Former CIA Analyst Tells Truth About Libya Intervention On CNN, Hilarity Ensues

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Former CIA analyst Michael Scheuer appeared on CNN and told his lovely blonde and brunette anchors the truth about what is really happening. The hilarious Stepford Wives reaction and the unprecedented cognitive dissonance the ensues is worth the price of admission.

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Its blood for oil, Bitchez!

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Yet fully justified as this is the sweetest of sweet oil for the blood of, what, a few hundred thousands 'worthless' Middle Eastern people? (sarcasm)

PS: When will the USA start bombing Bahrain as that ruthless dictator is mudering his citizens?

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Jeezus these damn broads are stupid.  I really like the stutter effect implemented by the one chick after being told she's a water boy LMFAO

Talk about gettin' "your panties in a bunch"....LMFAO



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if you didn't laugh at the end you are not a sentient being....

Scheuer was like, "Fuck it. I aint comin' back" ...I LOVE watching people burn bridges with Truth incendiaries...especially when there's 2 dumb-ass amerikan biotechs standing on the span

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that bimbo bitch, folds her arms in a cross in front of her fake boobs. i ain't carrying no water, bastard†, where's cheeky?

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That is FUNNY!! What dumb bimbos. Real $2 whores working for Obamie's crew. Anyways, that expert is correct because its about oil and nothing else. Even F^&ing SWEDEN is now involved! WTF?!

Also check out the picture of the radioactive plutonium water leaking into the Pacific ocean!!! The end of the world must be near! The fish will all die!

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Another interesting take on the real Libya story.

It's never what it's made out to be...

Insider's view (different insider, a woman as it turns out):


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Wow, it all comes together now, thanks!  At first I just thought this was just about Gadhaffi wanting to tax the oil companies and/or be paid in gold, Obama wanting to drag America deeper into the mud, and the CIA wanting to help their buddies in Al Qaeda.  As usual, the truth is even more fucked up.  Short story for those not following the link:  Lockerbie was a CIA false flag to kill the investigators who knew the CIA was smuggling heroin for terrorists, and Gadhaffi figured he would get his extorted settlement money back by squeezing the oil companies.

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Pretty far out eh, NWC? Then you can follow the trail of so many "aircrashes" and many of them have similar secrets secreted. KAL007 comes to mind also. As was Egyptair 88 out of NYC.


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Many thanks, also, for that link, ORI.

It certainly answers why many of the families of Lockerbie victims also believed it was the CIA responsible, rather than a Libyan.

[edit] Here is a link to her full article

which includes these links to other sources:

“Insurrection and Military Intervention: The US-NATO Attempted Coup d’Etat in Libya?”, and

“Operation Libya” and the Battle for Oil: Redrawing the Map of Africa

Some may also find this background on King Idris (under whose flag the "rebels" are operating) interesting:

"LIBYA - When historical memory is erased"


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Check out this Chindit post on the third page:

by chindit13
on Mon, 04/04/2011 - 23:33


Couple of points:


On the fluff side, here we have two women who seem to have convinced themselves that they were hired for their journalistic talents.  One of the oddities of gender equality is that the chauvinists of the world can use a woman's ego to manipulate her.  Everybody's happy.  Women think they are breaking the glass ceiling, network execs put on air what they think is the eye candy that draws viewers.  When network execs saw how well this trick worked, they demonstrated how fair minded they are by bringing in an equal number of male bimbos.  Like him or not, in today's world Walter Cronkite could not get a job in a network mailroom.


The women also erred by thinking that since they love being on TV so much, everyone else wants as much air time as possible.  They failed to realize Scheuer couldn't care less if he's ever on TV again, so he has no reason to play nice.  This clip will forever appear on these women's resume, though botox and aerobics might keep them employed another year or two until.  I'll go out on a limb, though, and predict neither will spend her declining years on the faculty of the Columbia School of Journalism.


On another matter, the careful observer out there might see that there is a definite schism developing in the country between the CIA and the PTB.  From Scheuer to Ray McGovern to Bob Baer we have evidence of a new CIA, tired of being the whipping boy for failed administrations and their preconceived views, and tired of seeing the US go down destructive and costly---financial, political and human---paths.  It is beginning to look like one side of the debate is the Executive Branch and Legislative Branch, joined by the banksters, Neocons, AIPAC, MIC and MSM vs. the other side with long suffering taxpayers and real patriots.  Interesting times.  Another of these Scheuer-type outbursts and I see the big budget cut in Obama's second term as being Scheuer's old employer.

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These girls make far more sense if you turn the sound off and imagine they're talking dirty...

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Thanks for that pointer ... I would have missed it. I mostly agree with him and have answered him there.

I doubt that the CIA will get any budget cuts though ... they serve two masters equally: the Rockefeller/neocons oil and arms group and the Rothschild/aristocrats drug trafficking group. Both arms of TPTB make lots of money.

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The first point is funny. It is about ego, not women. Women in this regard are not different indeed.

People convincing themselves that they were hired because of their proficiencies alone are legion. Even though their behaviour, when the other factors involved in their hiring are endangered, show that they are aware of the other factors.

Cheap shot indeed at gender equality as it is all about ego.

The longing for truth is dead with the inception of the US. The US is one nation that started on universal notions and has since then being involved in fabricating a mythology to hide that their history is the contraction of the universal notions they said to promote.

This said, and contrary to what the poster suggests, those two women can be very well aware that they are propagandists, as journalism in the US, due to History, has always been about propaganda. In the US, it has always about explaining how slavery could be when the motto was that freedom is a human right. It has always been about covering for land grabbing when property is a human right.

Those women are two fine examples of US citizens. Who know if they are not aware of what they are? Everything shows that US citizens are duplicitous, not ignorant. Look, voice, etc all matter for a propagandist who use them as a way to divert from facts. These women might perfectly know they are propagandists and know why they were hired.

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OT, but I think the most competent woman on business TV is that rather frumpy woman who reports from the DAX in Germany on CNBC Europe.

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It's an open secret that those who fight for the people (such as Paul Wellstone) shouldn't get on small planes.

And remember how crabs ate the bodies from KAL007?  Must have been pretty hungry, because they ate all the bones and luggage too.  Maybe when patriots sack Area 51 during the revolution, they will find that the passengers of KAL007 and AA77 were used as hosts for alien larvae.

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Charles McKee is the Key to Lockerbie.


McKee, a DIA fella who actually cared about CIA drug dealing, who had the proof,  and was going to do something about it.  Mckee's stuff was the first stuff to disappear when the American Agents got on the scene. Some folks say it was raining heroin and cash that day.


It had been intended for 103 to splash down into the sea. Funny how fate sometimes intervenes to "unlock" the truth!

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I suspect the Swedes need to battle test their fancy n-th generation fighter jets, for their military industry to be able to sell any more. And what better opportunity than politically protected UN and against an oil producer with already wrecked antiair defenses.

Funny thing is, I really don't see the smart idea in US going after all their MENA allies and giving the Moslem fundamentalist fighters yet another leg up, unless it's to jerk up oil... that and all other reasons I can come up call for tinfoil, not just hat but full body suit, and completely wallpapering my flat to boot.

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what's-her-name in the yellow blouse looks just FANTASTIC!  Like a spring tulip opening to meet her first spring rain...

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whoever junked me must be gay.  not that there's anything wrong with that.

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yeah there is something wrong with it- it's disgusting.

But that dumb bitch in the black dress really sure was a watercarrier for the administration; her bias was totally obvious

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She's a watercarrier so the administration is well hydrated to give them golden showers all day.

We'll just call it Golden Shower Journalism


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they can do shit like this:


but nothing can stop an idea whose time has come

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too bad jonny bravo's cover was blown.  we miss him.  cint com shud hire better trolls

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cint com shud hire better trolls...

dang dogbreath that is fookin' priceless...

and water buckets to feed admin pissing in their hair (both hairs)...

but we not need Oil in first place kimosabe if we did not get lawyers to sue Tesla in 1912 for JPMoron who owned boatload of Oil Shares. Back then u had real stock cert.s so must of been boatload.

Tesla figured out how to get electricity out of the air. You remember lightning don't you?

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Tesla had given us free electricity. 1.8 million Gigawatt Hours per hour of pure electricity is floating right over our heads and we use exactly Zero Hedge fucking Watts of it? ARE WE ALL STUPID FUKIN SHEEP FOR LETTING THE EXPERTS TELL US IF WE USE FREE ELECTRICITY IT MIGHT KILL US?

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Google free book: Red Mafiya or Jewish Mafiya by Robert Friedman


lets see this proves,, and is run by Jew Mafiya if this book had to be given away.

go fig..

What is real scarey, is how fukin worthless this proves all the NSA wiretapping our asses has been for the last 30 years. This kinda even implicates the USA intel agencies as being in on the take maybe by kikbaks and so the USAF can corner the Afghan heroin runs without gettin kilt by Mafiya.


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The media is in love with the idea of Obama like the wife who is in love with the idea that her abusing husband is going to change.

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Why yes, that deeply misogynist and bigoted asshole, trav7777 is right. What's there not to take seriously from such insightful commentary? /sarcasm off


Your bias is totally obvious, too.

You've got nothing to offer. So the guy who hates women and his ilk think the U.S. is acting as an imperialist power. So what? You going to do your part to fight for justice? Where are you going to start? by demeaning more women? blacks? jews?

Why don't you start the Hypocritical Scumbags League. I'll knit you a fucking a cape.

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Its not the stuffed sweaters and various sock puppets, its the unseen "producers" on these shows that are the real water carrying snakes.

Everyone wants to be on TV.  Its the producer and their particular marching orders Bush/Obama/AIPAC that FRAMES the so called debate and produces the appearance of a news-cycle's critical thinking.  Those gals (and Anderson Cooper/Glen Beck/Bill O'Reilly) all have ear pieces in their heads to take orders.

The credits never really roll at the end of a broadcast, so you might as well have gotten your snewz from Joe Stalin or The Institute.

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and she did not use sex to get her TV gig

Kayman's picture

CNN's version of a Reporter.

The PURPORTER.  Don't confuse me with facts.  Hey, that's not in my script.

The body language of these 2 nitwits was palpable.

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It is telling me that there is a strong opposition to the America ruling zionist-bankster elite policies outside of zionist controlled & paid servants. These reckless and dangerous policies are destroying and ruining America and its people.

Don't forget that both Tunisia and Egyptian revolutions started from small sparks that fell on a very fertile ground. America may be not to far behind.


Michael's picture

Seeing to how the Afghan Muslims are reacting to the Quran burning in Florida, we should organize nationwide Quran burnings to enrage the Muslins even more. This will act as a way to end the illegal occupation of Afghanistan by making it more difficult for Americans to be invading Muslim countries. All who oppose the illegal bankrupting Zionist wars should deploy this strategy.

Head for the Hills's picture

That's awesome.  Incite the Muslims so more American military people get killed in Afghanistan.  Then you could go to the airport and spit on them as they come home too.  Maybe if we are so lucky, one of them will tear your head off.

trav7777's picture

how about get our troops the fuck out of there?

slewie the pi-rat's picture



"...i 2nd that eMOtion..."

Michael's picture

War was never meant to be a cakewalk assignment. If thousands of soldiers have to get killed doing their job for the Zionist occupied government then so be it. Maybe if thousands of our soldiers start getting killed in Afghanistan they will end that stupid war and save me that tax payer hundreds of billions of dollars. It's not about soldiers lives I care about, it's about my money and my country going bankrupt.

assembler's picture

Just have to make it about Israel, don't ya? Just can't resist. Antisemitism is a powerful aphrodisiac for the likes of you.

Michael's picture

It's not about Semites as they are not Semites. Semites are not Zionists. It's a shame you don't have a high enough IQ to understand  the difference.

disabledvet's picture

and i do deplore i mean deploy--what was it again i was suppose to think?

Maniac Researcher's picture

Michael, do you pull the covers over your head at night hiding from Zionists? Pics or didn't happen.

Michael's picture

If you had any idea what the Zionists are doing to our country, you would be scared of them too. Look what they did to our monetary system and got us into all those wars for Israel. I just thank God for the bankruptcy of the USA that will make the horror end.

Maniac Researcher's picture

Yes, Michael...the apocalypse will [always] be coming soon in order to save you from your impotence. Please Michael -- make no effort to educate yourself, act constructively, or take any action to improve the world now.

With the collapse coming, your only mission is to bathe your mind in the comforting waters of poorly-conceived conspiracy theories. That way, you'll have plenty of short cuts to that easily digested black and white world of good guys and bad guys as you wait for your destiny. is so much easier to understand the world in terms of nebulous, monolithic enemies like "Zionists." Just like comic books, they have a perceptible form and intent. Your world is a comic book, Michael. A poorly written one with no sense of humor.

Maniac Researcher's picture

Pics or it didn't happen, Michael. I want to see you cowering under a blanket, jumping at every sound - waiting for the Zionist black helicopters that have surely come to take you away.

They know you know too much Michael. You must grasp your blankets tightly, rocking back and forth. Wipe all images of Stars of David and menorahs from your mind! They can read your thoughts! Were those hash browns you ate for dinner potato pancakes or latkes? Shit! wash your mouth out, for the ZOG machine can smell them. Did you accidentally eat a kosher hotdog at the game recently? They can detect that, too! Turn the Seinfeld off!

Only by sitting motionless in your bed, clutching your Alex Jones-issued survival teddy bear, are you sure to survive the nearing Zionist apocalypse. Please supply photos of you cowering in fear for my desk. Thanks.

lincolnsteffens's picture

Ooooo, you're better at this than I am.

Don't you know Michael's worst fear is the joos will come for him and (if the he is capable of procreation) his wife and children. He is convinced joos will make him watch while they drink the blood of his children and defile his wife, all while chanting  ancient prayers to the underworld to destroy all disbelievers.

Hey, that gives me an idea. I think I could write a book on that theme. I'll give my book an intriguing title like "Protocols of Zion". I'll bet I could sell a ton if I claimed it was a true story. Bitchez!!

Rodent Freikorps's picture

I do think the whole Protocols thing is bullshit, but explain why Jews always vote for, and fund the people most likely to put them in cattle cars?

Why can they not learn from history?

Maniac Researcher's picture

Wow - that was a cleverly conceived historical assessment, Rodent. You come up with that all on your own? Please make us aware of the document that explains how Jews, as a group that acts with one mind, attains a perfect cohesion in their voting paterns. Actually, I'd like to see you cite any document about any group that votes that consistently over time. Obviously Rodent has much to learn from history.

Too bad your the complete idiocy stands in the way of your education in history.

I'm sure you're just bursting with knowledge about the Freikorps as well. It would be amusing to hear you try to justify your nostalgia for that name after learning about their defence of the SPD leftists and *gasp* Jews. Dumbass.


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Do you have anything positive to contribute, or are you here solely to belittle and demean?

Michael's picture

Are you freaking me MR? I've been cultivating the complete and total economic collapse of the USA since of the early days of the Dot-Com bubble. I massaged the housing bubble egging it on to stratospheric heights getting it as big as I could till it collapsed under it's own weight. Now I am encouraging the massive printing of money by the Federal Reserve Corporation that will end in dollar destruction. You see there is a method to my madness. By playing with the egos of the so called expert economists who think they know best and those that occupy the highest positions of power, my bloging and my mind made those in power go full tilt to do what they did. I love when a plan comes together. It's all on automatic now. Bring on my final phase of the complete and total economic collapse. Yeah Baby!

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Maniac Researcher wields a poison pen, but that is his only talent. Pity him.