Felonious Foreclosure Paperwork

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What of the felonious judges who have aided, and abetted banks in fraudulent foreclosures?

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Who do these lawyers think they are engaging in this malfeasance and get away with it? Only Wall Street Banker CEOs can routinely receive Multi-Million Dollar Bonuses and "just walk away" from the crime hand-in-hand with Linda Green from what I hear. Lawyer do not have that freedom....they actually have a "Bar" they must answer to or lose their license...then may then perpetrate their unrepentent havoc on the public with no accountability using their "business judgment."

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The Judges and courts and lawyers had better get their shit together and start representing the rights of the individual or they are nothing more than guillotine fodder and hempen rope absorbent towels.

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The rule of law or the rule of money?

Fascists love their money and DC is dripping with fascists writing laws.

I don't believe this is the same Florida that loves their Bush's and served the rest of the USA up with one shit filled fascist twinkee beginning with "w." (little w)

The world knows that Osama was hidden in the flight suit the whole time.

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Where the hole leads........follow the money

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The other five are something to be concerned about.

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the titanic battle between the little people and rockefeller-rothschild axis of evil which includes the bush crimes syndicate continues....shall mammon triumph over good?

florida is a den of thieves....

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must tell the courts if they know of known felonies

Does this mean that known misdemeanors can continue to be swept under the rug?


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Unfortunately, nothing will change until the Courts start referring all false statement instances for prosecution and some bankers go to jail.

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Act against them under the FDCPA or the state consumer protection statutes.  These are consumer debt collector attorneys that are required to know every fact before making a statement.  They have a higher standard from the go.

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they should change the law the same way they did for legal liability for lawyers representing people declaring bankruptcy. in 05' bush changed the bankruptcy laws to make lawyers legally liable for their client's if their clients were lying or committing fraud. 

the lawyer is liable for doing diligence. 

why not make these lawyers representing the banks liable for diligence. 

fat chance in hell.