Footage Of A Tornado In Downtown Springfield, MA

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Just because it is GDP accretive. Actually, on second though, if the Princeton Economics Department is right, all those tornados crisscrossing the US over the past month should add at least 0.5% to Q2 GDP. Which, gasp, means that JPM's just lowered GDP forecast is really 1.5%. And it is supposed to double by the end of the year to 3.0%. On... what again?

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Oh dear.  Springfield, MA isn't supposed to host tornadoes.

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Worst tornato in American history was in Mass. Not far from Springfield. I think it was Worchester, MA.

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Umm, that's Worcester. Not far from here.

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Uh, no that's really wrong.  It was a bad tornado, but nowhere near the worst.

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NOT the worst... it's Woosta.  Take it from a former Quinzee girl (above)

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That's what I was talking about.  Perhaps you Massholes think you're the center of the universe, but the Woosta tornado was nowhere near the worst in US history.

The Midwest is the tornado place.

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Worst tomato I ever saw had a bunch of bugs inside. Left me with a bad taste in my mouth.

It was just offal.

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Don't laugh my niece used to call tornado's tomatoes.

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Bigger, better waterspout. May 30 2011, Australia


Also, don't eat them "double-dead" fish!

Since Friday, over 750 tonnes of fish had died in Taal Lake near Manila -

symptoms of illnesses related to eating double-dead fish include vomiting, dizziness, and parts of the body becoming swollen -

Hephasteus's picture

So one story says they died of sudden "climate change" and another story says you get sick of you eat them. Me thinks the sudden climate change story is bullshit.

Problem Is's picture

Me thinks anyone dumb enough to eat fish all the way from the Philippines gets the illness they deserve...

Go Gulf Coast Corexit Shrimp! The US military is the #1 buyer!

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But nothing beats munching a balut and downing a San Miguel on a hot summer afternoon in Olongapo.

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As long as Mt. Pinatubo isn't erupting...

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I weep for your bowels.

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Yes. When you want to pull off a huge betrayal. It's best to weaken the dumb animals first. You should see what haliburton does to them. Doesn't clean their water and makes entire army sick. No wonder they can't beat up afghanistan.

Haliburton is a plague to all mankind.

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Wicked. The ZH vid shows better pressure differentials across the surface of the water. Science nuts would identify the extended low pressure zone creating condensation on the surface of the water 2-3 diameters outside the main tornado.

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Look at the australian spout. That's some enormous pressure differentials to elevate water that high.

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First class tickets out of here. Some lucky bastards around that fault line.

It's been months since I talked to the boat crew but they should be getting close to port by now too.


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That ball of 'whatever' off the East Coast just cruised over us in FL yesterday. Pretty nasty weather for a bit but we're used to fast moving squall lines. The weather guys kept calling it a 'whatever' because they couldn't categorize it as a tropical storm, depression, etc. We had a fast mover over here two weeks ago about 2am. The whole house was shaking, rain was coming in sideways, and it looked like a Hollywood Premier with lights going off all over. Noise was horrendous. Passed in about 30 minutes. Gusts were in the 50's nearby. Probably higher here because there's several hundred acres of pasture in front of me and it really gets rollin' over that. I'm North of Tampa...As for the water spouts; years ago we were in the Keys for Sportsmen season and saw five of them in a single day. One was huge and had two sisters, we just sat there watching it in the boat until we realized it was way too close and then took off for the dock. Sitting on Duval later that day the bar emptied out as one showed up in the harbor and just danced around. We had a good drink to that afterwards...

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Dead fish, don't eat, double dang dinga ding dong, ganga ging gunga din, rama danga dingo dong.

How can they make sense of these sentences?

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Dead fish, don't eat, double dang dinga ding dong, ganga ging gunga din, rama danga dingo dong.


Sung to the tune of Jesus Built My Hot Rod

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Tornados over water are classified as waterspouts.

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Christ, you don't even have the attention span to watch a minute and a half of video.

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The Brown Dwarf is coming

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Is that from a Lynch movie?

Problem Is's picture

He means Tatoo:

"Boss, Da plane! Da plane!"

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Usually drop a couple of those in the mornings.....

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God's Country Bitchez!

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I'm sure Mr. Burns' atom mine is completely safe.

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Burns: Well neighbor I see you've got your running shoes on, that's a good thing!...

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This is the biggest wind to blow through Massachusetts since Barney Frank.

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That was exactly like a disaster movie.  Absolutely awe inspiring

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It was supposed to hit us, but then moved 20 miles into Mass. Look how it toyed with the Connecticut river. Thats power!

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they get bad weather out in that part of MA a lot - sure wouldn't have wanted to be in a car on that CT River bridge

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My half-sister was in the middle of this.