Following Wikileaks Revelations, The Tricky Dick Rushes To The Rescue, Sees Bank of America Worth $21 In Bankruptcy

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buy buy buy!

Uh oh, you just said a Bove!

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stop pickin' on the guy, he obviously forgot to take his meds today.

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He and Cramer need their 'meds'.. and remember Cramer with his Bear Sterns call.

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Dick Bloviate sez buy Bear Stearns.

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This stock is considerably undervalued. It continues to be driven by sentiment and not hard numbers. When this changes, and it will change, the issue will rise rapidly in price.

So if I read this correctly, based upon Dick, BAC is about to get a boner.

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I love your penetrating commentary...

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I know a big man from a small man. Dick Bove is a very, very small man. And he is not even tricky because not trick would have him. Now, Julian Assange--he's a big man.

That said from the heart of a Colombian woman with great cleavage, the words of Dick Bove that Citi was a buy of a lifetime at $20 shows you his size. He is a small man. And anything he has said since is that of what all small men say--Napoleanic sillyness--however you say in America.

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I thought that was Doogie Howser, where's Vinnie? Oh, okay that's Julian;)

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Time to get out the Rabbit.

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Awesome site whare you can just upload your pic and print it onto any shirt!!



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I assume when you mention big/small, you are referring to size of brain?

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Never assume anything.

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"And anything he has said since is that of what all small men say"

Big man big cock

Little man all cock

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Can I have your number?

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William, that is laughingly gross. Bet Dick gets tired of finding this image in his in box over the next few days,

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I'll bet Bawney Fwank pays a pwemium pwice fowr his head cheese!

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What are the odds of being gay, working for government and having a speech impediment?

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Having a mouthful of cum is not a speech impediment

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The price of the stock has been falling since mid April. That is the last 7 months.

Is he trying to say the collapsing stock price of BAC is from a statement made yesterday about an unnamed bank?

And BAC assets are marked-to-myth. I don't think it can get 100 cents on the dollar for many of it's assets if sold on the open market as they are only worth what someone is willing to purchase them for.

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Dear Bob,

In your 30 weeks here you have learned not so much since you state the obvious. You see, Dickie Bove--he is a legend in his own mind and a bovine signal flasher--when he sees value, he's not shopping with me at Tiffany's, he's at the dollar store. Dickie is a man of many myths in the world of those who guess at valuation. You see, he knew Hamburger Berman was worth $12 Billion alone in early September of 2008 before Lehman was smushed like an overcooked yam, Citi was such a bargain at $20 that when it went to $1 he just dropped the 0 from the 20 and only lost 50%--so, you must see the truth that BAC is worth at least $21 to this pigman that always gets his numbers confused and even goes on the television to embarrass himself. Bad breeding (see below) in the Bovine family.

This means BAC could go to $1 or less just like the amount Vikrim Panda tips my Colombian girlfriends these days. I do not know him personally since he is also a small man.

Sadly, my former lover John Paulson is now a very limp man. Viagra, Vergara--not satisfying. Since he told me his Dick Bove stock was tanking he has been very boring. He has this thing he calls the GLD and tells me it is worth a sooo much. He says it is like gold. My jewelry is gold--22K--and it is shiny and beautiful. When I ask him how gold can be paper, he says it is the same thing. Well, I may be a hot blooded Colombian woman but I know when a bull is shitting. I'm not wearing any paper jewelry anytime soon. And when the jewelry stops, well, let's just say he gets no more weeklyleaks.

I so love the internet and this wonderful I have learned so much about Mr. Bove. His father was a very large pig but his mother was a javelina(a wild and sexy southwest US and south of the border pig). The combination was not good for anyone that knows these species, according to Far more unfortunate, he is dyslexic with numbers since he has no understanding of decimals. This is what happens when a large pig and a female havelina mate. Are you related to him with your name Dabolina? I encourage you to go to the website and find out.

So when the real number is $2.1 in TBTF pig language, since he only sees the 2 and the 1, thus you have the king of the bad call, unless you sell unlimited uncovered calls at $21, which won't get you much but with say 100000 contracts, you could buy a round trip ticket to my native Colombia and perhaps a wife.

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Ha! Your supposed linguistic errors are too delicious! You naughty, naughty girl!

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+1000 internets. Awesome bit of satire.

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Best chocolate with our morning coffee in some time says Tooley & Agusta.  Likes the directions to the seconds rooms you're herdings' we dos'.  Such a sweet punch you donate you Rollacoasta luvaa you.  ;)  Now we get to see IF Bobby can dance as white as Robin since there is little doubt remaining as to his abilities to sing black like the coffee & chocolate we all love so much


Tschussss Dulzura

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Interpol are after Julian for fucking Dick

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Hey Dickweed Bove -- 91% of Zero is Zero...

Hit it Billy:

"Nothin' from nothin' leaves nothin'..." bitchez...

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i think the bigger picture here from what im seeing is that now since wikileaks has turns its gaze upon the banks, American media outlets have come to life

ive seen more articles today revolving around bank volatility and wikileaks than ive seen in collective articles of various topics in the last week.

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Wow, this is a new level of complete unabashed douchtardness of the highest order.

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This is your cue, Jim Cramer, you are on in five!

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but, your money was fine, it's the stock that wasn't. 

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Hilarious and at $62,

This after Tiger Wood's financial "mentor" the hedge fund "genius", Joseph C. Lewis, "snapping up about $860 million worth of the investment bank's stock over the past two months"-an average price ABOVE $100!


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This is just beyond words. How idiotic have these dead fish become in their ramblings of crap to crap. Did anyone mention the 2nd home equity loans, that are off BACs balance sheet thanks to our fraudulent govt.

And looking for the sweet spot to short GM.

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Here is hoping it is BAC. That bank evil is only second to JPM and GS. Of course, no one will be prosecuted and those who loose their jobs will go away millionaires.

Sorta OT- Anyone notice that Asange was in the clear (more or less) with a damocles sword over his head until he threatened a bank? Then 24 hours later Interpol decides to issue an arrest warrant? Two possible outcomes. If he is arrested and released before he releases the BAC documents it means he worked out a deal. He will let BAC execs redact the documents before release in exchange of a not guilty verdict. If he is not released and leaks out the documentation, he will die from a strange case of lead poisoning before getting to trial.

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I would only add that this guy has to know he could "lose his brakes" or develope a fatal headache at any given moment, so i would assume he arranged for a shit storm of everything to be released immediately upon his demise.

I would also hope that if he has the balls to start this thing, knowing the fatal risks, then he would be willing make everything public without compromise.

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you don't care about him and neither does Hillary

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I'll wager that the squid is writing insurance policies on Julian, leveraged 70x.

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Sure, that is the intent. But there are things much worst than death for Asange. They can promise him a rendition to Siberia under Pooty-Poo's supervision if he releases unredacted. Or a little stint (20 years) in a Syrian prison for screwing with OPEC's cash cow (the US). Oh, yes. There are many things worst than death he can be offered.

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Like a week with the Clintons?

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Julian will not be touched. He is likely an [unwitting] essential part of the info laundry operations of various intelligence agencies. When you see the "leak" next year of shit you already knew about XYZ Bank, see if you can identify what the creator of the info seems to *want* you to know. What is telling about WL is that so little of the "info" that comes from there is actionable intelligence. People accept it as gospel, call the guy a hero, and compare their product to the Pentagon Papers, a *real* leak from *real* heroes that was actionable, containing shit that nobody knew about. Those guys were tried for espionage. Assange is not some sort of uncatchable Frank Abagnale type. He is roaming about, giving his interviews full of deceptive body language to any dickhole with a mic. If there are nice, wide spreads on him not getting whacked, please tell me where I can get in on the action, because I don't see why anybody would whack him -- even the occasional disinfo target. My $.02.

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I have a hunch (completely talking out my ass here) that JPM is the target.  No idea why, but it would pretty awesome to see the Death Star go down.

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[Anyone notice that Asange was in the clear (more or less) with a damocles sword over his head until he threatened a bank?]---goldsaver

Yes.  It did look like Asange was in the clear.  Then, all of a sudden, trouble, criminal charges, etc.

This guy is hiding more dirt than a dropped diaper at the county fair.


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Lost a 5Gb drive???

After all the time and effort spent redacting BAC from the Fed's bailout documents to be released tomorrow?

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I  guess BAC @$21/share in bankruptcy all depends on who the buyer is--naturally, some someone has to buy the MER arm for nothing since blood was already extracted by the bankrupt MER getting 0.66% of a BAC share for each bankrupt share--gee i guess that means that the MER division would be worth $13.86/share in bankruptcy---

speaking of the BAC verses the LEH deal--Barclays gets LEH for NOTHING, yet MER gets 0.66BAC share for every MER share for a bankrupt company--guess we'll have to call in Hank to help architect the deals.