Former Bailout Inspector General Neil Barofsky: "You Should Be Scared. I'm Scared. You Can't Not Be Scared. You Can't Look At What Happened In The Run-Up To 2008 and See How It's Not Going to Repeat Itself, Given What We've Done"

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H/t: Orang

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Three cheers for Dan Rather for continuing to tackle difficult issues that MSM media avoids. Thanks for posting this video.

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Barofsky is a warrior. He is not liked by TPTB.What's he doing with a corrupt, lying has-been Dan Rather?

Barofsky's scathing public report as IG of the GM dealership closings found the action to be nothing but a job killing, counterproductive scam.  He found it would not cost GM a dime to keep them all open and actually hurts GM's long term viability going forward to have fewer dealersips. And closing them cost 100,000 American jobs.

Black dealerships were off limits for closing. Virtually all of the closings were in red-state rural areas --- most in small towns that depended on the dealerships. This was the real reason for the closings as the openly socialist Car Czar Bloom admitted later -- it was "redistributive justice."

Additionally, a known collection of 8 lucrative dealerships that were owned by some investors were shut down and put out of business, flipped for next to nothing to connected Obama supporters, and then promptly allowed to be reopened. Justice much -- or just theft?


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When the assholes have created a shadow derivatives market well over $600 trillion, $20 trillion is just a drop in the bucket right?

Until we catch on this banking cartel will continue to be nothing more than a black hole.

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I, for one, am glad we chose the route of shoveling money into the black hole instead of making housing derivatives worth something by simply making all real estate loans principal only.  I agree that bankers are the economy and their minute to minute balance sheet crises are what we should be addressing instead of systemic issues.

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Sarcasm will not prevent your assimilation with the Borg Collective.  Resistance is futile.  ;)

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The title should read, "Dan Rather Barfs." 

The groundwork is being layed. "You never want a serious crisis go to waste" will soon be replaced by "when your re-election campaign ain't going well, create another serious crisis (at the taxpayers expense)."

Only a Greek default will stop the dominos from falling.

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The corporatists on Wall Street LOVE Barack Obama. He's the perfect Fascist with the smiling face.

Anyone who still embraces the D vs R, liberal v conservative meme has no chance of seeing the real political world.

Is them against all of us. The 1% against the 99%. 

ZH is one of the very few websites that has the balls to tell the truth. 

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But it is fun to kick them in the teeth with the truth and watch them squirm under the weight of their faux world coming down on top of their small mindedness!


or better yet.. tell them the truth and they just scream NOOOOOOOOOOO! IT CANT BE!!!! NOOOOOOO!

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Bravo, GW!!!  

    This is my #1. REFERENCED article - bookmarked wa-ay back in JULY 2009, and  LINKED  in my comments 1,000 times since then:    bloomberg - "U.S. Rescue [BAILOUTS!]  May Reach $23.7 Trillion, Barofsky Says"  

 The "bailouts" will COST American taxpayers TWENTY+  TRILLION dollars - that's nearly 2x the ENTIRE  U.S. GDP !!   and Barofsky's snap-shot estimate was BEFORE  The Bernank's "Quantitative Easing"  serialized  little timmy G's  $630 billion  "free Fed money to my bankster bosses"  'Liquidity Injection" from NY Fed to big  Wall St (and overseas!) banks...

   That this insanely corrupt, bought, bribed, extorted, and owned con-gress (and pres-i-dent)  don't DAILY   give us  RUNNING TOTALS of ALL the "bailouts" billions (trillions!) of taxpayer extorted dollars just HANDED OVER to banksters   reveals a TREASONOUS  HIJACKING of America, by the bailouts grabbing wealthy 'elites' and their hired, bribed, & extorted legislators. 

   (of course the Hank Paulsons & Wall St. hedge fund loan-sharks TOLD Con-gress that  "we need the bailouts to PRESERVE PENSIONS and 'investor' funds":  But in reality, in 20+ years of "DEREGULATION," the Wall St. big boys LOVE NOTHING BETTER than RAIDING, pumping, dumping, & squeezing dry,  worker/family/savers  invested pension fund billions.)     

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Attention all food service personnel.

Please spit or jizz on any food served to known bankers, senior bondholders, and all members of the treasury and Fed.

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Jeepers, the next thing you know, someone will be calling for everyone in healthcare to swap out the anesthetics and pain meds with placebos for bankers, lawyers, and politicians.  That would be terrible and unethical.

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One time in high school an asshole teacher made the mistake of going to the new pizza shop.  My friend spit under each pepporoni and watched him smile the whole time he was eating it.  People never learn.  I never make a scene in a restaurant and then eat the food.  If it's that bad just leave. 

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Barofsky ...the Dude, where's the White Russian Mustache? Like, you know man, you're just confirming the prophetic strong delusion of the man

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Bail them out hell? Shatter them into a million pieces. The bondholders should take the haircut this time.  The shareholders should bite the big one just like the shareholders of WCOM did, AIG did, FNM did, FRE did and GM did

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The trick isn't how to manage the information.  The game is how to manage the misinformation.

Dan Rather?  Go Away.  You haven't heard?  The MSM is dead.

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Kent Brockman: Reporters used to expose corruption and corporate greed. Now, like toothless babies, they suckle at the teat of misinformation and poop it into the diaper called the six-o'clock news.

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We call it the 'Deadstream Media" now. The "DSM" if you will.

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Too bad the interview was done by Dan "Death-warmed-over" Rather.

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2008 won't repeat itself exactly the same... Everything's Turning To Gold

Watch gold rise with the dollar this time, before the dollar drops away like a spent booster rocket.

In reality, everything deflates against gold. Big time.

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What is this "reality" of which you speak, and where can I find it?

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I agree a 100%. Since 2008 was not the end of the rope, but now, it is, a huge deflation after an implosion will take out the financial system as we know it. Just "pooof", followed by pinstripe clad nondescript persons trying to fly off high buildings and soldiers dressed in black running towards or from the city (center). At that moment everybody will look up from whatever the hell they're doing and see something glittering on the horizon. That'd be me, covered in gold head to toe, illuminated by the innocent morning light. MWOAHAHAHA ;-)

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Physical gold, that is.

Paper is for burning.

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If the UN and the US set up standards to stop "speculators" in commodities markets, they might just try to force the price to remain artificially low.  Obviously the physical market will be (mostly) undetered... but things will still be screwy.

EDIT: Great video by the way... also, enjoy the apparel of the revolution!


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For those who have families and skill sets ...

Not saying you should/shoudn't, but just a logical framework to think about.



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Global cooling over the next 50 years will kick your ass.  The Southernmost parts *might* be OK...

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My dad, being a trapper for years, had always mentioned moving to Juno.  If it weren't for my crazy fucking wife we'd be gone.  Really sure many others have this plan and while you might think your remote the fact is this state is still attached to the bigger asshole US.  Only good thing it will be hard for the city folk in the US to raid your garden instead of making it to mine in 20 min. from town.  I live 15 miles to the nearest town, mostly small communities but only 50 miles from a major shithole.  That's the problem.  Been here 20+ years, wife all her life, sparse neighbors, do what we want I love it here.  I'll be making a stand right here, I target practice nearly everyday.



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Alaska's population will soon be dropping a heck of a lot - most of those small towns rely on diesel fuel generators for power, higher energy costs plus lower oil revenues means a lot fewer people can be supported there.

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OK for some, not for me -- too dark and too cold.  Also Fukushima radiation has been raining down on Alaska like crazy  and most likely will upon any future releases (and there will be some).  I'd prefer the southern hemisphere.

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I've looked at Uruguay, Paraguay, but also southwestern Turkey, and even Spain.

I'm too old (40 jr max) to migrate to New Zealand. Any other ideas?

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You can move to NZ up to 55 years old.  Even without a job, if you have the money to support yourself for a year or so.  Takes over a year to get a visa.  Took me about 1 1/2 years.  I love it here

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Southern France:  Dordogne or Languedoc-Rousillion. Not as expensive as you might think. AND THE WINES ARE GREAT - DITTO FOOD.

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Ecuador. Everyone just ignores the government...

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i suggest the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.   all the debris from the tsunami is meeting up with it soon, so there should be some homes & barges ready to be inhabited.   best of all : tax free!

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BTW, no word yet on fate of 100-or-so concrete casks filled with spent-fuel from Fukushima Daichi?

 Some reportedly disappeared post-tsunami,  awaiting shipment to new Spent Fuel Storage facility under construction in NW Japan [penninsula near Aomori..another future calamity by ruling misleaders].

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reptil, something that rarely gets mentioned when people talk about safe havens in the WTSHF..a large yacht. prices are down and you are able to move as the need arises..I do not ascribe to the mad max future myself..small towns in America will be fine for me, keeping a low profile and blending in.