FMX Connect Debunks The Reverse Psychology In Goldman's "Buy Gold" Recommendation

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Anyone who takes Goldman Sachs masters of deception word for anything needs their head examined.

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They are trying to get people to TRADE gold.  'Nuff said.  What you need to do is HOLD gold.  For when, I'm not sure any one can say with any certainty, but we will wake up one day to gold prices atleast double what they were the night before.  The 1933 dollar devaluation will be a fond memory, at that point.

Check out the Capital Research Institute "The Day The Standards Died":

We have spent a lot of time discussing the Gold standard and what it means to have the world reserve currency here at the Capital Research Institute. But today we want to look at something a little different, but just as crucial: the importance of accounting standards. OK, OK, I am hearing the yawns already, just bear with me! When the Financial Crisis hit in late 2008 not only did Capitalism die, when the Government decided bankrupt firms (of their choosing) should no longer be exposed to the risk of failure! The history books are going to be speechless on that one, and will simple relate: “It seemed like a good idea at the time!?!?” But what may have slipped under a lot of (non-accounting) people’s noses was that accounting standards were also effectively removed at that time. The most important of which were mark-to-market accounting rules.

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You think they are trying to get people to trade gold?

Where do you read that?

It appears to me they are trying to get people to trade CLAIMS on gold.



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Hehehe, it's been noted here before that Gollum looks like Herman Van Rompuy.


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It will always be a three card monty.

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Any analysis of a Goldman recommendation is PATHETIC. Seriously, do you think they will publish a paper that is intended to help the general public? Pathetic. Pathetic. Pathetic.

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I pay zero attention to what Goldman Sux and JP Morgue have to say.  They recommend then unrecommend PAPER.  They are basically acting like carnival barkers and con men.

Drive a stake in their hearts, buy physical gold!

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Assuming that all the people who can afford to buy and hold physical Gold, buy it all and take it out of circulation and price goes to $10,000 or higher, who would want it and why?

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why would anyone sell Gold for fiat if its hits $10,000?  At that point the $US will be worth as much as Blythe's derivatives.

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they might want to become a slum lord, and there is a great deal on a whole block of houses for $10k

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At that point, you can be assured that the current owner of those slums would prefer to have the gold, not the dollars.

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Purchase physical from Worm Lip KaddafyDuck. I understand he is short FIAT and long physical.

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I had a Fiat once and it was factory pre-rusted. Any connection?

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 Only if you want to be seen as admiring brutal dictators and their gold, because short fiat long gold=QDaffy. Or so I keep hearing...

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They call it Fiat money because it depreciates like a rusty Italian car.

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It is really so simple for me. I buy more on the dips, and take 1/3 off on rips. Always keep my core holdings, always. 3 months forward on options, no more, from time to time. That is my speculative side. Limited losses there if I am wrong. And add physical whenever I can. I never try and be cute and short gold. Sure there are some super shorts for a few days, but for me it is too much to time, I just lighten up and hope to get the turn up soon after it starts.

Does anyone feel comfortable around a squid? Especially a Giant one? And cramer, not even worth typing about.

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Assuming you had $20k holdings and it went up to $27k. then you took 1/3 off ($9k) and now your holding is $18k. What level down do you consider a dip? Would you buy once, twice or thrice if price drifted down three days in a row? And how much each time.

Help me understand the concept.   

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Just today I exited my Dec 11 Gold 1200 call. Nice profit. Didn't need the squid to tell me to do that.

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Goldman knows Gold! Really they do..

If they said buy today and came out in a week and said sell, well. You must have missed the fact that they trade the micro trend.


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My experience in this situation is that Goldman is wanting to buy the nearby and sell the deferred contracts in hopes of backwardation. Since Dec is thin they need some buyers for their short side.

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When does someone get the nice pair of Silver handcuffs?  I am getting tired of waiting.

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Gold's day in the Sun is dun. You have to see through the smoke and mirrors. 

No technical or other analysis needed to tell you that. Don't do as they say, do as they do. All the talk, disparagiing or otherwise, is about gold. Meanwhile, over a 1,500 Kilos of Silver shot on the plains of Libya in one hour of missile-barraging.

War is the future and silver is real in that scenario. They did the same in WWII, study soem history. Silver has been destroyed, physically, over and over. What is it they fear about it so much?



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Ummm...I'm long don't get me wrong...but this IS NOT AN INVESTABLE THESIS.  Good grief, ORI.  Seriously...1500 kilos blown in the dessert the last couple days...and what... it is going to flow through to the spot? 

Listen, I try to give you the benefit of the doubt...and then you go and say something like this.

Good grief...definitely buy silver but for other reasons.

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All good Cdaddy-O! We all work on our own instincts, ne? Seriously, what does a prolonged war do for silver? Will they sift the sands for it?

Good Grief..... oxymoron!



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What happened to your March 22nd prediction?  It's almost midnight and nothing has happened.  Please stop posting/advertising-your-website and making predictions that are based on nothing.  ZH is a financial and geopolitical website, take that fearmongering shite elsewhere. (Rense or AJ perhaps)

Oh regional Indian's picture

Zapper, your choice of avaatar speaks volumes for who you are. It's all very subliminal.

ow I suggest you delete yourself.

And by the way, it wasn't me, it was Terrence McKenna who said that, and have you taken a look around at the world going into the shitter> Libya war launched on the 19th?

Ah, why bother.

You cesium to exist as far as I am concerned and I suggest you see me the same way, all well.


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Bullshit dude. You said otherwise. Still may happen though, but why the Sinclair type predictions? Makes no sense.

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Yeah, exactly what BoP said, "Bullshit".  Don't play-off your endless failed predictions on someone else.  You specifically told all ZH'ers to have ALL of their money and assets OUT of the markets before March 22nd and I bet some naive individuals actually took your advice.  Yet another one of your busted prophesies, remember, a broken clock is right at least twice a day.  You are definitely 'on-notice' now.

I'm not junking your right towards spiritual/astrological enlightenment, but this isn't the forum for your New Age rants.  If you can't post on relevant market and political issues, then don't post at all.  Take it somewhere else. 

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Did you say "Godman Sachs.?

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There was a time when they had about 80B in type 3 assets. I suppose these now have long ago been off loaded on the FED which of course means us??

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the coalition of the willing is falling apart now. its ten long years since 911. perhaps the sheep are restless now and are not as willing to go for the lies anymore.

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I just read about this new development of JP Morgue getting a quick and dirty license from CFTC to be a silver vault.

Oh, what new and evil shenannigans are they going to get up to with this one? I think it does show that they are having to get creative.

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The bank can now, potentially, deliver short obligations to itself. Yes, you read that correctly. The bank itself, if it still holds short silver positions, and/or the hedge funds/related financial institutions who may have taken over the positions, can now deliver the alleged metal to J.P. Morgan's own vault.

Is this the link? I can't keep track of all the writers on that reliable is this guy?


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Well, JP Morgan would have to still purchase a futures contract in order to deliver to itself.  I don't see how this really fixes their problem, if indeed, they are naked short on the COMEX.  How is this at all different to simply closing the short position?

Maybe they hope to get clients to go long on silver, and then desposit paper silver at the vault?

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Save a cow...Eat a FAT FUCKING BANKER.

Banksters-in-my- feces.

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Props to FMX for the tone and attitude of the article.

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The Always Long Gold Trade is going to Backfire on Goldbugs just like it did in 2008.  LOL!!!!


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Remind me, what was the price of gold in 2008?

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Where did you come from troll?

We BTFD below 730 spot in 2008 and our rec was in the public domain at the time.

Before this is all over you will BTD, that's bite the dick.  You'll cry "uncle", unclebigs.

rich_wicks's picture

1000 to 750 to 1400 didn't backfire on me.


Bansters-in-my- feces's picture

Does Godman Sucks get thier Very Own New shiny Precious metals Vault,like the J P Morgue & Chase do...???

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Goldman Sachs is the mothership of alien predators.

Swab their DNA if you don' believe me.

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Great write up. Love it.

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some of the shortfall is being made up for. Treasure Island yesterday reports gold prod up 34% yoy, silver 66% nickel 55%.  if more mining countries keep increasing maybe the shortage will finally be reduced.  that would be good news? making it more affordable to accumulate. but what if they keep increasing production? not everyone lives in Palawan.