Follow The Latest News From Japan With This NHK Live Video Feed

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For all who want to be up to speed with all the latest developments out of Japan, below we provide our readers with a live feed from the NHK, or the Japan Broadcasting Corporation.

(webcast after the jump)

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alternate links for popup of NHK English

high bandwith


low bandwidth

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Ashton Kutcher looks like a fucking genius right now.

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Prithee, how so?

(Because I find that very difficult to believe...)

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He's, like, prepared, and stuff.

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His best preparation was not being in Japan.  This of course also applies to a lot of us.

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For a nation that is supposedly well prepared for earthquakes, I am amazed at the report of people, who have not been displaced from their homes, without water and food only two days out.

I live in an earthquake prone area.  Me and mine would be good, if not displaced, for at least two weeks (and longer) BEFORE hitting the catastrophe preps.


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He's a hardcore prepper and excercises every day because he "knows" that society is going to fall apart. Doomers have a mixed reaction to this. Some see it as a conspiracy to discredit doomers. ;-)

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That wily Ashton, he is just trying to get attention!

No!  He works for the CIA, and it is to discredit us!

Maybe....maybe....or maybe it is America freaking out that someone they know better than their own mom due to media programming is preparing like the last boyscout.

And maybe it is the media spinning the fact that some people like to be ready for whatever happens in life.

Or maybe he is wrong and we should BTFD.

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The Foreign Office say: " The Japanese Meteorological Association announced on 13 March that there is a 70% chance of a magnitude 7 or greater earthquake in the same region as the 9.0 quake within the next 3 days. This may trigger another tsunami and aftershocks of more than magnitude 6.0. "

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selective broadcasting, seems to me.

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Someone in the previous thread linked the wiki page for meltdowns. Its a six stage process.

Stage 1 meltdown is "core uncovery" which was reported by the BBC (i.e. 3 meters of core exposure reported on reactor 3). Stage 4 "rapid oxidation" seems to be the source of hydrogen explosion seen in the video of reactor 1 which has made the rounds. I really doubt a steam vent from the inner vessel produced that much damage. I have yet to see a full, in scope picture of that building after the explosion. The last stages, 5 and 6, are anyone's guess.


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Nukes use sodium metal as a coolant.  If the sodium metal comes in contact with moisture, it will generate the hydrogen gas until the sodium is depleted.  If the core were so hot that it disassociates water, I can't imagine that process just stopping. 

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France 24: Bank of Japan to inject massive funds into the market on Monday.  

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Right...and where are they getting the money?

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rob the pension system, it's for the good of the country.

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Well, the government also has a load of US Treasury certificates.

Jus' sayin'.


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1a)  Move gold from Reserve to Asset

1b)  Spin loans

Equity created.

2a)  Sell equity

2b)  Short gold

2c)  Return capitol

3)  Buy more gold

On and on and viola, your fiat ponzi, sponsored by gold!

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Treausury Certificate = doodoo paper

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I think they've already done that one.

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From Ben's presses most likely. And BOJ is doing this not to provide liquidity but to keep a floor on the appreciating yen !!

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Actually, that has to be true.  The repatriation of trillions of yen could be devastating to their export economy but...

it just seems to me that this is far, far beyond what anyone imagined Friday when the SPX ramped because of the hopes to "rebuild" Japan.  With half their ships washed ashore, I don't see the export aspect of this as being a particularly urgent problem.

Watch the Ozzie dollar.  I have a feeling that by Wednesday evening US time, that thing is going to turn down and down and not look back for years to come.

Just incredible.

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With all the extra fingers the Japanese are about to grow they will be more efficient.

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best one of the day Bobby

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If the BoJ was smart they would be buying dollars Orly.

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The teflon Aussie will trade sideways at best, until central banks start raising rates. The carry is too compelling. Don't fade the trade quite yet.

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It's going to come down to when the government "instructs" their fellows to repatriate the money.  That is basically the deal with the Japanese traders and their government.

They say, "You can live high on the hog but when we tell you we want our yen back, we mean it."  It has worked very well so far all these years and I don't imagine the Japanese trading banks will bite the hand that feeds them now.

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This is more effective than sea water and boric acid, then?

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I hope Humphrey is OK.

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is the inflation that didn't exisit, about ready to really not exisit with all the obvious trillion [S] that is already being printed to "save " japan, about to go to the moon?


and really japan is going to use less oil now? do they have solar power cats now?

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Watching NHK earlier and a scientist stated it was a magnitude 9 earthquake which is double the previous estimated force of this seismic event.


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Wrong post thread

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"The human toll here looks to be much worse than the economic toll and we can be grateful for that" - Larry Kudlow

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seriously funny. what a putz.

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The day after the quake, I listened to these snakes talk about the possible economic benefits of rebuilding Japan - and how to "play" the disaster!!!

This is what passes as mainstream business news coverage in the U.S.A...

This level of greed is Pure Evil.....yet we are so twisted, we can no longer see how evil we have become!

T.E.I.N. everyone!

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Many on ZH both see and know the evil.  Its the manipulation of the sheeple that one must be on guard against.  Mobs are damned dangerous.

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A black &*%& swan that glows in the %@##$% dark.

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Some experts are extending the EQ window thru the full moon and perigee 3-19 (closest moon to earth in 18 years) which coincides with the equinoctial high west coast tides the same week (perigian spring tide to some).  And some of us who believe in the Electric Universe think the recent solar CMEs and X-flares may have and may continue to affect the Pacific plate subduction.  (The window for the 19th would be approximately 3/15 to 3/26, giveortake).

Whatever the line is on further near-term trouble, I'll take the over.

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I believe these "experts" rely of old fashioned common sense and lessons from the ancients.  OTOH, we have the university trained buffoons with mega-debt and job fears who rely on iPads and 4Gs in order to "model" the planet.  Hmmmm....which way to lean. I think I shall choose wisely.