Former S.A.C. "Portfolio Manager" Ron Insana Is Back... And He Appears To Be Pissed

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i have yet to see ron insana right about anything

Didn't his hedge fund fail once or twice.

Do the opposite of what he does.

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porky pig also.

I remember how much he hated Ted David back in the day, not sure why but he seemed obsessed with it.

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Ted david got fed up w/ the wall street bankster crap and went to work on his tan.

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here is a quote from Ted David about CNBS


“In the beginning, it was very forthright and honest. Unfortunately, these networks decided [toward the end of my tenure] to start taking a position that it’s good for the markets to go up and bad for the markets to go down,” David reflected. “… People started putting on pom-poms and became cheerleaders, rooting for the market to go up... and looking wan and dejected when it was down. That’s not the way to cover news, as far as I’m concerned.”

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That's beautiful. My lips are quivering. I think it's why Ted's mother didn't name him Jones.

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Ron is the Suze Orman of hedge fund managers.

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Saw Ted shopping at Stew Leonard's in Norwalk a while back.  The tan preceeded him.

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Not fair to Mr. Devito! He is trying to be funny.

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more delightful joo comedians covering for their murderous sect.

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Wife thinks he looks like Morocco Mole...


And yes this would mean that back in the day Joe Kernen was Secret Squirrel.

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Ron fears a world where he will be judged solely based upon performance.

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.. or one in which we apply critical thought:


  • Third-quarter GDP stood at a record 14.7 trillion, eclipsing the peak hit in the third quarter of 2008.

(Thanks only to unsustainable deficit spending).

  • Retail and food sales, which surged 5.5 percent over the holidays, now stand at1.12 trillion, according to the Commerce Department -- just under the1.17 trillion peak hit in the 4th quarter of 2007.

(Increasing food sales in nominal dollar terms is nothing other than a very bad omen.  This is not a measure of consumption.  It is a measure of consumer price inflation on staples.  Witness the global food riots: ).

  • Consumers have driven down indebtedness, and added to their savings. The savings rate has jumped to 5.3 percent, while household debt-service burdens have been cut by228 billion.

(So wait... is consumer spending good?  Or is consumer saving good?  I'm so confused.   I dare you to clarify the difference between a "decrease in household debt-service" and "credit collapse".    Because a credit collapse is both deflationary and antithetical to "recovery").

  • Auto sales are running at a 12.5-million-unit rate which, while below the 17-million-unit peak at the height of the economic recovery, is still three million more vehicles being sold than at the trough of the recession.

("Yes, we're up to our necks in warm shit.  But this shit could smell worse")

  • Household net worth, after collapsing by a staggering17.5 trillion from 2007-2009, has rebounded sharply in the last several quarters... by nearly6 trillion, not a trivial sum. It remains well below its historic highs, but has improved significantly and likely will continue to improve over the next several years.

(So we were down a cataclysmic $17.5T, and now we're back up a measly $6T.   So since 2007 we're down a devastating $11.5 trillion, and only back up slightly because of a historically unpredented increase in national debt, and debasement of the currency.    In total, US household net worth is down a crippling average of $2.875 trillion per year over the past 4 years.  What's your point again?  That economies don't move in straight lines?)


I'm feeling slightly embarrased for Ron.  He should go and spend some time in the country.


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Bangladeshi police have used tear gas and water cannon against angry investors after the stock market incurred huge losses.

Trading on the Dhaka Stock Exchange index was halted after it fell by 660 points, or 9.25%, in less than an hour.

It was the biggest one-day fall in its 55-year history.

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Bangladesh stocks rise after fall prompts protests

Many investors in the Bangladesh's Dhaka and Chittagong exchanges are individuals with modest means who have taken out large loans to invest in shares to improve living standards.

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That gain in third quarter GDP is also measured in that funny little worthless paper green thing called the US dollar. How much has the dollar devalued over that year that pop-pom Ron in referring too?

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This cunt was recently the keynote speaker at the event for the American Bankers Association at the Waldorf Astoria.  I could have found a way in to hearing him speak but I chose to stay at work and thrust a small pen knife repeatedly into my inner thigh.  It was much less painless than listening to this cunt speak.


I apologize to all of the cunts I may have offended.  "Keynote speaker"!  What the fuck? 

rosiescenario's picture you enjoyed the movie "Secretary"?????

WestVillageIdiot's picture

Was that the porno with the double-jointed midget that did shorthand using her anus?  If not, then I am not familiar with it.

goldmiddelfinger's picture

I enjoyed the movie. No one alive can pronounce the actress' name

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Maggie...pronounced "MA-gee."  But you have to know her.  If you don't, try "Ms. Jake's sister."  I'm sure that'll go over great.

But forget the kids and check out dad's movie w/Billy Bob and Hank.  Well worth it.

It's the only film of its type of the past 30 years, at least.

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True that, although I humbly suggest that let this cunt speak for all its worth, as it is virtually impossible to find a contrarian indicator better than Ronnie Insaneana.

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The Internet and the blogosphere are responsible for undoing decades and decades of social engineering within a matter of a few short years. This is why the control freaks and our overlords hate the Internet so much. I am enjoying watching it happen in real time. Making control freaks and overlords heads explode is my favorite pastime.

Someone should do a comprehensive article on this topic.

TruthInSunshine's picture

The Internet and the blogosphere are responsible for undoing decades and decades of social engineering within a matter of a few short years. This is why the control freaks and our overlords hate the Internet so much.


It's true.

They will try to negate truly unrestricted expression and communication on the internet, as it is the only true threat to their web of deception and propaganda, and it's something they never envisioned or foresaw, in all of their planning/strategy/thinktank sessions.

In fact, how many tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, or even millions of people would have known what POMO, QE, TALF, TARP, Maiden Lane or Fractional Reserve Banking are, or who William Dudley, Brian Sacks, Steven Cohen, Blythe Masters, Max Keiser, Jim Sinclair or a plethora of other people are, without the truly democratic technology of nearly unfettered freedom of expression, speech and debate found on the internet, where people thousands of miles apart can communicate in real time?

They will try to shut it down or to restrict it heavily.

Guard it with zeal, protect it and safeguard it: If it is allowed to be restricted in any meaningful way, chances of obtaining real knowledge and truth about particularly critical things and events will be lost forever.

This development is a tool of the upmost importance. They will try with all their might to destroy it, in order to preserve their corrupt oligarchy.

Michael's picture

"and it's something they never envisioned or foresaw, in all of their planning/strategy/thinktank sessions."

Very perceptive of you. They never saw it coming, ever.

I like to think about all the money they invested in buying up every major news agency in the world to spread their propaganda, and watching all that investment being rendered worthless by the Internet and the blogosphere.

Amschel's picture

Thats why we see the God Damn government hate-speeching the intranetz,Wikileaks false flag terror and stux net virus and all the other false-flag crud,trying to legislate the net,and create internet 2.If theres no internet,you will never get any real information or news,let alone Max Keiser or Alex Jones,etc.If this gets passed,I (and all free men)must  hope there will be an underground internet.

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Max Keiser -- who is he?  Superficially he appears to be a commentator on a Russian TV channel who promotes the financial collapse of the USA.  Not that it needs promoting, but who is the guy?

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Michael & TruthinSunshine -

Very well said and completely true.  They think they have won again and have control.

This time they are wrong....


EPIC FAILURE is at hand..........

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This is a red pill, blue pill situation.

The potency of the potion inside the pills have a fundamental impact on "reality" for the person taking it.

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If he's posting at Huff Po he has a political agenda and that would be to cheerlead the economy, irrespective of the facts, that is represented by the Democrat White House

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Huff Po has been linked to George Soros, the Rothchilds' errand boy.


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He has failed by himself twice, I think.  He is desperate for a Job anyswhere since he left CNBC who says: No Thanks.


Michael's picture

Why the Method for Figuring the Unemployment Rate Was Changed
Bill Clinton was interested in legacies early on in his presidency. By changing the official unemployment formula to sweep away the so called discouraged workers, he attained a record low unemployment level not seen in decades. The reason for his changing the official unemployment calculation formula had a lot to do with “the economy stupid,” as he was fond of saying. He wanted the numbers to look better than they actually were.

Bill Clinton's other atrocities include;
Signing NAFTA
Repeal of Glass-Steagall
Executive Orders mandating Agenda 21 (Sustainable Development)
Al Gore

And they love him for it. I don't get it.

Bob's picture

Really, you do Bill an injustice to omit his initiation of the Extraordinary Rendition program, Michael.

WestVillageIdiot's picture

Give the guy a break.  If you lived with Hillary for 30 years you would be doing some freaky shit, too. 

goldmiddelfinger's picture

So for that he lusted for Kathleen Willey?

MachoMan's picture

Because of this contingency, I specifically forbade myself to choose a wife from lawschool. 

Rogerwilco's picture

Don't forget Waco and Rwanda, his deft handling of those two dot the i and cross the t.

Michael's picture

"Fortunately, Bill Clinton had the courage to defy the United Nations in 1995 and act to bomb the Bosnian Serbs (with NATO cooperation and sponsorship). Then he had the foresight to send in U.S. peacekeeping forces, a deeply unpopular step."

All we know how to do is bomb the shit out of them. And you wonder why the rest of the world hates us.

rocker's picture

Your insight on this point is very welcomed by myself.

knukles's picture

He refused to sign the international treaty banning the manufacture and deployment of anti-personnel landmines, joining a handful of co-relations such as N. Korea and Iran. 
In fact, he even "recieved" the resignations of several of the JCoStaff subsequent to them taking the position favoring said treaty.

But repealing Glass-Stegal takes the cake. 

goldmiddelfinger's picture

No Marc Rich takes the cake-literally.

fredquimby's picture

A friend of mine & his wife had dinner at his house a while back....along with 4 armed guards in the dining room....Guess you can't trust your neighbours these days eh!

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"sweep away the so called discouraged workers"

297K in this reporting period - that's how they got the 0.4% 'improvement'

go to for real economic numbers - current unemployment is about 22% using the methdology that was in place prior to all the manipulation done by Bill and others