Food Stamp Usage Hits New High Of 43.2 Million

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Ever wonder where all the money for equity inflows came from? Here's the answer: with all the money saved from participating in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, better known as foodstamps, which in October hit a brand new record, 43.2 million Americans decided to join in on this "wealth effect" they had been hearing so much about and buy Apple stock. After all 190 hedge funds are doing it: and there is no way that 190 hedge funds can possibly be wrong. As a result, the chart below shows our nation's pending wealth effect in its full glory. Just think: 43.2 millionaire in waiting. Just consider the guaranteed explosion to money velocity...

h/t john lohman

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Cognitive Dissonance's picture

America's foundation continues to crumble even as they party hearty at the top.

"Recession? What recession? I'm doing just fine. Yeah, yeah I know some people are having a tough time lately. But things are getting better. I see it everyday in my gated community."

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Ah yes the socio-class disconnect.  Nordstoms is Vahalla in todays age.  Come get your popcorn and watch Suzie shop till the world drops.

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Question. Do the numbers tell the whole story? What about state assistance, such as the WIC program in FLorida. WIC is not the federal foodstamp program, but pays for certain food items for women and dependant children. (peanut butter, cereal, eggs, milk, bread etc.

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Sounds like state-sponsored age and sex discrimination. 

Bums unite and fight!

-Michelle-'s picture

I don't think WIC is included there.

Want to watch a catfight online?  Go to any of the Mommy Forums and start a thread about whether or not WIC is welfare.  The rationales offered by those on the teat will blow your mind.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

Speaking of which, how is the no-longer-new off spring. Must be crawling all over the place by now, right?

-Michelle-'s picture

Not quite, but she is laughing and "talking" up a storm.  There is nothing like a happy baby!

Cognitive Dissonance's picture


The beautiful babble is just practice for the real thing coming round the corner. Even at this stage of development, your baby's brain is more powerful than a supercomputer. Truly amazing watching them grow and learn. Puts everything else made by (wo)man to shame.

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This brings up a good point, state programs that target women.  Every asked why?  After all in our age of equality should not men be able to get the same kind of aid?  Seems to me it's because a tend that has been noticed by the tyrants of old, women will give up most anything for security.  Hitler knew this and said as much.  By targeting women the state finds a group that is more willing to take on the protections in of the state, security in exchange for liberty.

This is accentuated by the decay of the social order and family.  Sadly in many cases the husband/father these days is the state.  It would be foolish to expect these women to think or act against the state when their security of food and comfort comes from the state.  Damn nature makes it easier for us as a species to be exploited once again.  How lucky for the state that families are so hard to hold together and so many children are born outside of traditional family systems.

Note: This is not an attack on women.  This is simply an observation of broad generalities.  I have known extremely intelligent independent libertarian women, and I have known sniveling cowardly men that love the state security.  I paint with a broad stroke because that is the way things work in society at large.  I cannot think that one would ask me for a flaw in men, just turn on any TV show and I'm sure the MSM will oblige, maybe show a fat idiot married to a stunningly intelligent beauty.

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Well when you incentivize the behaviors that lead to the exact behavior you are trying to prevent it creates a vicious cycle of dependency.

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What if they were not trying to prevent that behavior but create it?  Now it's possible that government accidentally implements all the wrong policies 100% of the time.  But it's also possible for a person to win the lottery 10 times in a row.  But at what point does one step back and ask "Huh, is this game rigged?"?  Particularly when being wrong benefits them.  After all if they actually prevented this behavior the bureaucrats would work themselves out of jobs and the state would lose power in this area.

If I kept accidentally wandering into the girls locker room during showers day after day some might think I was trying to sneak a peak not that I was dumb and kept misreading the sign ;)

-Michelle-'s picture

What if they were not trying to prevent that behavior but create it?

We have a winner!

irishgurl4's picture

And you have teased the thought out to the logical conclusion.  :)

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If a merchant cheats you, you won't go back. If a merchant cheats enough people, he'll go out of business.  If a government bureaucrat cheats you, then he receives no punishment. In fact, he'll probably receive more funding and more authority to do a job he was too incompetent to do and had no incentive to do effectively in the first place.

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This brings up a good point, state programs that target women.  Every asked why?  After all in our age of equality should not men be able to get the same kind of aid?

*ponders* Shameful's question. . .

perhaps you can see this as supplemental benefits for the men who provided the sperm to make the babies that the women are raising on their own, with gov't assistance. . .

(by the way, plenty of men raising their kids on benefits too ^^)

also, the "women will give up most anything for security" thought may come from the fact that historically, women tend to be subject to men's predatory behaviours, and are thus encouraged to bond for protection - although, given most violence on women is within relationships, go figure.

of course, I agree that gender'd role-playing is a major culprit here, but people do tend to subscribe, what can ya do?


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Note: This is not an attack on women.  This is simply an observation of broad generalities.  I have known extremely intelligent independent libertarian women, and I have known sniveling cowardly men that love the state security.  I paint with a broad stroke because that is the way things work in society at large.  I cannot think that one would ask me for a flaw in men, just turn on any TV show and I'm sure the MSM will oblige, maybe show a fat idiot married to a stunningly intelligent beauty.


That sounds like a guy who still wants to get laid...

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Plus the free lunch at school program, which can also include free breakfast and dinner.  In summer, when school is out (summer lunch program), they move to the parks or schoolyards and will feed the parents too, if they show up.

Childcare providers can also join USDA nutrition program that will pay for food for the tots too young to go to school.  Many health departments provide free formula for the infants.  Many health departments also provide free breast pumps, child car seats and diapers too.




Clark_Griswold Hedge Mnger's picture

"Share the wealth" = give more food stamps....


Hollywood's picture

Is there a derivative on food stamps? Or a triple leveraged ETF?  If so, I'm all in.

walküre's picture

Of course the number is rising.

It won't go down, ever. Unless the program is replaced with something else.

Try to ween people from free goodies and you have riots, revolution and civil war.

Did the community organizers of this program understand this concept???? You bet!

Raging Debate's picture

Incorrect. Food stamp usage will go down when the opportunity the opportunity to benefit re-emerges in the West rather than the fear of loss. We have entered the "no growth" zone. It is not the general population that funds reform, it is typically the same lot of investor class that funded reform over decades in the boom phases of the CB model.

 The dollar will resume devaluation, I believe down to the .60 range, the stock market will correct lower (probably by 20%) and unskilled wages are already down to $10 an hour. The bust pattern is a W beginning in 2008 and second leg down should be second quarter 2011. Housing and BDI already confirming the pattern. 2013 should be the start of a tepid but sustainable bull but Washington is still very much a wild card in that forecast.

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Raging Debate

I think those at Automatic Earth, and quite a few other sites, would disagree with you.

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PIMCO's M. El-Erian implicitly compares the country of the future (the former banana republic known as Brazil) versus the failing empire of the past (the up-and-coming banana republic known as the USA):

"...First, and from his first day in office, Lula recognized that there were no inherent contradictions among financial stability, economic growth and improved social conditions...

Second, he understood the imperative of clear and timely communication. He was open about the serious challenges facing Brazil and the sacrifices required...

Third, after clearly setting the strategic economic vision, he delegated implementation to a carefully chosen set of technocrats. He intentionally didn’t rely on experienced policy makers...

Finally, he understood the importance of institutional integrity and clear accountability..."

(No wonder Volcker left...)


DoChenRollingBearing's picture


While Lula did a great job as President of Brazil, I am less optimistic re the new lady doing as a good a job, she sounds like another lefty...  Even she is just average for Brazil, the average has been pretty bad.

Yes, Brazil has lots of industry and resources.  But, Brazil is infamous for always being the country of the future.  It is easier to mess up a country than to move it forward.

walküre's picture

When Uranus and Venus converge, Brazil will be the next galactic super power.

The entire country is completely fucking nuts.

merehuman's picture

beware of brazil and venus merging in ur anus

gigeze787's picture

After 3 caiparinhas Brazil makes perfect sense.

Brazilians just seem nuts to Americans because they are happy.

walküre's picture

Brazil is the perfect capitalist economy, maybe only 2nd to Russia.

Money buys you happiness in Brazil.


LFMayor's picture

especially those droves of feral children, they're full of glee.  BTW, what does an out of state license cost to hunt them?

EvlTheCat's picture

Sure, Brasil makes perfect sense after 3 caiparinhas because you are drunk.  When you wake up the next day with no wallet, and no passport I am sure you made some Brasillian happy.

Brasil and America are becoming closer and closer everyday to being the same. The only advantage they still have over us is they still have a manufacturing industry with little environmental regulation.

When politicians throw food and shoes off the back of trucks to garner votes here we will be right on course to being happy like Brasil.

gigeze787's picture

Uhh...actually, Lula was "another lefty", too. Except the paradigm was meaningless.

I agree, though, Lula is a tough act to follow.

Wish the gringos could say the same about 'another rightie': GWB, paragon of religious-right rectitude and tool of the NeoCon elite, God's choice to bankrupt America thru optional wars and the 'ownership society.'

As ZH should teach us all, right-left, GOP-Dem, Fox-MSNBC is just fodder to occupy and amuse the unthinking proletariat masses. Results matter. Lula and Brazil produced, while the USA is sadly failing (in a bipartisan way).

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

Agree that Lula was a lefty..., until he became President.  Also agree he will be a tough act to follow.  Also agree that GWB done us wrong, big time.

Results (and elections) matter, agree again.


I do not like either country medium term (USA vs. Brazil).  

I don't even like China, they (history teaches us) always find a way to screw up just as they approach becoming great.  The Communist Dynasty will be no different IMHO.

EvlTheCat's picture

I agree, though, Lula is a tough act to follow.

Yes, Lula, the father of free credit will be a tough act to follow.  Allowing Brazilians with no real income to get lines of credit to buy 52" TV over 5000 payments.  See I can understand where you would think this is an innovation as compared to the American way of life.  I wonder how long it will take Brazil to be where America is today?

The public health care system sucks, unless you have money, and then it still sucks unless you have a lot of money and are connected!  See they have two different clinics in Brazil.  One for those who have money (guess where any sick tourists end up at?) and another for all of the 28% poor (and this type of poor is not the same poor in America, for those who are thinking that isn't so bad) and the 10% destitute (which mainstream Americans can NOT begin to comprehend).  And to make it even more fun, the poor clinics are where the college students get their training.  Yea, you know the ones who spent their whole time cheating off one another while the professor was "not paying attention" (again that money thing where those who have can buy happiness).

I will say one positive thing about Brazil if you have money you can get a better education than you can get here in the U.S..  That is when the teachers are not on strike.  However, if you are part of that poor category you are basically screwed to a menial life of parties and visits to the beach.

Is it changing for the better?  Thank God it is because where it came from was no picnic for the poor/destitute.  But I find it is falling into the same bad practices as America, and we all know how wonderful that has turned out, don't we?

Don't get me wrong, I love Brazil, and my Brazilian wife, but please don't blow smoke up peoples asses just because the only data out there to regular Americans is all fluff, sex parties, carnival, and beaches.

Samual Adams's picture

US Population = ~310 million

US Foodstamps = ~44 million (Est. January Numbers)


That's 1 out of every 7.1 people you see are on Food Stamps

Bear's picture

I see them every day at my Starbucks

walküre's picture

The USSR had no unemployment and no poverty.

Everybody had a job and everybody got paid equal ... well in theory.

Looks like the US is doing its best to copy that.. food stamps, currency and all.

"Food stamps" is misleading term. The government issues cash cards that can be used for any purchase at any grocery store. There are some limitations but the cards get reloaded automatically right after every month's POMO (LOL) .

How the fuck this country is still keeping it together is beyond me.

merehuman's picture

wondering what a  0.1 person looks like

Sudden Debt's picture

Anybody who makes less then 250.000$ a year.

QQQBall's picture

Samuel, I heard the 43+ MM is only the adults getting the cads...

jemlyn's picture

Oh yes and they now have what looks like a credit card so they don't have to be embarrassed in the check-out lane.

Cathartes Aura's picture

cheaper for JPMorgue to issue plastic than cut & mail cheques every month, then deal with the drama of stuff missing in the mail & angry/weeping phone calls, eh?  I'd use plastic too. . .

uno's picture

Here you go my little parasites, see what freebees you can leech


Bear's picture

OMG ... I thought you were kidding ... it really exists!

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1   What type of benefits are you looking for?

Career Development Assistance

Child Care/Child Support


Disability Assistance

Disaster Relief


Energy Assistance






Living Assistance

Loan/Loan Repayment


Social Security

Tax Assistance

Veterans - Active Duty

Volunteer Opportunities


All of the above and more, bitchezzzz!!!!!


Sudden Debt's picture

No free parking? That's just cruel!

carbonmutant's picture

Damn, no data plans... That's worse.