Former Goldman Trader Blows Up Morgan Stanley Rates Desk With Breakevens Bet Gone Horribly Wrong

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Moron Stanley gets burned again. But uncle telemprompter will make sure the taxpayers pick up the tab.

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It's a sad state of economics, if the only thing necessary to fix things, is unregulated capitalism.

(I don't believe in unregulared capitalism, and in the longterm consider it critically flawed. Which is why i consider the state of things in realy bad shape, when even a fundamentally flawed economic model, would result in more efficient handling of things, than the current model..... in other words, intellectually, we've hit rock-bottom: Literarily everything performs better, than the current shit: it doesn't matter if you argue for communism as it's ideal is defined, it doesn't matter if you argue for capitalism as it's ideal is defined. It doesn't matter if you argue for socialism at it's ideally defined... all those models are better than what we have now)

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Unregulated capitalism does not exist. Where there are politicians there are regulations.

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How can it exist?  If you've got a government protecting property rights, you've got force (whether you consider it violent or coercive) regulating markets.

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It exists right now in the bitcoin market. I'm not participating, myself. But it is absolutely fascinating to watch it develop. You've got everything repeating in the bitcoin markets, that we've been through with the standard exchanges. If you're familiar at all with economic or financial history, you'll recognize the past immediately.

It's very, very amusing to watch. And it's completely, totally unregulated at present. That's in the process of changing. But if you want to see pure, unregulated capitalism at work, check it out.

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but its okay, really, they were just trying to do what goldman did, can you blame them?

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Well thank goodness they are too big to fail.

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06-28 15:39: Market talk that both JP Morgan (JPM) and Goldman Sachs (GS) suffered heavy commodity trading related losses in June


Is this some kind of ploy to lessen the anger had sheeple ever discovered GS & JPM literally create/control the commodity markets and can profit at will, perpetually, should they wish?

I can see the slogan now:

Obama/Biden 2012:  Just Remember that Goldman Sachs & JP Morgan lost money in June of 2011, and that was at a time when we were bringing in that Hope & Change, bitchez!

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The Turd speaks -- eloquently.

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Still time to salvage your end-of-year bonuses boys. Put your back into those oars and ROW!

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Hi, CD. Long time no talk. How ya been?

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Where You been, Turd?

Have You seen My buddy Kanellos around here anywhere?

Gold fur, smoke and fire; -You can't miss him.

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first howie hubler, now this. 

MS are a bunch of incompetent fools. does anyone there know how to do anything right????

f#ck em, close that sh#t-shop down.


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Some one tell me how gambling money on the spread between 5 year inflation expectations and 30 year is adding value at all. What the fuck are these rates even based on? Some government manipulated CPI number? These squids need to find some actual value to add to society instead of plundering it with their pointless interest rate bets and other arcane financial bets.

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One can't just sit there. One has to DO something. All the time. How else can one get justified getting paid?

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Well, at least some of the time, one man's speculation is counterparty to another man's insurance.

What are you doing about your inflation expectations?

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Dumping fiat and hoarding bullion and food and guns and bullets. The latter two will come in handy gunning down snake investment bankers when TSHTF

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I figure I don't need the bullion, just the guns and bullets. By the time we will actually need to have the PM there will be too few people that have them to make any real market for them, and the people who have the stuff I would want would just as easily - if not more easily - hand it over facing the wrong end of the barrel than a fist full of coins. 

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Anybody who has metal has lead to go with it. Those who spill blood will have theirs spilled.

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+ 1,000,000.

This is a core issue.  A phantom financial economy has replaced a real economy. 

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(once again, Goldman offloads its liability on unsuspecting counterparty.)

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Or perhaps something a little more devious, like active infiltration and financial sabotage?

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is that a double-reverse repo chart?

with a half twist?

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So what's gonna happen with TIPS if this CPI re-calc talk gains traction?

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Is that really called the MSBLOW U index??

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this is going to make it that much harder to have a perfect trading quarter

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Gee, what they should have done is swap the trade for some greek 50 year zero coupom bonds - then flipped them to the ECB collateral facility - and then reported everything as a profit for bonus purposes. WTF. What's wrong with these people?

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you really do work on the Street, don't you?

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 fascinating post. the professionals at these trading desks are naive. The post-modern, or post regulation, world of creative financing is fragile and unstable. Another snapshot of the workings of a machine of futility, fueled by greed and human folly; I'll certainly buy more popcorn and stay tuned to Zero Hedge. I wonder what the big bazoomba will be; and when ? 

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MS isn't on the short list of prop desks that get the memos ahead of time, I guess. Must not have paid their tribute.

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Whether or not Moron Stanley's interest rate rectum gazing adds value or not, as long as I don't have to pay for it, I couldn't care less (except for the entertainment value).

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These guys/gals are fucking PARASITES.

They produce nothing.

And are fucking scum.

When are these people going to get a real fucking job.???

You know...Build something ,Bake something ,grow something....even if it's fucking dope....GET A FUCKING REAL JOB......

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Sorry, but in today's "gadget" world, flipping electronic digits could easily morph into a national pastime.  And manufacturing of OTC derivatives remains the biggest export industry for the U.S.

My prediction is that 60% of the working population in the U.S. will eventually be engaged in gaming stocks or bit-coins for a living.

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Probably the reason why stocks crashed.

Because "wrong way" bets placed on bonds, ergo, the huge bond rally which spooked too many equity players into selling.

Now bonds are starting to crash and that will cause a mini-panic to buy stocks (note how so many high growth consumer name have gone totally vertical the last 5 trading days).

So while you guys are laughing your asses off at MS and GS at their misfortune, the unwinding of this "mistake" might actually cause many bear positions in stocks to get destroyed in a mini-meltup.

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Whatever, Pigman groupie. 

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Ahh, this was set up,  Hadden gets a promotion when he quietly returns to GS  stationed in Asia!  GS killed Lehman, and now, why not MS, bit by bloody bit.  You see, it is not the relatively small sum involved, what kills is the BAD PUBLICITY!

Death to all enemies of the GS empire!!!(Lloyd actually peed on the carpet in the Oval Office when he visited the Wiz)

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probably MS is the only US bank having trading losses because John told Geithner to fuck off

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Transfer the wealth that Goldman Sachs had stolen, I like it.

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I am sure the Goldman Sachs have got many more time bombs and they are larger too.

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Squid double agents.

So do you think someone will start to take notice? That is to say when they see Goldman Sachs on someone's resume . . .

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Aye, time honored tradition among investment banks.