Food Stamp Usage Hits New High Of 43.2 Million

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Ever wonder where all the money for equity inflows came from? Here's the answer: with all the money saved from participating in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, better known as foodstamps, which in October hit a brand new record, 43.2 million Americans decided to join in on this "wealth effect" they had been hearing so much about and buy Apple stock. After all 190 hedge funds are doing it: and there is no way that 190 hedge funds can possibly be wrong. As a result, the chart below shows our nation's pending wealth effect in its full glory. Just think: 43.2 millionaire in waiting. Just consider the guaranteed explosion to money velocity...

h/t john lohman

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I happened to be driving through Arkansas and saw the gas pumps now accept EBT cards.

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The max allotment for 1 person is $200.  You can get the following from Angel Food Ministries for:


1.5 lbs beef roast

2.5 lbs chicken breast

2 lbs breaded chicken breast

1.5 lbs cooked meatballs

2 lbs minestrone soup

1 lb lean ground beef

1 lb sweet italian sausage

1 lb yellow squash and zucchini

1 lb sugar snap peas and carrots

5 lbs waffle fries

6.9 oz beef-flavored rice and vermicelli

1 lb pasta

25 oz pasta sauce

1 lb northern dry beans

18 oz quick oatmeal

32 oz shelf stable milk

1 dozen eggs

Family-size dessert item

For $31.  They take SNAP, too.  How many people are using that resource?

Goodness, for $10 more, they throw in:

2 lbs lasagna

1.5 lbs pork chops

1 lb hot dogs

14 oz breakfast sausage

1 lb green beans

8.5 oz Jiffy Corn Meal mix

Somehow, some way, a charitable organization is able to do that.


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The LDS also sell food on the cheap. When my buddy stocked up he realized that the wheat was selling for below market price. Guess they grow their own they basically sell at their cost to the members and people who call them. Bit more a bit bulk thing though.

Honestly I've seen food stamps to buy steak, when I'm buying a tube of ground beef. Ah well, I don't hold it against them at all. Free money is hard to turn down, but hope they will figure out a way to make it (outside of theft) when Uncle Sugar directs all blood flow to the banks and there is not enough left for these social programs.

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Yes, I checked out the LDS thing online last month after somebody here mentioned it. Sorry I don't have the link here but their website gives locations around the country where you can pick up. Pretty cool.

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Local food banks are great, community oriented.  Often with quite good food for recipients.    Every year, I donate a hefty amount of food from my crops/livestock.  I only grow for my family/friends, but still have plenty left to donate to local food banks every year. 

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No, but there's still $159 left on the SNAP card.

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The food stamp card.  $159 will buy a lot of bacon.  The same site offers a fruit and veggies box for $23 that gives you oranges, grapefruit, tangerines, pears, apples, Idaho potatoes, sweet potatoes, yellow onions, cabbage, fruit juice, and trail mix.

In fact, you can order just about every package on the current menu (minus the gluten-free, ready-made meals, and chicken nugget box) for $196.

Shoot.  I may order myself next month.

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Angel Food Ministries is open to everyone.  They accept cash.  The more people they have ordering, the better deals they are able to get.  There are no requirements other than placing your order on time and going to a local site to pick it up and pay for it.

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Jeez...outfitted with that spread, I could manage to have Larry Summers over for a light brunch.

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Amazing!  Thanx for posting that.

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There's your free lunch, exorbitantly privileged Americans!

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King crab legs or lobster tail? Maybe both, with a side of snickers bars? That is the question folks... yes it is.

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Probably none of these folks will be using them.

Guess that's why Illinois needs to raise taxes by 75%


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The jobs could have been saved if :-

The government had let the big banks fail.
Pressed criminal charges on the people in top management positions of those banks for fraud and changed the management of those banks before offering it a bailout.

Immediatel­­y Reinstated the Glass Stegall Act.

Government could have used the bailout money to fund infrastruc­­ture projects around the country which would have created jobs immediatel­­y. Instead they chose to hand free money over to their buddies (same people who caused the crises because of speculatio­­n and leverage) for speculatio­­n in stock and commoditie­­s markets.

Taken quicker steps to reduce housing loan principle in order to make it easier for the majority of the population to pay their monthly installmen­­ts while staying in their homes thus avoiding foreclosur­­e.

But of course we can keep on dreaming.


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Food stamps don't work. Trust me, they'll just send your letters back

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Food Prices At Highest Levels in Human History!;

Thanks excellent, well done Ben.

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Any guesses as to when SNAP is going to apply to WFP for assistance? Seems to be a logical endpoint for the nation that is the largest giver of food aid to become the largest recipient too.

Bit like taxpayers subsidising the taxpayers - at a subsistence level.

How America has fallen..............

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Fuck the leftists, fuck the liberals. They never lived with poors in their lives, but always talk about them. They never were poor in their lives, but always talk about them.

In France, we have a word for them: bobos, or gauche caviar.

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You'd think they'd want to hang out with the poor since they helped create so many of them.

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9/11 was an EVENT to cover up some massive conspiracy

2008 "Collapse" same thing.

the USA= Captured Nation

Australia is getting BRUTOOL! gODD is in their heartz

Get off your asses fags and do something about it! (WHITE CIVIL RIGHTS...UNITE!!!)

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That's nothing.  Eventually most of the world's population will be on one form of free food or another.

The globe hasn't only reached Peak Oil. Among the other 'resources' the world has attained dubious levels of Peak, is JOBs. 

The guiding lights at the top of the world pyramid already know that the  7 billion people on the planet must either be reduced by half thru some kind of "Black Swan" event or a way must be found to keep them somewhat sedated with the basics: Food, clothing, shelter, cell phones, and TV. These will all be relatively free to the people of all countries.  They will need something to do with their time, too.  They will be the most liberated among us to pursue whatever they can afford thru their native intelligence levels, grit, and energy levels. 

If other impecunious somnolent populations in other countries are any guide to how the future people will develop, don't expect much other than billions who will do next to nothing but breathe, eat, screw, shit, and piss and be decried (as are the good folk of Haiti, Darfur, Ethiopia, Harlem, Detroit, Compton, etc.). 

They will live like the very rich, without the toys.

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103K new jobs in Dec. point to slow, steady growth

But the job growth fell short of expectations based on a strengthening economy. And the drop in unemployment was mainly because people stopped looking for work. Private employers added a net total of 113,000 jobs last month and the government shed 10,000 jobs, the Labor Department said Friday.

So w/ years of this kind of growth we'll have the UE rate down below 5% in no time.  Then Apple will be $3800/shr w/ all this new foodstamp money in the game.  I'm thinking about starting a brokerage house that sells food and stock.  All they've got to do is come swipe their food card in my little machine and voila~  .01% of Apple stock!  We're investin' now - Bitchez!

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Merry Christmas (Eastern Orthodox church's)!

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Wonder what would happen if you compared it to a U-6 graph.


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sorry can not post image