Food Stamp Usage Hits New High Of 43.2 Million

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Ever wonder where all the money for equity inflows came from? Here's the answer: with all the money saved from participating in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, better known as foodstamps, which in October hit a brand new record, 43.2 million Americans decided to join in on this "wealth effect" they had been hearing so much about and buy Apple stock. After all 190 hedge funds are doing it: and there is no way that 190 hedge funds can possibly be wrong. As a result, the chart below shows our nation's pending wealth effect in its full glory. Just think: 43.2 millionaire in waiting. Just consider the guaranteed explosion to money velocity...

h/t john lohman

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blunderdog's picture

What is better, a willing voluntary exchange or a man with a gun pointing it at you and making decisions?

As long as you live here, work here, and use US currency, in what way are taxes NOT a "willing voluntary exchange"? 

There's a reason your sort of rhetoric doesn't catch on in big numbers.  Most folks, as poorly educated as they are, see right through it.  The stench of victimhood is just too strong.  If you actually believed in self-empowerment, you'd already have taken care of your grievance.  You claim to want freedom but expect everyone else out there to make it happen.

Forget all that "in theory" shit and DIY.  "Authority" is a state of mind.  Make your own.

Shameful's picture

Ah and how easy is it to give up one citizenship? Did you know some places have over a year's waiting list? And during that year Uncle sugar keeps extracting. I do plan on leaving as soon as I'm able to, I see where this nation is heading and you won't like it unless you are in power right now.

As to taking care of it, what do you suggest? What would you do to stop the state short of opting out and leaving? I'm all ears.

I suppose you think it's moral to use force to take things and impose your will? Then is it moral when it's doe to you? Law of the jungle? If a thief breaks into your home and robs you at gunpoint did he have the right because you were not strong enough to stop his with your "Authority"?

I'm sure you are waiting for your man on a white horse, don't worry I'm sure he is polishing his spurs as we speak.

Nootropic's picture

So leave?  Somalia has little effective government at the present, and it appears that there won't be much for the forseeable future.  Renounce citizenship in an overseas embassy and go.

If you don't have a reason to like the society you are in, you are certainly free to leave and renounce the social contract you were born into.  Alternatives could include going to the Rockies and living there without any external aid, most of society would forget you, and you don't have to pay taxes if you are a dude just kind of wandering around in a nearly empty mountain range. You have options, just ones that don't afford you the same level of comfort that you possess currently.  If you have the courage of your convictions you can do it.

Of course, that would mean doing something that requires more effor than whining on a blog.

AnAnonymous's picture

You have options, just ones that don't afford you the same level of comfort that you possess currently.  If you have the courage of your convictions you can do it.

Of course, that would mean doing something that requires more effor than whining on a blog.


That depicts quite well a quite common  type by now: people who are disatisfied with their society because that society no longer allows the same level of entitlement as it used.

Most people you can read about are not against entitlements, they are against the situation of feeling less and less entitled.

blunderdog's picture

We're obviously coming at this from totally irreconciliable positions.  I almost wrote a bit more, but it's not worth it.

If you're not prepared to resist the tyranny you're complaining about, you're just another slave.

You're the only person you can ensure won't let you down.  Once you realize this, you'll realize how to get what you want.

equity_momo's picture

Are you serious?  You pay all that shit already ON TOP of your state and federal taxes.


The reason we are fked is because even those enlightened enough to find ,read and comment on zerohedge dont fking get it.  Good luck with the average main street R-tard.

If youre a middle class tax payer you are fked. Period. 

Cheesy Bastard's picture

+1.  If I hold you at gunpoint and steal $20, then give the $20 to a homeless person to buy lunch with,  does that excuse the robbery?  Voting for the government to do exactly that to me is no different.  It is theft plain and simple.

SWCroaker's picture

Nah.  Is different.  Lone gunman is just stealin, sort of an "honest" theft.  He knows it, you knows it.

Gov taking from you is Democracy in action; them mobs dat hold majority *voted* to soak the rich, gleefully and legally.  You know it's still theft, but the nebulous them remain clueless.  'Bout as low a form of theft as I can think of...

Cheesy Bastard's picture

I stand corrected.  Government theft is indeed worse.

Temporalist's picture

That someone with the Glock is the police and he's taking those bluberry muffins because they might just be a threat to national security.

Tax dollars hard at work.

Misean's picture

I'd give you a plus, but the government stole all mine.  Nice! though...

NotApplicable's picture

How is it that, in the richest country in the world (ahem), a segment equal to nearly one third of our working population cannot even afford to eat?

Because people like you believe in theft of property from one poor person to support another poor person is a "good", while refusing to recognize this destructive process.

DisparityFlux's picture


What's wrong?  Lose at creating wealth today?  Afraid someone is going to get a bigger slice of pie?  Why aren't you happy to know your hard work is helping to feed someone today?  Would you rather be toiling on a community farm or simply dropping a buck in a charity bucket?

NotApplicable's picture

Wow, what a way to miss my entire point!

Look, welfare is not a soak the rich program, but rather a way to soak the working class poor until they have no choice but to get on the government dole.

To paraphrase a famous line, if you want a picture of government aid, imagine a boot stamping on a human face— forever.

Not only are the poor targeted, but also the middle-class, as well as the faux upper-class.

Why? Because a sustainable independent society is unwanted competition to government, because then we wouldn't need their rule. What they want and desperately need is for us all to be dependent on their "aid," all of which is stolen from the very people receiving it.

Plain and simple, it is a massive fraud. And if you vote, then you support the idea behind it.

Even simpler (and without paraphrasing), "Thou Shall Not Steal."

Anyone who believes that a beneficial social system can be based upon theft is functionally incoherent. (and most likely "educated" in a government school)

Oh, and I didn't junk you either, as I prefer that everyone see exactly where society's ills originate, closed-minded collectivists.

Nootropic's picture

And the Oglicarchs are collectivests?

NotApplicable's picture

Absolutely. They collect herds of people in order to extract wealth from them, as it is easier than getting rich via hard work. Without collectivism, they wouldn't stand a chance.

Nootropic's picture

So it is apparent that collective action is much more powerful than individual action. Less talented people (excusing the talent of being able to persuade large groups of people) end up with better results than an an individual acting agent. 

Agree, disagree?

infinity8's picture

I'm with you. Lost my "career" work end of '08. Since then, could have been on unemployment and could now qualify for food stamps with my income of record but, I will NOT. It's how they keep tabs on a lot of people. While it's unfortunate that the local career path is do taxes Jan thru Apr 15th, wait tables thru summer, work temp for 1-800-Medicare starting in fall for their "spike" to be laid off just in time to go do taxes again - I'll do what it takes to avoid the dole. (and I can't possibly do the fucking medicare gig again so I'll have to get creative for the holidays) That said, I'm very thankful I don't have children.

blunderdog's picture

I saw some great career suggestion road-signs in a major TX city a few weeks ago.


At least it's practical advice for most folks.

sullymandias's picture

A cousin of a friend's father is party member in China. He bought each of his children a million dollar home in the same neighborhood in Long Island. The son is happily unemployed non-citizen wealthy individual, collecting food stamps as well as participating in federal funded free diapers and formula for his baby.

Or maybe I just made that up..

Dr. Sandi's picture

So THAT'S why the economy's collapsing. And here I thought it was being hollowed out by fraudulent financial transactions and transfer of tax money to corporate thieves.

Thanks for the update.

I assume he brought the house with him from China, thereby eliminating all those local construction jobs.

buzlightening's picture

I believe it's time to take to the streets and let these 43.3 million know benron burnokio says we're in a sustainable recovery!!  Now get out of that gov cheese line and lower that unemployment rate!!  gov goons looking for TSA workers with IQ's below underwear size!! bendover burnokio times '09 mansey of the year ought be taken out for a new rope factory tour and some western justice!!   This is appalling!  dead head fed goonzi's should be rankly ashamed of this figure!  rat basturds would be if the vermin rat basturds had any conscience left in the dark black soliditified coal stone hard heart bankster/polico goons have!! Happy Near Year!

Misean's picture

Perhaps FuMble erm...FEMA.. could turn those detenstion centers they have into work stations.  Hire up some for the Dept. of Reicheland Insecurity to run them.  They could build bombs and bullets for our glorious victories in the middle east...or dig holes for 4 hours a day and fill them again.

Alex Kintner's picture

So with an average monthly benefit of $133/person, food stamps cost around $68B per year. So some kids can have a bowl of oatmeal in the morning.

Meanwhile, we spend a half Trillion a year on two pointless wars. And another couple Trillion/year to run a military complex monstrosity. And the gubmint just handed $5-10Trillion to the banksters (we'll probably never know the full amount).

Just trying to keep some perspective on the scale of this program.

John Law Lives's picture

There is no such thing as a "pointless" war.  The vast sums of money spent to equip a global fighting force employ huge numbers of people.  The military-industrial complex has a ravenous appetite.  Sadly, there is not much chance that it will not be fed well by our tax dollars.

SWCroaker's picture

Don't forget that wars cost twice.  Not only are they non-budgetary items that get supported by emergency money printing (which is inflationary), but the things the money gets spent on are often blown up, exploded or otherwise used to make various piles of rubble.  So the money wasn't spent on a lasting good or tangible asset that will benefit society, like new power plants or water systems, it was spent on destruction and death.  But it also still exists in the pockets of first tier recipients, and thus also begins the path of diluting the savings of our nation.  That's not pointless, but I'm pretty sure I could just do without it.

If peeps really understood even just the true economic cost of wars, we wouldn't have any 'cause we're too cheap.  Tightwads, unite against costly violence!


QQQBall's picture

The kids may be eating oatmeal and MAc & Cheese with 10-year old Velveeta, but the parents are eating Chicarones & drinking Coronas. Watch other people at the checkstands - you will see.

-Michelle-'s picture

Nope.  The kids eat breakfast, lunch and, soon, dinner at school.  Year round.

Misean's picture

"43.2 million Americans decided to join in on this "wealth effect" they had been hearing so much about and buy Apple stock."

You can buy APPL with foodstamps!  Is there a discount or something, like when I go to the guy outside the store and do a swap to buy beer?

MacedonianGlory's picture

United Soviets of America.


Flore's picture

pitchforks bitchez

Revolution_starts_now's picture


pitchforks or bread bitchez...


There I fixed it for you.

buzzard beak's picture

Apple, what kind of cheap honkey trailer trash are you? What kind of fools do you take us brothers for, with your silly white ass Apple shit?

The food stamps are going on Daimler-Benz, fool. Ever since they dumped that shitpile Chrysler that is. Nearly doubled the March lows already. Those cute Asians really do love their Mercs.

Instant Karma's picture

Can anyone get food stamps? (Really a debit card). I could save some cash and by some AAPL stock to help the economy. Maybe an iPad. Maybe another 100oz of silver.

blunderdog's picture

Can someone point out the upside to driving tens of millions of poor people into actual HUNGER?

If we cut the entire program, and saved every penny, it wouldn't affect your tax rates one iota, but it sure would affect the behavior of a lot of people.

blunderdog's picture

Yeah, that's what I figured.  No one can even think of an upside.  Just another excuse to vent. 

Well I fuckin' hate rutabagas, goddammit.  So there.

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

Not to mention the Big Dog:

They mention ZH once a day or once every other day.

yabyum's picture

Put, You and I have done battle on the ZH field in the past. However your links to survival blog are most welcome. ( Love that blog) Will check out the others. yaby.

Michael's picture

And you wonder why there is so much inflation in food prices.

yabyum's picture

Long on dehydrated water! And a bit o' AG.

something fishy's picture

From what I understand it's not so easy for just anyone to qualify for food stamps.

If you have any savings or investment accounts over $1000, in general it's hard to

qualify. So I doubt that people who are receiving food stamps are using the money

saved to invest very much. I know that was meant to be sarcasm, but just saying....

people receiving food stamps usually are really in need of the help.



-Michelle-'s picture

No, if you have anything over $1000 or so in a bank account you won't qualify.  Cash is king.

I know that there are people out there who are at their end and food stamps are needed.  I know there are people who are ashamed to have to apply, who feel it's their duty to use them responsibly and stretch them as far they possibly can.

However, many people are gaming the system, cheerfully and guilt-free.  The system does not work.

Dr. Acula's picture

>there are people who are ashamed to have to apply

Why? The government has already stolen the money. AFAIK, it isn't a crime to steal from a thief.


Hicham's picture

I also liked the "en espanol" option. So sad.

Dr. Acula's picture

If I mug someone and take their wallet so I can buy stuff with the stolen money, then I'm committing an immoral act of aggression.

But if the government gets involved and does the robbing for me, then it's OK.

grunk's picture

I wonder what bank profits from the debit card transactions.