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great day, in the M A N  cave.

use it or lose it†

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@CD kept thinking about this quote from the Matrix while reading this:

"The Matrix is a system, Neo. That system is our enemy. But when you're inside, you look around, what do you see? Businessmen, teachers, lawyers, carpenters. The very minds of the people we are trying to save. But until we do, these people are still a part of that system, and that makes them our enemy. You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inured, so hopelessly dependent on the system, that they will fight to protect it."

 Now the apart about people being the enemy is slightly on the harsh side, the 'many of them are so injured' part is spot on. Recent examples of the 'average' American arguing against a universal healthcare system which would directly benefit them, or rabidly holding onto the notion of the American dream. A notion which is so far from there reach makes me think that things will have to get much much worse before people will listen. 

 let Rome burn 


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Thank you CD for this article. I appreciate the depth to which you have explored this topic. I have heard Catherine Austin Fitts many times as she has a weekly segment on Community Business my local station here. When she asked the listeners these same questions, it made me also realize my complicity in this corrupt system she refers to as a tapeworm.

Keep up the great work - you have inspired more people than you may realize.

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reading the comments on this piece and what we ought to do, brings to mind great men who have tried to change the system and thoughts of little people who have tried to escape it.

jfk,mlk,rfk, the family at ruby ridge, the folks at waco.Most of them are dead.

so my only choice is to leave the country?

seems to me that if this type system isnt in place elsewhere, it will be.

destination moon?

or maybe i should head to egypt where the people are already making a stand?

but what will they get from their cute little revolt?

more of the same only different?

it all seems quite naive. or perhaps i am a fatalist.

let us all rise up against the powers that be, their roads,schools,grocery stores,electricy et al. power to the sheeple.

we've been debating this as a species since at least platos time.

Who will watch the watchers?

methinks we are fast approaching hubberts curve, ....peak bullshit approaches or is already here...perhaps we ride upon the bumpy plateau Now.

anyone have an actual solution, i want to hear it.Go ahead and solve for pie while yer at it.

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Best case: No perfect solutions on God's Earth.  Perhaps even for the mega-wealthy.

Wish I could remember which old philosopher summed it up something like "Even the birds are chained to the sky." 

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Best case: No perfect solutions on God's Earth.  Perhaps even for the mega-wealthy.


but Bob, what if this IS the perfect solution to the right group(mega-wealthy?)?

not to go off the reservation, but theres no disputing that we can not and do not know our true history. Have we been here before?

Is this the solution?

someones been working this agenda for a while. how long exactly is anyones guess.

and i believe your great philosopher was bob dylan.

"now shine my god damn shoes"

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Good question.  It isn't like they wouldn't do it if they could.

This is what concerns me about the "we're all to blame" philosophy.  It lends itself to an extravagantly disabling diffusion of responsibility. 

I say let's sort out the little shit once the mega-criminals are brought to justice.  When I'm an unarmed peaceful protester in Liberty Square and goons are pitching molotov cocktails at me off the tops of adjacent buildings is not the time for me to pause for some quiet self-examination . . . regardless of how overdue it might be.

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WB, Mr. 7, please make the Kleptocracy Board Game...with daily QE2 klepmoney fedexed to Bank.


Wait, that could raise all the prices, so new boards would be shipped with new rents every month.

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For a counterpoint recommend viewing, "The Invention of Lying", by Ricky Gervais.

Lest we think, instead, that there are ways to live a life alternately by being honest and forthright, upstanding, telling the truth always, at all times, this movie should put that nostrum to rest as well.

I'm afraid the conditione humane, is one of eternal conundruminess.  There are no solutions to the very simple fact that while we have shed most of our hair, possess only the vestigial remains of a tail at the end of our spine, and have developed the rule of law, we are only a few inches removed from our state of original sin. At root we are merely animals with a forebrain that while we have, a very few of us, invented some of the most wonderful products to make life less of a burden and have no downsides like the fingernail clipper, the Snuggler, veg-o-matic, and flushing toilets, we have also managed to have a guy, who couldn't do his maths, invent the atomic bomb, 1000X leveraged derivatives, and breast implants.

I don't see human beans ever changing into some form of wholly benign life forms. 

I've found the miracle cure, though:  Dramatically Lowered Expectations. Life isn't so bad living it as a complete cynic. I've developed an angular curvature/wrinkle above my left eye on my forehead that signifies this permanent state of being. I've found that less people try to fool me as that signifier has deepened.  

I've not found it completely frustrating to realize that I need to do 6 X as many pushups and pullups at 45 as I did at 16 to achieve a similar result in muscle mass and strength-building.  It was a revelation when I was told that the reason a hundred situps no longer gave me a 6-pack of abs is the disappearance of elastin in the soft tissues due to getting along in years. Now I would have to do 600, a clearly impossible task if I wanted to get something else done. So good bye 6-pack.

Now I will BTFD if it ever happens, and go long Soy beans, cotton, cocoa, and sugar.

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Apropos of nothing and undoubtedly in bad taste, but every time I look at a picture of Lloyd Blankfein now I cannot help but see Jared Lee Loughner's Evil Twin. I suspect that even within the sacred walls of Goldman Sachs a few of their more waggish employees have considered the very same thing.

Sometimes the Universe has a sick sense of humor.

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Stupid typing mistakes.

It should say immorality instead of immortality.

It should also say give *up* your citizenship.

Sorry for that.


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Dear C.D.

It is a beautiful article. I will be sending it to at least one person who is certain that he can game the system. What is sad even Robert Kiyosaki, who has wrote many financial education books operates on the principle the system is wrong, lets play the system to our own advantage. Overtime, I found it more and more visible and therefore more and more annoying.

Catherine Austin Fitts in her speach said that there was only one hand in 100 which would end the insanity in the society no matter what the consequences.

There was also an article by Gonzales Lira about complicity of the middle class in USA and that this means the end of USA.

I asked myself a question about this red button Catherine was mentioning. I would push it gladly. ;). You can be even rational about it, not just having a moral stand. If the fraud/immortality is allowed to run wild in the society it will transform it even further into unjust society. At some point the adjustment will happen because everybody will be trying to con everyone else and society true productivity will go so low that the standards of living those con mans are used to are no longer sustainable. The society as a whole is then destined for an extremely rude awaking. All the pains which have been postponed because nobody pressed the red button earlier will hit at once. The crisis of 2008 was the last attempt of the big game of WallStreet/USA when Americans had to con the whole world (even Norwegians towns) in their MBS/CDS/... scam. The game is over, the world has learnt the lesson (in sufficient numbers) and the USA is left to rot because there is not sufficient number of suckers left. USA is running out of time.

I somewhat feel relieved knowing that USA is quickly heading for such reset. The Americans truly deserve their wake up call for all the hardship they caused around the world for the last half the century. They simply deserve it. Any American  who will attack me for this statement. Remember, in the worst case, you could have always left the country, give your citizenship to avoid paying taxes and deny it your hard work, so that is not used to cause hardship to other people around the world. Enough is enough.



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Having had a chance to give it further thought (while I slept) and waking now in the middle of the night still thinking about it, there is much truth in what you say, but as others have noted, there are indeed degrees of complicity and guilt. 

While it is fair enough to say that there are few--if any--people who are morally pure, there is nonetheless a continuum of morality.  It is not a dichotomy where you're either guilty (because you are not "pure") or innocent. 

Interesting, to me at least, is that to fall victim to this error is to embrace the view of the flim-flam man.  From a pure logic perspective, that process leading to this error reminds me of Zeno's Paradox of Achilles and The Tortoise.  While the argument contains enough fundamental truth that applying it in such novel fashion seems to be a deeply probing process, it leads to an absurd conclusion.

I would have to say that the vast majority of those who have made a living in the FIRE economy have spent far more time in the more unambiguously wrong region of the continuum than the common man.  I hope this essay inspires the appropriate soul-searching.

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Bob, I was very careful to acknowledge that there are varying degrees of complicity.

We, you and I and me and us, are all complicit to some degree or another in The Flim-Flam Men’s confidence game. There simply cannot be a con without two opposing but cooperative parties involved. And both sides need to expect to get something out of the deal, regardless of whether it happens or not and despite all the facts not being known by one or more of the parties. While there may be varying degrees to our complicity, just as there are degrees of guilt, responsibility and intent in any other crime, no matter how much we diminish our role we are still involved in our own victimization.

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I know you did, CD, and I believe that it was more than once.  But I think by the end it had lost its effect.  In any case, you clearly overstate the case when you assert that "we are still involved in our own victimization"  in the above passage.  Sometimes we are involved only as victims, pure and simple. 

I can't say that I have ever been a pure victim myself, mind you, except perhaps vis a vis my appropriate expectations of my government, but there are millions of people who don't have my level of capacity, i.e., no way to know better, who certainly have been in a business context.

Perhaps I misread your use of "we," however.  Given that you're using it at ZH, is it meant to speak to the finance community?  That didn't seem to be the case when you included social security and pensions as an example of no righteous victims.

Hey, CD, I loved the piece.  It was transcendentally eloquent.

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Victim or learned helplessness?

Bob's picture

Taught helplessness?  Good faith reliance upon reasonable assurances and guarantees?  Appropriate expectations of the Rule of Law?

Financial crime is no different from other crimes . . . does every victim meaningfully share blame because it was nobody's face but his own that got beaten when he had it in the wrong place at the wrong time?

How about this:

A few weeks after he started working at Ameriquest Mortgage, Mark Glover looked up from his cubicle and saw a coworker do something odd. The guy stood at his desk on the twenty-third floor of downtown Los Angeles's Union Bank Building. He placed two sheets of paper against the window. Then he used the light streaming through the window to trace something from one piece of paper to another. Somebody's signature.

(sorry, I couldn't get rid of the bold font . . . )

I would guess that your analysis holds powerfully true for the "investment" community that you have served, however.

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Thank you CD. Thank you WB. Reading this, including all the comments, has been an experience in common reality. I appreciate all you are doing.  

I am finding it difficult to express my feelings after reading this; I find I am more confident that we are better..can do better..and will.  


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I arise in (apparently fairly lonely) dispute: I deny complicity. 

I do not ask the system for handouts (though I do use the roads my gas taxes pay for). And I have been taking reasonable steps to apply friction to The System, where I spot an opportunity. For example, I refuse to move the bulk of my money out of safe, near-0 return investments, into what the nonsense the Fed wants me to put it into. I am betting heavily on the system's fairly prompt (5 years) demise. I pay cash for almost everything. And I try my best to convince those around me to do likewise. 

I will cheerfully see the 401(k)s, stock and bond markets, real estate, MBS, and all those insolvent banks burned to the ground, because I saw the corruption, and I am Not There. I encourage everyone else to, likewise, be Not There. 

I mostly hide from evil. Just because I do not confront evil, and try to slay it all by my lonesome, does not mean I've made a deal with it. Hiding from an armed mob, and waiting for them to disperse, might make one a coward to some, but it does not make one their accomplice.  

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it is hard to read something general written about 300 million people and not feel attacked as a reader.

one of the things i like most about ZH is the level of self-esteem that permeates the best writers (and your well-thought contributions qualify). of course, some take it over the top, but what fun would it be without our (often articulate) extremists.

my point is that anyone reading this piece need only look at most their neighbors or folks-in-traffic to know who CD is *really* writing about. while this sounds arrogant, it's anything but, as i'm not so long from that place, and i truly hope *they* soon see what we're beginning to see. elitism has no such wish.

take heart. CD is very likely *not* thinking of *you* if you care enough to read his work...

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Thank you for speaking for me so eloquently. How could I have been thinking about anyone in particular here on ZH when I wrote this piece since I don't know anyone except by ID?

So often an author is writing to the audience that should be reading the piece, not to the audience that is. You can bring a horse to the author but you can't make him read.

Speaking only for myself, when I feel personally attacked while reading something, my emotional reaction is telling me I have some personal work to do, that I have been triggered and I need to examine not only the trigger but the underlying reason why I'm sensitive.

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"So often an author is writing to the audience that should be reading the piece, ..."

 indeed! how funny and obvious, once you put it that way.

"... when I feel personally attacked ... I have some personal work to do ..."

i assure you, that is *not* the typical reaction. cheers.

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But a nickel in a cup for the junks everyone. When the cup is full take the nickels and give them to a person in need.

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Most excellent article. Most excellent comments.

Hey, CD, if you build it they will come!

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The other completely crucial cultural complicity is that of religion.

The religion that says "Render unto Caesar..." etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

I am sometimes convinced that the money changers made certain that was slipped into the Bible so as to ensalve the Goyum.

Please.  A kingdom in Heaven is one thing, but a Hell on Earth quite another.

The complcity of the populace lies in their complacency; their yearning to accept the status quo and meke out happiness with bread and circuses.

The flim-flam of the con-men and con-women is simply the role of a prostitute; willing to be paid to debase morality in order to make a buck.

Lloyd Blankfein, Jamie Dimon, Barney Frank, CONgress, the Judiciary, Wall Street, Washington, and the Elites of the Kleptoligarchy are all too willing to throw their brethren to the lions; rationalizations and self-delusion are cheaper than a fifth of whiskey, a dime of pot, or a spot of crack.

All Hail Caesar!

(and God Bless Us, every One)


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Yet another reason why this site is so great is the pairing of CD and WB7.  Whether one agrees with "all", some or "none" of what they have to say, these are two great minds and talents.

To each his/her own, but to me it seems there are three primary (and yes, moral) choices one can make when they come to an understanding of how they fit into this system (aka, The Big Con).

1. Remove yourself totally from it (i.e., 'go off the grid')

2. Attempt to remove yourself as much as possible from the negative elements of this system and try to do "good" within it (good will mean different things to different people, depending on their talents/perspectives/values)

3. Party like it's 1999 (somebody on this site recently had a funny/interesting comment that perhaps Charlie Sheen had been posting here under the ID of "Mako")

(Lest anyone need help, I'm not saying that beating up chicks is moral - but enjoying the time we have here in the face of all this madness is.)

Not that anyone needs to care, but I personally choose Option #2.  That means something different to me than it does to CD or WB7.  However, those two are inspirations and I have great appreciation for their work. 

Best wishes to ALL reading this!


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Option 2 is the preferred route. But it is a hard road if you really understand what is happening now. It is impossible to pretend that it is not happening before our eyes..

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Thanks to CD and WB7 - great post - most excellent.


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A number of years ago I was given an essay that reduced all law to the following:

Respect others in their person and property.

Do what you say you will do.

[The essay also revealed that Lincoln's D.C. monument chair has his hands resting upon 'fascia' - bound bundles of wheat, which the Roman army would carry at the front of the advancing legion. The fascia communicated that either your with us ... or mowed down (something like that).]

William - a couple of months ago you did a 'tree of life' of either Wall Street or the Mortgage fraud.  I don't remember which, but I thought it was great and would like to buy a poster. Good to see your on-line store.  


williambanzai7's picture

That one is going up shortly.

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Gentlemen... in a word: Fantastic. (William, I will be making a contribution to the cause.)

williambanzai7's picture

Tnx AE, pick something that cheers you up.

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Unfortunately Banzai7's web site doesn't take Gold or Silver.......yet. But those dirty filthy Federal Reserve Notes are still welcome. :>)

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i'm sure WB7 knows a little paper alchemy...

bravo to you both for great collaboration.

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While I agree mostly with the idea that the victim is willing it leaves out the purely ignorant.  We can debate if such ignorance is self deception or just a lack of knowledge but a lot of people who get taken in are ignorant.  Hell look at the people throughout history who have gotten killed by inflation.  Odds are they did not think their money was going ot get more valuable, they just held on to it out of ignorance.  People today are probably not leaving money in savings accounts or low yield CDs out of greed. 

So what we are dealing with is certainly part conman, but its also equal parts Attilla the Hun,  Rudy Havenstein, and Nero.

The truth is in a system of lies we are all gambling.  We can't not, even buying gold is speculating on the future actions of governments and their central banks.  Holding cash or bonds is a bet on deflation.  Stocks is a bet on the Pigmen's ability to keep the ponzi going.  We really can't stop gambling because every investment choice with capital is a gamble at this point.

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Even holding capital is a gamble....but some gambles one has to take in order to remain financially viable.

Shameful's picture

That's my point.  We all live in a giant casino, and naturally the casino is full of rigged games.  We study the game of our choice and try to beat the odds.  Makes capital formation rough when it immediately has to go on the table and be wagered with or disappear into the ether.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

We really can't stop gambling because every investment choice with capital is a gamble at this point.

I would agree with this statement if you added that you wish to maintain your current or potential future lifestyle, thus you are locked into the system that provides that lifestyle. The only reason we are trapped is because we want what the system promises. The is the agreement, the deal, that I talked about in the article. But the promise is a false illusion.

Remove yourself from wanting what the system promises but rarely delivers and suddenly you are no longer forced to dance while the music plays.

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How could you escape the system?  By having no capital or savings one would be at the mercy of getting their wages or their government cheese.  Living on the land is not really an option due to rules about public land and property taxes. 

As far as the promise of the system the biggest promise is the threat of force.  We cannot overlook the guy in the room holding the gun on all of us.  Break out of the system and actually try to live and you break his rules.  Uncle Thug does love using that gun to enforce order.  I have 0 hope of seeing any of the money I've kicked into the system for SS or Medicare, I know the pillage will be total.  However I don't think the answer is to burn my money ala the Joker to stick it to the man (If anyone does this, pics or it didn't happen!).  If it's gamble or die, I think most everyone is going to choose to gamble.

That holds true so long as there is a monopoly of force.  But the idea of that being an acceptable monopoly is so enforced in our culture I strongly doubt it could be shaken in less then a few generations at best.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

I respect your opinions. You are always careful and thoughtful with your comments. I also understand that when immersed within the system it always appears to be impossible to find an exit. Thus we say we have no choice but to dance the consensus dance. I mean no disrespect with what I'm about to say. But it's time we grew some balls.

The sheep has no control over it's environment nor is it ever responsible for the pasture to which it is turned out to graze in. The sheep has only one function and that is to graze, to consume what it is given and fatten itself up and to provide wool for it's shepherd and master/owner.

Citizens on the other hand................ 

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Cog Dis:

Thank you for this very insightful and well written article.

This Citizen took the northern exit off the USSA's fascist highway forty years ago to live a very local and minimalist lifestyle in the outback of British Columbia. 

We all have choices.  

What do you really NEED?  

LESS is MORE when living in wilderness!

Peace brother!  

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There is an exit, but it involves taking on the system.  To do so one would have to be able to remove oneself from it.  Naturally then the shepherd will use force to reclaim his wayward sheep and to show the flock that running off or standing up against him will not be tolerated.  The sheep would need to withstand the staff of the shepherd and the bite of the sheep dog.  This is made more troublesome since the shepherd can gain from simply killing the renegade to try to further demoralize the rest of the flock.  The real tragedy is the flock will blame the wayward sheep for taking a stand not the shepherd for leading them to be sheered.  Takes a lot of courage to face nearly certain death, as well as the ridicule of one's fellows.

Being citizens itself is a bit of a crock.  Social contract theory holds that I'm bound to a government because of the place of my birth or the birth of my parents.  So that very same government has rights to my wealth and if it so desires my very life for it's own self aggrandizement.  The problem is the state.  You want to think outside the box imagine a world without the state, that's the only world that has a chance to be free.  We keep the state and at best we fight a revolution every generation against a new set of tyrants or just roll over and keep with the flock and wait our turn to be sheered.

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Citizens are not beholden to a government, but to their nation. This is not "my" government, it doesn't represent me but instead a small elite. Citizens are responsible for holding the government to task, to demand accountability. Being a good citizen is NOT nationalism. Being a good citizen is being contrary to any person, entity or government that steps over the line.

We as a citizenry have grown cowardly. This is precisely why the government has become tyrannical in exactly the same why a two year old will consistently throw a temper tantrum in the middle of the grocery store because mom and dad do nothing to discipline the child. We haven't disciplined the government child in so long that we have allowed ourselves to be enslaved.

And courage is what is required. Like I said we need to grow some balls. Someone must take the first baby steps. I and many others like me are beginning to take those steps. At this point it is the collective we who are fighting with ourselves, with our inner fear and conditioning, not with our government. No one is doing anything against the government, thus no one can claim to be fighting the government. That is changing.

While I am sensitive to what others say about me, as is everyone, I will not remain quiet just because I'm surrounded by moral cowards. If people wish to hide, that's fine. If they wish to attack me because I choose to resist, that's fine as well. If they stand in my way because I'm rocking the boat they will be pushed aside. I'm tired of having my nuts handed to me. I will not participate in my own genocide.

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Excellent discussion gentlemen. In these times of great change we are each forced to make a choice, a choice that'll ultimately reflect our individual characters.

From a historical viewpoint, no corrupt system can last forever. Corruption has a builtin mechanism that guarantees decline.

As wealth increasingly concentrates in the hands of a few, the elite will find it harder to pacify the sheep. They'll have to look overseas for new targets to loot. At the same time, a corrupt system tends to promote the toady and incompetent type to management positions. On top of declining domestic cohesion, these factors combine to weaken the empire, just like what happened to Rome.

In our time events develop a lot faster than two thousand years ago. I don't think we need to wait very long before international competition heats up to the point that it forces the hand of corrupt rulers everywhere.

The masses are always the last ones to wake up, but once they do they can't be stopped.

Shameful's picture

What government has ever represented the mass man?  Ever early in the founding of the US immediately it was seized by special interests.  I do not believe that the nature of a forced monopoly on something so dangerous as force will ever result in good.  Some men might be less bad wielding it but still the state exists to benefit some at the expense of others.  Power corrupts, and even should we find ourselves ruled by angels their successors would be devils.

The citizens are cowards, I'm admittedly a coward.  When one looks the devil in the eye it's natural for a chill to go down the spine.  See a group go nuts drenching itself in blood, slaughter, and looting and the natural response is to be afraid when they look at you.  Now how to discipline the government?  Will we go to government run courts and ask permission to sue them?  Or perhaps use their system of voting to swap out the current thieves for a fresh set of legs?  The system itself is the problem.  The system will also defend itself from the inside and out, and it cannot be changed from the inside.  The insiders have far to much to lose.  I hope the people will figure that out by 2012, that voting sadly is meaningless at least on the national scale. This is not a 2 year old throwing a tantrum.  This is a hardened killer holding us at gunpoint.

It will take a lot of courage.  On the plus side we have some ability to talk to people without being locked up.  I'm all for education.  If the mass man knew that the government was only interested in pillage that would be a great step forward.  As it stands people play left or right and pretend that their elected thief will do something.  But as you pointed out in the comments, the mass man still gets bennies from the system.  So the knowledge will have to battle self interest, until the state goes into total pillage mode anyway.

I have no wish to insult you and if you going to publicly grapple with Leviathan beyond a war of words and education, God bless!  It's an incredibly difficult and courageous thing.

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There is another way to approach this.  I left the USA several years back and now have dual citizenship.  I was and still am shocked by how much money and effort it took for me to escape the talons of my shepard.  In retrospect, I feel like I had to pay off the US "Uncle Sam" shepherd just to buy my freedom.  It really did feel like I was "taking on the system."   Two years and 4 months after I left, my attorney informed me I was being audited by the IRS.  For WHAT I asked?  Well, the original claim was less than $200 for "inaccurracies" but with penalties, fees, and charges it had snowballed to over $14,000.  I spent another year fighting it with my accountants and tax lawyers, and eventually settled for $2,400 even though I was not guilty of anything.  Unbelievable.   However, I am free now, as of the time of this writing.  Who knows what other tricks my motherland has up their sleeves.  Hell hath no fury like a mother shepherd scorned. 

In short, the best way to be free is to have multiple passports.  This establishes a competition amongst the shepherds for who gets to own you as a sheep.  You can choose the better of the shepherds versus being a slave to only one who owns your ass.  If you can manage to divide each year amongst 3 or more shepherds, then none of them owns your ass because you have not lived in any of them for more that 6 months.     

It is unbelievably difficult to successfully leave the USA and stay gone.  I strongly recommend to anyone who is contemplating doing better get to work on it now becuase it will only get more difficult as mama USA needs her tax money...

Shameful's picture

Good advice.  I'm trying to hatch fevered schemes to get out of the US for employment long enough to get another passport or to figure out another way to pick one up.  To poor to buy one and despite a plummeting population and huge expat pop the place my grandparents emigrated from will not accept duel citizens at the moment.

The search did turn up some interesting things in my family tree on my mom's side.  Hear the claim that family is from one place but ask for the documents and learn it was from another, and then other skeletons leaping out of closets at you :)