Florida Notary Fraud Erin Cullaro – Scandalous – Substantiated Allegations of Foreclosure Fraud That Implicates the Florida Attorney Generals Office and The Florida Default Law Group

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Pay attention all!

– Scandalous – Substantiated Allegations of Foreclosure Fraud That
Implicates the Florida Attorney General’s Office and The Florida
Default Law Group

Originally posted LAST MARCH!

have been sitting on this information for some time now due to ongoing
investigations but since the cat is out of the bag here we go…

Over at Matt Weidner’s Blog

He reports on the transcript and motion from a hearing held in a Volusia County Courtroom from Ice Legal.

Bombshell- Substantiated Allegations of Foreclosure/Affidavit Fraud That Implicates the Florida Attorney General’s Office

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the attorneys at Ice Legal
may be the most aggressive and hard charging Foreclosure Fraud
Fighters in Florida. When this whole system comes crashing down and
when judges and the Florida Supreme Court put an end to the systemic
abuses of the court process being perpetrated by the foreclosure mills,
the attorneys at Ice Legal will rightly take their fair share of the


Attached here is a must read Motion along with a copy
of a transcript from a hearing held in a Volusia County Courtroom.
The Motion lays out a very disturbing set of allegations…


is a foreclosure action filed by WELLS FARGO BANK, NA (the “BANK”).
The BANK is represented by Florida Default Law Group, P.L. (“FDLG”).
On behalf of the BANK in this case, and on behalf of other clients in
other cases, FDLG filed affidavits to establish that the attorneys’
fees it was allegedly paid were reasonable. The affidavits purport to
have been executed by Lisa Cullaro, the appointed expert on attorneys’
fees. The notary who allegedly administered the expert’s oath and
vouched for her signature was Erin Cullaro, a former employee of FDLG
and now an Assistant Attorney General in the Economic Crimes Division
of the Office of the Attorney General.

4closureFraud here…

Economic Crimes Division. The same Economic Crimes Division that investigates firms like the FDLG?

What is it that William Black said?

“The Best Way to Rob a Bank Is to Own One“

Well How about this…

“The best way to stop a criminal investigation is to become one of the investigators“

only was Erin just a former employee, it looks like she was one of the
lead counsel for Michael Echeverria, the owner of FDLG (Florida Default Law Group)

Just recently their website http://www.echevarria.com/AttorneyProfiles.htm went “offline” but Google cashed version is here…

I also archived it here…

Click to enlarge

public records request also revealed that Ms. Cullaro completed a
“Request for Approval of Dual Employment” (From the Florida Attorney
General’s Office) in which she certified that her secondary job
notarizing documents “does not create a conflict of interest (as
specified in Chapter 112, Part III, Florida Statutes) nor the
appearance of impropriety…” Ms. Cullaro’s dual employment was limited
to Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays between 7:00 p.m. to 7:15 p.m. Defendants
proffer that they will show affidavits executed on days other than
those approved by the Office of the Attorney General and that travel
records suggest that Ms. Cullaro would have not been present in Florida
on the date and time that an affidavit was notarized.

Here are the signatures to compare…

Click to enlarge

just on Erin Cullaro, the sampling of her alleged signatures below,
demonstrate remarkable differences. And while, she proffers that she
has abbreviated her signature over the years, the sampling reveals
that more than one “abbreviated” signature has appeared over her
signature line.

Indeed, if the signatures are fraudulent, proof
of the intent to defraud may well hinge on the fact that these
signatures were on documents used as summary judgment evidence in a
court of law.

In any event, not all the signatures in Defendants’
collection are from affidavits. Obviously, Defendants should be
permitted to inquire as to the obvious differences in signatures
purporting to be that of the witnesses, regardless of where those
signatures were made.

So the allegations made in this Motion are
that Affidavits are being submitted in courtrooms across the state
and Ice Legal questions the veracity of those affidavits.

  • They have compared the alleged signatures and do not believe the signatures were made by the person allegedly signing.
  • They have compared dates and determined that the Affiant or Signer was not in the state on the date of the alleged signing.
  • An
    attorney who works in the Office of the Florida Attorney General is
    executing documents that are being used to take homeowner’s homes from
  • Allegations of foreclosure fraud permeate the entire
    foreclosure case file in the form of other questionable documents,
    affidavits and assignments.

Why isn’t the Florida
Attorney General’s Office doing more to protect citizens from
foreclosure fraud and foreclosure rescue fraud?

And now the
bombshell….Florida Default Law is fighting like bloody hell not to have
these depositions taken….they’re filing Motion after Motion and have
made it quite clear that they have no intention of ever letting these
witnesses be sat for deposition.

What does it say about how
deep this rabbit hole goes when attorneys are refusing to answer any
questions relating to evidence they created and have filed in
courtrooms across the state?

What does it say when attorneys
are ignoring court orders to have their depositions taken after a judge
has heard their objections and found them without merit?

does it say about how many layers their are on this stinking onion
when the Florida Attorney General’s Office is implicated in
allegations of fraud on the Courts of this state?

You cant make this stuff up folks. This is better than a Steven King Novel!


What more PROOF do you want?

LINK – Foreclosure Fraud – Guide to Looking Up Public Records for Fraud

LINK – The Whole Country is BOGUS – Fabricated Mortgage Assignments All Over the Country

LINK – Lender Processing Services, Inc. – FORM 10-K – EX-21.1 – February 23, 2010 Legal Proceedings

LINK – Full Deposition of Jeffrey Stephan – GMAC’s Assignment / Affidavit Slave – 10,000 Documents a Month

LINK – Full Deposition of the Infamous Erica Johnson Seck

LINK – Full Deposition of Angela Nolan Robo Signer at Chase Home Finance – Foreclosure Fraud on

LINK – Full Deposition of the Soon to be Infamous Cheryl Samons

is so blatant and outrageous that if The Federal Government’s Law
Enforcement agencies (e.g. The FBI, et.al.) do not immediately bring
federal charges against all involved in this massive Ponzi scheme they
must be deemed intentionally complicit.

To be continued much more to come…

UPDATE: March 28 2010

– Erin Collins Cullaro – Assistant Attorney General? Florida Default
Law Group Attorney? OR The Presiding Judge that Forecloses on Your



December 21, 2009


Thirteenth Judicial Circuit Judicial Nominating Commission is pleased
to announce the following candidates will be interviewed for
appointment to the currently vacant position of county court judge in
and for Hillsborough County:

Lawrence Anzalone
Robert A. Bauman
Patrick Bowler Courtney
Erin Collins Cullaro


– Guess the Money is too Good to Pass Up – Introducing the Cullaros
New Replacement – Expert Witness for Reasonable Attorneys Fees for FDLG
Florida Default Law Group




Click through to view and play the video


Now for the point of this post...


UPDATE 10/04/10

Now they are trying to change the rules!

LINK - Action Alert – Please tell President Obama NOT to sign the Interstate Recognition of Notarizations Act

Action Alert – Please tell President Obama NOT to sign the Interstate Recognition of Notarizations Act

On Monday, September 27, 2010, U.S.
Senator Bob Casey (D-PA), on the Senate floor, asked that the Judiciary
Committee be discharged from further consideration of a bill that would hurt consumers.
H.R. 3808 requires federal and state courts to recognize notarized
documents from other states, including ones that contain electronic
notarizations that are not subject to the same consumer safeguards of
documents notarized in person. Some financial institutions are using electronic notarizations to process home foreclosure documents.

Sen. Casey asked that the Senate
move forward with immediate consideration of the bill with unanimous
consent that the bill pass with no other action or debate. The Senate
passed the bill without amendment by unanimous consent. It now sits on
the President’s desk. I’m asking you to email or call the President at 202-456-1111 to ask him not to sign the bill.

H.R. 3808 is known as the
“Interstate Recognition of Notarizations Act.” It passed the House
under a suspension of the rules in April 2010. It requires federal and
state courts to recognize any notarization that is lawful in the state
where the notary is licensed. Now, in one day, it passed in the Senate.

When I learned of it last Thursday,
it sounded innocuous to me, but then I started looking at the timing of
the bill. GMAC, owned by Ally, had just suspended its foreclosure actions in 23 states, including Ohio. I had already referred Chase Home Finance, LLC, on August 23, 2010, to the U.S. Department of Justice,
asking it to review and investigate Chase’s document notarization
practices in home foreclosures (18,000 documents per month were being
notarized by 8 people, along with other irregularities). I license notaries in the State of Ohio. Even though I don’t have the power under state law to investigate or prosecute, I couldn’t stand idly by without acting. That’s why I’m asking you to email or call the President at 202-456-1111 to ask him not to sign the bill.

Last Wednesday, the day before I announced the DOJ referral, JPMorgan Chase announced it was having third party counsel review its document procedures for foreclosures. Just two days before, the U.S. Senate had rushed through H.R. 3808. Something didn’t seem right. Since then others agree with me.

Notarizing a document requires the
signer to make a fundamental statement, an acknowledgment, before a
notary public. It is used for documents of great sensitivity or value,
like when the title of a car is transferred on its sale or when a bank
tells a court how much is owed on a note for a mortgage when it wants
to foreclose.

Some states have adopted “electronic
notarization” laws that ignore the requirement of a signer’s personal
appearance before a notary. A notary’s signature is that of a trusted,
impartial third party, whose notarization bolsters the integrity of the
document. Many of these policies for electronic notarization are
driven by technology rather than by principle, and they are dangerous to consumers.

President Obama was presented with HR. 3808 on Thursday, September 30, 2010. As of today, he has not signed the bill. Please join me in urging him not to sign the bill by sending an email or calling the White House at 202-456-1111.

Mortgages are now being used as backing for securities traded all over the world by financial institutions.
When a mortgage goes into default, a “chain of title” (list of its
owners) must be created. It’s being discovered that many financial
institutions have taken shortcuts in creating lawful chains of title
that allow them to foreclose and take homes when they would not
otherwise have the right under the law.

Banks demand we follow every letter of their contracts We must demand they follow the law. It’s that simple. Please join me in urging President Obama not to sign the bill by sending an email or calling 202-456-1111.

Thanks for working together,

Jennifer Brunner
Ohio Secretary of State




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tmorgan's picture

One way to reduce fraud is to use a secure electronic notary system such as http://www.docverify.com

I don't understand why no one hasn't taken a look at this option.  They can dramatically reduce most of these issues we're seeing with notaries.

Moonrajah's picture

Florida Default Law Group?

What an apt name. The law defaulted here alright!

RighteousRampage's picture

Anyone who has spent significant time in Florida knows the entire state is corrupt.  I have rarely seen anything legit produced there, cept maybe orange juice.

gwar5's picture

This is the sort of thing that made Bonnie and Clyde folk heroes for robbing banks.

gwar5's picture

This is a big deal. The banks will scramble and the deck is stacked in their favor to get what they want.

Makes for interesting theater and will take a long time to get resolved. Title insurance companies refusing to issue insurance is another major obstacle right now.  I think banks may have to issue their own or jack up rates on everybody to make insurance happen. Housing and the mortgage industry is destroyed.

docj's picture

I'm seriously considering adding leg-irons to my long positions in torches and pitchforks.

williambanzai7's picture

Rest assured folks, no one in Washington wants to investigate this.

They are busy trying to figure out what kind of Bill will magically make the whole problem disappear.

Who is taking bets on whether Obama will sign that law?

MayIMommaDogFace2theBananaPatch's picture

They are busy trying to figure out what kind of Bill will magically make the whole problem disappear.


ThroxxOfVron's picture

Obama WILL sign It.


The Pen is mighty indeed.


Now is the time to discover if it is truly mightier than the sword.

Psquared's picture

This is a time in history that will someday be known as the most corrupt in our history. Even more than during prohibition. Everyone who holds any position of authority in government is either on the take or is looking the other way because it is too difficult to play by the rules when everyone else is breaking them.

Augustus's picture

There must a large number of people who actually believe that the Secretary of the Treasury actually does sign all of those One Dollar bills. 

Augustus's picture

The party who sold the mortgage got paid.  They party who bought the mortgage deiivered the cash.  Neither of them is disputing the transaction or questioning the validity.

This whole event is a large bag of balderdash created by a set of whore attorneys who would claim parentage from a striped ape if it would get the judgement they want.  And what do they expect to achieve?  It is soley to "protect" some dipship borrower who does not want to make the payments on their loans but keep enjoying the benefits of the asset they bought with the money.  That is the actual fraud.  Dickweed got the money and does not want to repay.  If it requires that a striped ape make BS defenses of a spotted elephant, why should the attorneys care?  They have no responsibility to anyone but themselves and will do anything to keep the fees rolling in to pay the lap dancers.

NorthenSoul's picture

Ya Augustus, we understand that respect of the laws is utterly bothersome to you and your ilk, but for the rest of us, we'd like to live under the Rule of Law, not the Rule of the Banksters, profiteers and bandits.


Have a good day!

Boxed Merlot's picture

I can understand your sentiments, but with all due respect, there is a larger issue at stake here. 


You state “This whole event is… to "protect" some…borrower who does not want to make the payments on…loans but keep enjoying the benefits of the asset they bought with (borrowed) money.”


If it were that simple, then yes, your point is well taken.


The larger issue is that just because “The party who sold the mortgage got paid.  The party who bought the mortgage delivered the cash.  Neither of them is disputing the transaction or questioning the validity….” does not mean the transaction is indisputable or valid. 


If the parties wishing to enforce under pain of law egregious conditions imposed on an individual by utilizing fraudulent information, deceit and otherwise illegal instruments, then protection under that same law must certainly be denied.


Of course, in your first illustration neither of those parties “sees” any impropriety.  They both benefit from the deceit foisted on the indentured party. 


Personally, I don’t define living in a clouded titled residential property after having paid inflated prices, taxes, fees, etc, and seeing 60-80% value evaporate but having to remain shackled to a dead asset with no escape plan “enjoying the benefits of the asset”. imo

minus dog's picture

Is it just me, or is it getting warmer in here?  And why the fuck are we in this basket....

davidsmith's picture

Doesn't it strike you that the next thing to do is to ask what contacts Wells Fargo, and for that matter its law firm, had with Treasury officials, or any officials of the United States, regarding the foreclosure procedure?


Like I said before, this whole scam is not to retrieve some money from a bad debt.  IT IS TO HIDE BAD LOANS ON BANK BOOKS.


This policy of phony documents was one sanctioned by Obama and all the higher ups in his administration.  Get them.

Augustus's picture



How much more looney tunes can a post have?  The bank goes through a foreclosure proceeding to HIDE a bad loan?  Patently nonsensical.

NorthenSoul's picture

The bank can't even PROVE it has legal standing in foreclosure and you are OK with THAT?? Why d'ya think the banksters are engaging in industrial scale fraud?

Hell! You got a particular problem with respect of property rights perhaps?

covert's picture

some of the profits will be used for bribery so, the perps will not get cought.


Ieetseelmeet's picture

I cannot wait to see what happens when winterized Ukrainian hackers learn that their notarized documents can get seafront properties in Florida.

It opens up a whole new frontier to Internet scamming.

E Banking scams are going to be boring.


TheDriver's picture

How convenient:


Apr 27, 2010: This bill passed in the House of Representatives by voice vote. A record of each representative’s position was not kept. Sep 27, 2010: This bill passed in the Senate by Unanimous Consent. A record of each senator’s position was not kept.
scaleindependent's picture

Please explain how this is pertinent.


Bendromeda Strain's picture

Did your critter vote to make Robo-notarizations valid throughout the land? Do you care?

TheDriver's picture

Did you not see the info in the post about  H.R. 3808? I find it interesting that the bill was slammed through the House and Senate with extraordinary speed and no records were kept regarding our representative’s positions on the issue.

MarketTruth's picture

The Ministry Of Truth says all is ++ good. Chocolate rations will be raised to 25 grams. Florida is double plus good too. And now more news as the Gulf water is tested as the cleanest in the world.

Augustus's picture

More Than Likely,

the dipships will default within a few months.  Obama will make the payments from his stash.

Your claim that the servicers are not authorized to accept the modifications is simply nonsense.  As soon as the entity owning the mortgage recieves a payment that is "short" they would certainly complain first, then proceed to overturn the agreement, if not authorized.  Your statement is simply nonsense.

Hidetora's picture

Apart from defaulting within a year, what does this mean, legally, for people who entered into HAMP agreements with servicers who MORE THAN LIKELY had no legal standing to do so?  Hmmmm????  My this gets better every day!!!

JohnKing's picture

Only Lawyers can investigate Lawyers!


Judge tosses foreclosure oversight:


— Florida's attorney general has no authority to investigate or discipline one of the state's large foreclosure law firms, a Palm Beach County judge ruled Monday.


The five-page ruling from Circuit Judge Jack S. Cox was in response to a request from the Shapiro & Fishman law firm to quash an attorney general's subpoena for information. The attorney general's office announced in August it was investigating Shapiro & Fishman, which has offices in Boca Raton and Tampa, as well as two other large firms that represent lenders in foreclosure hearings.


Cox said the Florida Bar, not the attorney general's office, is responsible for investigating allegations of misconduct, including complaints that foreclosure paperwork was doctored in order to rush cases through the courts.


Link: http://www.palmbeachpost.com/money/real-estate/judge-rules-in-favor-of-s...

NorthenSoul's picture

This judge is full of shit up to his ears. By his logic, only doctors could investigate doctors, only truck drivers could investigate other truck drivers...

Like lawyers are going to police themselves...fuck me plenty!

Ned Zeppelin's picture

Bullshit decision that will not hold up. Keep the faith, baby.

blindman's picture

say florida, and all i can think of is fraud.  the confluence of

human activity and it's shadow.  perhaps because of the sun,

latitude  and it being a peninsula type geologic manifestation.

like land that wants to be seafloor, or ocean breezes that saturate

the atmosphere and cause oceanic hallucinations in land creatures?

as governor jeb stole a presidential election for his brother from there.

Scarface, the movie, was set/filmed there.  k. harris launched a political career from there.

disney world is located there.  it is the insanity capitol of the rest of the country.

surely forgery must be legal there.?

kathy.chamberlin@gmail.com's picture

k. harris launched a political career from there.

w. harris just saw him, good ole Walt Harris, low profile, who da think you were well connected brother of katharine. damn, girl what a fool. got a playing field named after the family in florida. walt always had a bit of a disturbing dialect. he was handsome though. kinda athletic but never WON anything and i could beat him in the end.


Edit: always came on to my daughter when she rented a place next to his cabin, creepy she said. he ALWAYS went to church on sundays. that tells ya something.

blindman's picture

look,  i don't want for anyone to see this link.  but here it is.

a floridian sent it to me and you can make of it what you will.? 



i don't hold it against him.   i think he may have seen

something.?  speaking of confused sunday


and this from wiki... stuff.

Early conflict

During the American Revolution, the British—who controlled Florida—recruited Seminoles to raid frontier settlements in Georgia. The confusion of war allowed more slaves to escape to Florida. The British promised slaves freedom for fighting with them. These events made the Seminoles enemies of the new United States. In 1783, as part of the treaty ending the Revolutionary War, Florida was returned to Spain. Spain's grip on Florida was light, as it maintained only small garrisons at St. Augustine, St. Marks and Pensacola. They did not control the border between between Florida and the United States. Mikasukis and other Seminole groups still occupied towns on the United States side of the border, while American squatters moved into Spanish Florida.[6]

MsCreant's picture

We want Robo signatures on thousands of arrest warrants. We want robo lawyers assigned to defend them. We want speedy high frequency trials that take all of a minute. We want to charge the fuck out of them with filing fees to defend themselves. We want to confiscate all that they own and sell it and put it into state coffers, provided we can prove the title. ;-/

minus dog's picture

I wonder how long you're going to be concerned with justice.  You can't eat it.

Bendromeda Strain's picture

Sure you can... tastes like hot lead

kragsquest's picture

How about some pre-dawn raids too?  Let the federal shock troops round up the suspects and their co-conspirators. 

mynhair's picture

Yeah, raid those gold buggerers.

bugs_'s picture

What is the Texas equivalent of Floriduh?

svendthrift's picture


I could purchase a 500k house for zero down (and cash back) here in Florida with help from Uncle Sam. I could make a payment or two and then stop. It would likely take 18 months for them to kick me out. My punishment is poor credit.

Why don't I do this? The whole country is on the take. Why not me too?

JohnKing's picture

The judges are in on it:


Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum's investigation into foreclosure documentation problems involving several state law firms suffered a blow Monday, when a Palm Beach County court denied the office's legal attempt to get information from one of Florida's largest foreclosure firms.


Palm Beach County Judge Jack Cox threw out McCollum's subpoena requiring the foreclosure law firm Shapiro & Fishman to produce extensive documents involving the firm's employees, investments and clients over the past five years.


The judge's order said a subpoena was "overbroad, vague, inconsistent and unduly burdensome."



mynhair's picture

Direct line to Wasserman-Schultz, that one.

doolittlegeorge's picture

yeah, yeah. "what a jerk" is what was overheard being said as well.  "and to think the guy used to be a Senator and now what's to do some Governor thing or something.  I'll fix him!"

kragsquest's picture

The most ethically-challenged state governments are probably Florida and
Texas.  They can't suppress the corruption for ever. I predict there will be a huge political backlash in the form of much tougher judges and faster court trials.

mynhair's picture

Not Massa2chits?  I'm stunned....

doolittlegeorge's picture

that's white people corruption.  we treat that different.  we call it "Fannie and Freddie."  Such nice names.  Who could argue with a Fannie or a Fred?  They're just nice people, that's all.