FMX Connect Morning Gold Fix: Silver Warehouse Shenanigans Or The Real Deal?

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“COMEX depository Scotia Mocatta (one of five in the world) saw a 25% transfer of silver from "registered" (or deliverable physical) to "eligible"”

Could this be related to University of Texas taking delivery.


last week it was Scotia Mocatta, today it is HSBC and the Delaware Depository.

If it is related to who is next to take delivery the MSM will ignore it,

I wonder how the royal wedding is going?

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The author suspects that these COMEX movements of silver from dealer to registered are just a grandiose headfake so a long can unload. I think its more basic than that, and there's no need to get too circumbobulated or spy-novel about it. THeres @#$%-all silver out there, so folks are grabbing what they can get.

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Just another one of those chartists that come over from the stockmarket and try to apply their ideas to precious metal. Never works. Sorry pal I've got 4 coins that were bought after they passed Bretton Woods, I paid 42 dollars for those coins which was more that my weekly salary then. I think those original 4 have served me well over the years. Ive rebalanced my allocation a little heavier that normal of late simply because I see not one alternative investment I care to invest in this environment. Stocks, Govt Bonds,CDs? Don't make me laugh. Futhermore, I do not see any major world currency without issues with the possible exception of Australia, Switzerland and maybe Singapore and Taiwan. With our Fed policys being what they are without a hint of change until maybe the next election(You actually think the Fed is going to change course this close to elections?) I am comfortable to sit tight for a long while. If anything I would sell a few gold coins here as I think its price is a little high in a fundamental way,but still underpriced in a demand sort of way. As for Silver, it isnt anywhere near its fundamental value yet after 30 years of price suppression. The guys saying that it only takes 5 dollars to dig out of the ground are right. Thats because they have kept the price suppessed for so long Nobody could actually mine a silver only mine for profit. The only silver being mined at 5 buck was a residual metal obtained as a byproduct from the refining/mining other metals like lead and zinc and just assigned a five dollar price or even at a loss in some balance sheets. Will Silver be mined for just silver now? You bet your ass, there is going to be a worldwide scramble to open new siver mines but opening a siver mine is not something that just appears overnight. The paper market may blow off in the mean time and the price suppession game starts all over again, but with demand what it is today, I highly doubt it. What happens to your paper prices is of little concern to me.Sorry the market is a little tight for ya. BITE ME 


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No kidding. All he can come up with is "blow-off top and reversal, or else a sustained rally for another year or two"? Pathetic.

I could have forgiven his uselessness until he said "buy farmland in the Kirchner Kleptocracy". Idiotic. Brazil, maybe. Not Argentina.

BTW, India had 87 million ounces of reported silver in their reserves in 2002. It's pretty much gone. Same for China. The cupboard is bare.

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The price of farmland in Argentina may be discounted enough to compensate for the Klepto-Kirchner phenomena.  Foreigner purchases are probably more vulverable to quasi-confiscation, so there probably should be some cover for that.

There's been so much foreigner purchase and development of farmland in Brazil that it's probably about time for some blowback.

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The author makes some valid points, the most important of which is every day there are a couple of hands of high stakes poker that are played by five players juggling the conflicts their own interests and their clients'.  The stakes of that game go up as the price of silver increases, and they don't care about anyone here. 


The tactics remain the same and the current strategies are only decided and known by those who have a seat at the table.


There are some key differences between today and '94, '97, and '99.  In no particular order they include: the competing paper volume of ETFs,  the supply needs of physical silver required to back the paper ETFs, the downward trend of USDX as opposed to the prior appreciation trend, the tightness of supply in the retail physical market, the emergence of CBGAs and the current tendency of CBs to be acquirers of PM's (technically more applicable to the gold market), the number of possible large buyers greatly exceeds the number of possible large sellers, the uncertainty regarding a possible replacement to the current floating exchange rate mechanisms, the growth in size and influence of emerging and non-G-7 economies and their CBs, the price volatility over the preceding months and the ability of the market to absorb measurable changes in supply.


The tactic of driving the price higher over the short-term is desirable to the exit of a long or entry of a short position. The tactic of driving the price lower over the short-term is desirable to the exit of a short or entry of a long position.  There has been evidence in the last week of large players executing conflicting strategies, and employing the tactic of over-correction of reversals to achieve the desired ends.  Anyone who says that a series of back-to-back 10% moves in either direction is a black-swan event in this market is probably dumb enough to accept a wager that the sun won't rise tomorrow and not serve as bookmaker on the bet.


Opening or maintaining any leveraged position is a potentially suicidal proposition without adequate reserves in the current market environment.  A low risk appetite and a high portfolio concentration in Silver is a potential recipe for slightly more fatal suicide.  Farmland in Argentina maybe attractive, but the current kleptocrat-in-chief may screw you worse than the five kleptocrats with LBMA poker seats.  If you have excess farm land in Brazil owned long-term, the significant appreciation in both land and currency prices actually make a desirable exit point for non-core positions, and increase the market entry opportunities for those seeking to enter the market.

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Someone at FMX really could have mentioned that SEVERAL METRIC FUCKLOADS of paper are being moved from the Comex to the NYSE so Blackrock probably wants to back up the paper with at least some Ag, and might want to move that Ag from one side of the LBMA vaults to the other, especially after their recent press release, where they implied there was no leasing going on in SLV.

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"b. Silver does not have currency status, gut Gold does. Every cental bank has gold in its reserves. We don’t think any have Silver."(spellcheck??)

Silver has returned to monetary status already. As far as countries not owning any silver, I'd bet you a big bag of silver coins that many Sovereign Wealth Funds have snapped up silver recently, specifically China, Russia, Iran, and Korea just to name a few.

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 We are headed for a blow-off top with a quick reversal, or a sustained rally for another year or 2.


This guy wrote an article based upon a coin flip? WTF.


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Any idiot could come up with those potential scenarios.

Hell,I may even start writing articles.

To sell, or not to sell, dat is de quessstion.

What a moron.

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..he uses Martingale Bets so of course he likes coin flips

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"We are headed for a blow-off top with a quick reversal, or a sustained rally for another year or 2. You should be equally miserable if either of those happens. So sell some.. go buy farm land in Argentina with your profits."

While I take it that a sustained rally for the next year or two might be partly due to an otherwise collapsing global economy/dollar, but how is selling silver going to help in that regard? Also, define your understanding of blow-off top: 20% 50% 80%?

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Yeah, the closing was totallly moronic. It might go up; it might go down. So go buy something else like farmland in Argentina?

It's amazing. Lately I would rather read the ZH "readers," the content has been far better.

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At first blush the closing sounded strange to me too.  Now I think the message is to trust your gut, roll paper profit into physical, and reduce position so as to not get caught flat footed.

The next few months should be interesting, but not in a double/triple your paper profit sort of way.

Disclosure: I've made some $$$ on paper silver; not trying to project my position onto you.  Agree re: ZH "readers" too.

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The closing was absolute HS.....just ANOTHER that missed the boat.



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Our understanding isnt quantified ino % movement, it is quantified in market intel, open interest changes and velocity.


The selling silver comment is basically saying if you feel you are saying things like  "Wow" and this is "awesome"... OR im worried about my positon here. Then lighten your position to mitigate the emotionality attached to it. And reasses more objectively. We have found that both emotions, euphoria and worry cloud objective investment decisons.


Sorry to say, if you don't think that helps, you may just be the guy long who is telling his grandchildren " I was longsilver at 25, and it went to 49. I sold none. Then it went to 69 adn i was right, so i sold none.... then it went to 19.00 here is your inheritance kid.

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Too funny, and while I know you weren't replying to me, you should probably give up writing for one. Two, if your going to dole out investment advice you A) should hold yourself out as an advisor and B) at least have the dececency to post your credentials--via you long term CAGR--so at least we know what kind of smuck we're dealing with.

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it's okay to dole out the advice so long you define the angle of the investments. I think it is time to really start discerning the paper from the physical market because it really gets to the core reasoning why the investor is making the decision(s) they are making. I mean if somebody has a stash of physical for insurance for a just in case moment are they really a tin foil hatter? To that effect somebody that keeps a first aid kit....? Bottom line: There are varying means and reasons behind including silver in your portfolio. Educate the people in complete fashion and fmx commentary will go far for sure.

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You forget one thing.  The government will never stop the growth in debt, and it's now too big to service.  Ergo, they will monetize it.  Gold and silver are two of the best ways for the intelligent person to protect themselves against this government/Fed counterfeiting fraud.

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Precisely.  Fundamentals are fundamentals.  The US and most major nations are broke and ultimately can only try to print their way out of the hole.  It's happened about a hundred times before in history. 

The metals price-suppression regime is breaking down, or being allowed to break down partially, hence the dramatic moves, which are a bit frightening.  STOP THINKING ABOUT PRECIOUS METALS AS INVESTMENTS AND START THINKING ABOUT THEM AS INSURANCE.  They are POLITICAL HEDGES: they are the only monetary instruments that do not rely on "the full faith and credit" of XYZ government.  When that "full faith and credit" is tapped out, you still have your metals (and farmland in Argentina, too -- not the worst idea).

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land is like gold or silver, meaningless if you can't hold it in your hand. if shtf the borders will be closed, and all foreign holdings nationalised, everywhere, either by decree or just as a function of people taking what they can literally get their hands on.


I don't disagree with you.

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Thanks for providing some insight, even if others don't appreciate it.

I'm sure it was dissed for not having BTFD or "Silver Bitchez" somewhere in the text.

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This entire article is just a rationale for another TA monkey's technical view that silver is 'over-bought'. Yeah we will be equally miserable no matter how the economy collapses, thats why we buy silver, eejit.

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And as we know, 0 and 00 do come up once in a while in Roulette,

bwahahahahaha. same odds as any other number on the wheel. 1 in 38, unless you're playing in a wall street casino.

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Silver can only go uuuuupppppp!!!!!!  This guy is a banksta shill!  Burn him at the stake!

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You are an embittered fool.  Time to leave.

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No he is getting rich shorting silver - in fact he is up HUGE on his SLV puts even though they are all trading at their lows 

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They are red now....but I doubt that will be the case for long.

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They have been red everyday except you might have had a part of your position that was up for a day. Silver over $49 and at $60 you will be toast.

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wow...look at the concerted metal bashing


thanks for keeping your agenda clear


topcallingtroll has a little more subtilty, you guys are obvious

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You are a irresponsible free market 'believer' - I think it's time you left.


When do you meet? - Sundays in the local hall? Do you sing carols to the 'second coming of the free market'?


It's a shame so many people 'play' but never bother to 'read the rules' before they start.



tmosley's picture

You refuse to accept basic definitions, so anything you say is faulty.  Sorry :(

writingsonthewall's picture

You have no definitions for me to accept.

It's a shame that you don't even know the defintion of the system you spend so much time defending.

Still I suppose you defend your local football / hockey / baseball team too - even though you were the patsy of the football / hockey / baseball team at school and have no idea how to play.


Loyalty does not always have it's bonus...


tmosley's picture

In our last tangle I explicitly defined every type of system.

You keep saying that the current system is capitalist.  It isn't.  I am not affiliated with it save to extent that I exist and earn their fake money (and quickly trade it for silver).

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"You are an embittered fool."

Well put.  Now everyone should ignore the troll.

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WTF are you still doing here? Last time I saw a "collection" of your posts and it was nothing but infantile giberish about how the silver longs were wasting their time, now you come limping back in here talking about how 'silver can only go uuuuupppppp!!!!!"?


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Meth man

Did you know that slv etf is one of the only places in the PM market that a registered participant can take delivery of a basket and drive the price down. Actually it’s very bullish.

Do your homework

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Do you even know how the creation/redemption arb works?  It's the reason SLV tracks the NAV so closely throughout the day.  And it's not bullish at all when it starts going the other way.   All the silver that is arbed out is sold on the spot market.


Everything is bullish to the silver longs.  Inflows, outflows, it doesn't matter.  Too the moon bitches!

You're all going to get slaughtered.

Badabing's picture

Are you sure? How can you be so  sure?

Dick do your homework!

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I have done my homework....   you're the one who has NO IDEA how the mechanism works. 

When the arb runs positive, physical silver is bought at spot and deposited in the trust.

When it runs negative, silver is sold...  

Watch out.  It comes out faster than it goes in.


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OK know you pissed me off!

No more computer until

Do your homework

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FOFOA is wrong and does not understand the arb.

Badabing's picture

 A closed mind with an open asshole.

Read it

Math Man's picture

I did.  Months ago.

FOFOA are fools.

Badabing's picture

Your talking out of the side of your ass.

SLV /GLD are scams that collect physical with sheep money and give it to the RP.

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MethMan, PLEASE tell me that you have never fathered any children, or never plan to!

Those genes of yours do not just have holes in them, but have been acid-washed into tatters.

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Sorry, but until the Fed stops throwing Napalm on the pile of Govt-supplied TNT, I'm gonna hang onto fire insurance!

tmosley's picture

You keep saying that, but it never happens.  I think you need to check your premises.