Following 7 Weeks Of Market Topping Inflows, Retail Once Again Turns Its Back On Dropping Stocks With $3.1 Billion Outflow

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no surprise, flows aren't a leading indicator

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as bob blackrock doll mused this morning on Bloomberg, the outflows two years ago(between 666 and 900 were gargantuan and according to him most of that money went into bonds many of which are underwater. He didn't mention Rosie by name.

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Ahh, I remember these ICI charts being touted here while the outflows were negative but as soon as they turned into inflows they disappeared immediately. It looks like we're due for another cycle of negative outflows and full coverage of them once again.

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True dat:

I'm as bearish on the main markets as most on this site, but I do appreciate some balance in reporting...


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Wait until Uncle Bernank pulls his bid. All hell will break loose.

Get out of paper while you still can. Anyone else notice that the DOW has been stuck in a very very narrow range for quite some time. And that, on super thin volume. I can't wait for it to blow up.

Silver bitchez......Silver [the real kind]

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More QE or no more QE.  We shall see.

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The game has taken an interesting turn or two in the last couple of weeks.

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My random guess would be an equity crash to justify QE3. QE forever!!

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Sounds like a plan to me. Not that they need a motive for QE3. But, they need a Motive. Doing God's work, as the squids say.

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The public is moving back into munis so they can get slaughtered there. Pick your poison. Every street corner in Hiroshima looked the same at the end.

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These outflows will be made up by market appreciation, so sez Legg Mason. They better start praying that it does, cause I don't see it happening. Bwahahahahahahahaha!!

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Legg Mason: get out your barf bag. It's gonna be sickening. 

For those of you who haven't been around long, this pattern of outflows is unprecedented. By the end of the first year of a bull run money is usually pouring in. 

What you should realize is that in normal times the inflows never stop for long because people gainfully employed at jobs with retirement benefits keep adding money every month. In "the old days" that money went mostly to stocks. 

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How we learned from mid 2010. Inflows are bullish. Outflows are bullisher...

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Icahn is no dummy folks; he has seen it all; if he is quitting, watch out below.

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An AB=CD target of 1293 would have prices breaking down out of a Diamond Top as well as a long-standing rising channel. Bearish.

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Could one interpret this info as a confirmation of a belief that the markets are in fact not free?

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Repeat after me... The stock market is not the economy.