Food Stamp Usage Hits New High Of 43.2 Million

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Ever wonder where all the money for equity inflows came from? Here's the answer: with all the money saved from participating in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, better known as foodstamps, which in October hit a brand new record, 43.2 million Americans decided to join in on this "wealth effect" they had been hearing so much about and buy Apple stock. After all 190 hedge funds are doing it: and there is no way that 190 hedge funds can possibly be wrong. As a result, the chart below shows our nation's pending wealth effect in its full glory. Just think: 43.2 millionaire in waiting. Just consider the guaranteed explosion to money velocity...

h/t john lohman

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Living Assistance

Now that sounds compelling.

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I'm hanging around for the disaster relief

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Frankly, disgusting.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

I just went through the entire questionnaire. Sadly I do not qualify for anything. My dog on the other hand.......

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Makes only sense.

After all, your dog probably voted too! And your deceased great grand mother.. and so on..

Hey, it's America! Your dog should have a voice too!

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My understanding is that there is a secret password protected Fed web site with another questionnaire for Ponzi members.

How can I help you steal profit today?

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I hear you.  Basically, if you pull more than 50k a year, they're not done milking you dry and you regrettably don't qual for shit.  You just pay for it all.

Keep it up motherfuckers.  Wrath capacitor is charging.

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you do qualify for mandatory indoctrination training at the FEMA slave (I mean education) camp for that answer.

Some fed fuckups will be around to escort you at a time of their choosing

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No wonder we don't see Mathew Lesko(the free government money guy that wears ? question marks) informercials anymore, put him out of business!


I just looked him up and he has a site that charges 19.95 for government benefits info.  Brilliant!  makin affiliate money

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I love the line, " is now"


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A country filled by people who cannot even afford food.

Banana Republics are even more capitalist than this, overthere people who cannot afford food, simply die.

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And here ... people who can afford food, simply pay.

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NO! You got it wrong!

In a classic Banana Republic the people that cannot afford food get angry and chase every politician out of the country!

The problem is that the American people who cannot afford food are buying useless junk including junk food, sit on their ass and waiting for Mr. Government to bring them a job offer or the very least find their remote control in their fat blubber bodies or between the junk food remnants in their couches.

Americans are fat and fucked.


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With the 1.73 multiplier we will be out of the recession sooner than expected!

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Food Stamp use will continue to increase as food costs also rise. This puts the double bite on the governments which are already broke. The USDA does not hold the huge reserves of grain, canned meat, butter, etc that it did in past years. Crop production in the past 2 years World Wide has had problems.

Yesterday it was reported that the military will reduce numbers. The one safety valve left for the young unemployed is gone. The older unemployed are without any prospect of jobs. America has the most educated, unemployed job force in history.

Food control may be the key to population control. Jobs would be a better solution.


By the way, I was in WalMart last night and there was a screen at the check out with the Homeland Security chief warning the public to be aware. It would be handy to tie food stamps into that system. Have the applicants fill out a form periodically to report suspicious things. Just thinking 1933, tryin to be helpful.

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Food Stamp use will continue to increase as food costs also rise.


But of course. To starve the world, the US needs an army of eating gluttons. You dont starve the world with one million people eating their fill.

Storing food is a mistake, an extra cost (though it can help the US in its effort to starve the world, therefore a patriotic movement)

Dont store food, you will get fed by the US because soldiers are needed to win the food war.

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If you were thinking 1933, those people would be in some public works program(and thus doing something productive). 



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Ah Rome!

The Quaestor has said the treasury is bursting, and free bead will flow to all.  I hear the Emperor will stage a new set of games next month, the Aediles work feverishly to prepare to ensure they will be remember for generations to come.  Truly the gods have smiled on our Empire!

Hungry people are dangerous people.  When the mass man is fed and entertained he is compliant.  Food is made available and entertainment has never been more abundant or cheap.  It cannot stop the rot of the decay, but it can keep the masses from noticing till the decay has destroyed all the wealth in the empire.  Well except the wealth of the oligarchy of course, they are the ones handing out bread and circus.

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Even the oligarchy's power was diminished from the reckless spending.  Although, many just headed to Constantinople to be its new parasite on the surrounding territories.

By the time anyone got around to sacking Rome, there was almost nothing left.

Where will the current oligarchy retreat to, China?

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I have been meaning to read

In short I expect a system of feudalism to reestablish itself, much like after Rome.  There still will be city/nation states but much of the power will be held directly by the oligarchy and control via the corporate system.  More direct control and a purging of the less efficient middle management.

So I expect the oligarchy to own the land, and perhaps even the new empty cities and move their servants into them while leaving the masses to rot within the decaying boundaries of the old.  Quite nice that global food production is being consolidated.  A major city misses a few food shipments and what happens?

Remember certain groups have talked about getting down to say .5-2 billion people at centuries end.  How can this happen without a mass die off?  With modern tech the oligarchy does not need the mass of humanity to provide manual labor.  In their mind the mass man is becoming obsolete, so why leave him live and consume their resources?  Is their power reduced if they stand astride a smaller mankind with even greater control of the resources?

What we are in now is just another phase of history, neither beginning nor end.  The Century of Change is here and change there will be for good or ill.  On the plus side for us, what these writers often propose is a revolt against the laws of economics so ultimately that would fail, but we to would bear the pain.  The Soviet Union failed, but the toll on life was a deep tragedy.

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I hate to break it to you but you are just too used to the way things are. This is the point in the relationship where people ask what the hell is going on and don't budge until it's crystal clear. We are not just going to slap a paint job on the old model and soldier on. There are going to be deep deep deep changes.

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Got mine today.  Food Stamps FTW.

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I have a good story for you.

Six months ago I was at a check out counter and here is this well coiffed blue hair with a real Rolex passing food stamps to the check out girl. I was incensed. I inquired, " Aren't you ashamed of yourself. " She looked at me and said they belonged to her mother.


I looked at the clerk and said, " Would you please get the manager, it is a felony to cash in food stamps that are not yours."  The woman picked them up, left her food and ran out of the store.

I do not know if it is a felony, but obvious to me neither did she. How many scumbags are beating the system by signing up for stamps without need.


Dear HHS....You suck!



Convolved Man's picture


It's possible you just committed a crime against the state -- willful prevention of a consumption transaction.

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If you ask Pelosi she'll tell you unemployment and food stamps really stimulate the economy!

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Prolly wasn't her card. Many foodstamp recipients sell their Snap cards to purchase drugs (prescription and illegal). Sure, some are abusing the system. But for many, hardwork doesn't pay off anymore because the oligarchy makes it almost impossible to get ahead.

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You do realize that Food Stamps are no longer paper coupons - they are now a plastic debit card managed by jpm. I don't know how you could tell this older woman was using food stamps unless you are merely engaging in mental theater to pad your apparently slender existence. Brave of you to challenge her right to spend those nonexistent food stamps that you instantly recognised on sight even though they haven't been in circulation for years, may you continue to have entertaining hallucinations and by all means post them here so that we might somehow feel both righteous indignation and intellectual superiority as we sit on the "A" deck of the Titantic watching the steerage passengers drowning and complain to each other about that terrible noise.


The ship is sinking bub and it aint that kitten with rolex that's doing the navigation.

What_Me_Worry's picture

How are we supposed to buy the food stamp participation dip when there never is one?

The Franchise's picture

Come on man! It's Cramerica... buy high, sell higher!

chockl's picture

Onward to join the USSR in Communism.

Revolution_starts_now's picture

work under the table, let the government put the food on the table. Win/Win and just for a bonus speed up the day this whole thing crumbles.

Party on Wayne, Party on garth.....

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How many of these numbers are also working part time at Walmart?

Cathartes Aura's picture

given that part of the WalMart benefits package includes information on where to claim city/state "supplementals," quite a few I'd imagine.

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You have to admit it's a slick operation. Dips completely eliminated after 12.30 again. Facts don't matter , buy the dips. Not one prediction on this website ever comes to pass. buy buy buy.

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The idea of foodstamps doesn't bother me in the least. The social contract demands it. If we who are joined here together have a problem with that, I invite you to see what I see. I see one third of the working population. How is it that, in the richest country in the world (ahem), a segment equal to nearly one third of our working population cannot even afford to eat?

The U.S. is our house. We live and work together for the benefit of ourselves and its continuation as a strong and healthy nation where we all want to be. These foodstamp recipients - and everyone else like them - are the abused child chained up in the basement.

This is a failure, all right. I'm not sure I would blame it on politicians, though.

Shame on us.

Shameful's picture

What is this social contract of which you speak?  I signed nothing?  What did I agree to that entails the state to take my property and labor and reassign it to another?  You likely have property, your computer for example, should not you give that up to help the collective?  There are homeless people out there and you probably sit in a nice home or at work, how dare you!  You should have at least 6 other fellow citizens not of blood relation in that home sharing your labors.  After all we are all in this together and you having private property is anathema to the collective.

Speaking of what are you doing online, shouldn't you be working harder to support the collective?  It's people like you that are why the Revolution failed.  Perhaps the state should dispatch an enforcer to make sure you are more productive, a few years in the gulag might fix that laxidasical work attitude of yours.

We all all in it together, and your taking time to post here is draining precious value from our nation comrade!

/real comment

It is NEVER ok to steal from one at the barrel of a gun to give to another no matter the cause.  Would it be ok for me to hold you up at gunpoint if I told you my family was starving?  Or if I told you I needed more money for guns and bombs perhaps?  So long as you accept the theft of one to give to another we will only get poorer and poorer and the social programs you so desperately want will get cut.  The oligarchs always get theirs, and after the wealth is gone they will cut the poor masses they gave a taste to loose to fend for themselves.

DisparityFlux's picture


My, aren't you full of yourself.

So, when are you going to go outside and fill in some potholes in the roads you drive on and scrape rust from some of the bridges you drive over?

Shameful's picture

Actually the roads where I live are wrecked, thanks for noticing. Totally getting my moneys worth there. So now you say I must do the work of the gov that I'm forced to pay for because they are to inefficient...we'll you got me there I almost can't argue with that. So since it's clearly ok in your book to rob and pillage, stolen from anyone yet today? After robbing them did you tell them how grateful they should be that you are there with your gun to protect them form other robbers? Bet they fell down and worshiped at your feet for being so good and heroic.

So in your world is there no private property? I'm sorry your couldn't have lived in the people's paradise. You really missed out, I hear the real reason the USSR fell was because everyone was to happy and it was to efficient. They felt sorry for the rest of the world for living so well so called it quits.

I can only assume you have given all your property to the state for the good of us all, so how are you online? Are you abusing state property and going to a dangerous blog?  Hell why are you on here at all and not working for the common good?  Isn't there a community farm you could be at right now?  Others starve because you are to lazy to work!  You make me sick!  A decade at the gulag would fix your work ethic!

DisparityFlux's picture



Frankly, as a tax paying American citizen, I'm thankful I can contribute in some small way to mitigate my concern that someone is skulking outside the local supermarket waiting to ambush me with their Glock 9 just to take my blueberry muffins.  Yes, I believe that as a tax paying American citizen I may have to part with some minuscule portion of my hard earned honest dollars to better the society as a whole.  I'm not sure Lloyd Blankfein, whose business model appears to border on the criminal and probably caused more economic damage than food stamp recipients, has the same charitable view.

hedgeless_horseman's picture

I may have to part with some minuscule portion of my hard earned honest dollars to better the society as a whole. 

35% to pay for someone else's cell phone?  Not a very good bargain.  Even God only asks for 10%.

DisparityFlux's picture




Well, up until 2002 being in the 30% tax bracket seemed equitable for living in this country.  Now, not so much.  But my tax contributions did not cause the housing bubble, the 2008 global financial collapse and resultant great recession.  I cannot say, for sure, whether or not paying taxes motivated others into gangster/bankster behavior.

DrLamer's picture

What a pleasant surprise!

Only 500 days left from the moment I wrote on marketwatch....:

"After the Swiss tax deal, could hedge fund investors be next?"

Lamer wrote:

"Actually, the situation with IRS and taxes is very simple:

1. No tax shall be higher than 10%. That is because 10% - is a share for CREATOR of this world (declared by Him personally 3200 years ago).
2. Any tax exceeding 10% leads to corruption and bribing.
3. Any tax over 10% leads to unnormal spending of govermental budget money.
4. The govermental system with tax over 10% leads to double hunting:
a). business and wealthy persons are hunting for avoiding tax ;
b). goverment (IRS) is hunting for tax avoidance
5. Efforts of that double hunting from both sides have nothing common with (a) business and/or (b)govermental functions."

.... and vuala, some "american comrades" have started to realise that (at least here, on ZH site)!




Shameful's picture

The gov cares a lot more about Lloyd then you, and it does not border on criminal, he uses state power to rob us.  And if you love the state that's great!  If you think that's a good deal then by all means party down.  But what right does the state have to take from me by force property?  Should not the state ask for me to contribute in exchange for services?  Surly if I'm getting a good deal it wold be in my interest to pay for the services.

You miss the issue though.  I'm saying all theft is wrong.  You are saying sometimes theft is ok.  If you willing want to give to the gov and feel it is a fair exchange, that's your business not mine.  But when you advocate the government take from me, well then you are aiding a thief.  And quite frankly the gov only gives out bennies to justify it's size.  If they could they would give out no bennies and channel all wealth to Lloyd and the boys, which is in the pipe BTW.  As you note they get more then the little guy anyway.  So wouldn't it be better if we just cut the gov out and people like you who want to contribute can and Lloyd won't be able to jump in and steal your money and mine?

You speak abut community and helping each other and that's great.  But how does having a huge superstate that gives out money to the ultra rich help that?  You should be an enemy of the state for it's oppression on the little guy to glorify the ultra rich!  But so long as support stat action and agree to it's robbery then robbery will continue, and you will not be pleased with the flow of stolen funds.  One day the wealth will be drained out and guys like Lloyd will smile and fade away leaving poverty and ruin.  Freedom and property rights makes wealth, theft leads only to greater poverty.

DisparityFlux's picture




I think you missed my point.  I dislike what Lloyd represents more than I dislike the existence of food stamps.  I hold the former, aided by the government, culpable for the preponderance of people relying on the latter.

Shameful's picture

No I didn't.  You think redistribution is fine if it goes to the poor.  I'm saying redistribution is never ok, and it only preferably goes to the poor.  In human history the oligarchy has ALWAYS profited from big government more then the masses, even back to Rome.  Look at any example in history and it's always the same.  The big guys in power use the rhetoric of "It's for __________" and they kick up a little towards it while robbing the rest.  You can claim you can fix government but it's not possible.  It will always decay and corrupt, politicians will always be bought off.

Accept the theft and accept Lloyd taking the property and laughing at his 10 course dinners about what schmucks we are.  After all I don't know about you, but I don't have a check box that marks where my taxes go, do you?

DisparityFlux's picture




But, if you are not paying taxes to support a civilization's public infrastructure, whether physical or social, you would be paying private entities rents, tolls, fees, premiums, tithes, inducements, or possibly, bribes.  What makes you think such a system would be any better than what we now have -- corruption is a human perversion not an organizational affliction.

Shameful's picture

What is better, a willing voluntary exchange or a man with a gun pointing it at you and making decisions?  If you love the gun that's fine.  I only ask you not use the gun on me.  I'm not asking you to change your life, I'm asking you not support me being robbed.  Put the gun down, are we not civilized enough not to threaten each other with pain, and guns and death?

If I want roads then why not a toll system?  If I want security what's wrong with hiring a private guard.  On that note the cops have no requirement legally to protect you, look it up.  A private security firm that did not protect it's customers would lose those customers.  If I want a pension system then why not buy an annuity?  The government does everything poorly.  If I want food safety then why not pay to get a service that tells me what food companies have submitted to private food safety checks.  Our military can't beat guys in caves. 

Are you happy with anything efficiency wise the government is doing?  But if you were a paying customer you would have the opportunity to opt out and put you money where you want it.  If you gave to a charity and it kept 99% of the money and spent it on it's employees and cronies you likely would not contribute to that charity, but that is what we face with government.  But worse, we cannot choose to not pay them, they extract it out of us.

The roads are crumbling.  The cops are revenue generators, not protectors.  SS is bankrupt.  The FDA is a puppet of Big Agra and Monsanto.  Government is not the answer, freedom and voluntary exchange is the answer.  The government holds the monopoly of power and it's doing a piss poor job at everything it touches as far as services go.

Will it be perfect, hell no!  People are people.  But by giving these corrupt people the gun and having them set loose to rule us it is infinitely worse then these crooks having to compete with the people who are good and honest.  If men were angels we wouldn't have need to worry about the power of government, but if men were angels we would need no government.  Politicians of both sides do nothing but loot and pillage, would it not be better if these looters were forced to work like you and I? Would Stalin, or Mao, or Hitler, or Pol Pot been able to murder all those innocent people without the all powerful state?  In a free society they would not be able to organize mass murder on that scale because they would not posses the only gun.

All I'm saying is give freedom a chance.  We know what an all powerful state is capable of.  The 20th century is a tale of the predations of the big government.  Millions died, how many more millions need to die before peopel can see the light?

DisparityFlux's picture






Presently, I am going to live with the assumption that our government might, by pure accident and in spite all corrupting influences, do one good thing with my tax dollars even as it destroys this country to enable those who demand more from life than me.

"A man's got to know his limitations."

Harry Callahan from Magnum Force.

Shameful's picture

Read about this man

During the Stalinist purges people would write to him for aid. They could not believe what was happening. How many died asking why this was happening to them? One should not trust a child with a known pedophile, and the government has told us what they are. So what they will do will be no accident. I tell you now the social services will be cut before one banker suffers. If you can live with your taxes being used to bail out banks, pay for their lifestyle, and the global military machine, then good on you. Please remember you were warned, and don't fall for the next boondoggle.

They have the gun, they are using it. All I ask is you not support them using the gun on me, pay the man with the gun if you wish. That is your choice.