Fort Knox U.S. Gold Reserves to be Independently Audited and Assayed? Congressman Ron Paul Pressures U.S. Treasury

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Bollocks. I've seen this headline before. This circus of "Will we or won't we audit" has been going on since probably 1974. 

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I don't see how any good comes out of it.  If they do 'compromise' it will be a government audit and a 5 minute press conference with a select few MSM cameras pointing at a one bar thick wall of gold-plated tungsten.  Then the networks will spend a whole week trying to destroy Ron Paul's crediblity.


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Damned if they do, damned if they don't. That describes the world so perfectly right now.

The televised showing of 8000 tonnes of gold plated tungsten will have other effects too. None of them too good for the goldbugs and doomers, until the next crisis. 

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They just need to put a nanny-cam in the vault.


Problem solved.


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Well then they could rig it like on Speed. Better hope that damn lady doesn't move her purse again...

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Timmy likes to call it a satchel.  

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Damned if they do, damned if they don't. That describes the world so perfectly right now.


Yep, US citizenism at best. No different from WMDs in Iraq as the mad man Saddam Hussein was urged to prove he had not WMDs when he had none.

Just as US citizens wanted the mad man to have WMDs, they want the vaults to be empty. No result can change that.


US citizens nature is eternal.

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if the vaults were full, then a dollar revaluation to gold standard based on holdings could make goldbugs immensely wealthy sans confiscation. if's it's empty, then that's a whole nother issue.

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Goldbugs and Doomers, nice to place fiscally responsible investors who prefer a monetary metal with a 5,000 year history in the same boat as doomers.  Some of us just want to preserve our wealth, get it?

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Goldbugs and doomers - I include myself in that category, get it? Prat.

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Ron is going up against a corrupt US Gov that will do anything to protect the $ reserve status.

At best Ron will face a similar outcome to the Trump/Birth certificate fiasco.

The US Gov will fake what it needs to fake to prove their stance and silence opposition.

Trump was silly enough to ask the US Gov to provide a document that a division of the US Gov can replicate/fake at will.

If Ron continues to pursue this, he may eventually get what he's asking for, but the curtain will open, a big show will be put on, the assayed results will be faked and he will be marginalized and forced to withdraw like Trump.

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The only good thing is that if he takes a head shot at some point, he is close to the end of his life anyway, so atleast he has lived...a little bit of him probably wants to die if you ask me, people go like that eventually, its kinda sad.

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"Trump was silly enough to ask the US Gov to provide a document that a division of the US Gov can replicate/fake at will."

That being the case why did O'bummer post a fraudulent document on the website?  And why did MSM inexplicably & mysteriously drop the entire matter?

Obama Birth Certificate Faked In Adobe Illustrator - Official Proof 1 ( Layers )

Obama Birth Certificate Faked In Adobe Illustrator - Official Proof 2 ( Optimizing )

Obama Birth Certificate Faked In Adobe Illustrator - Official Proof 3 ( Short Form )

Obama Birth Certificate Faked In Adobe Illustrator - Official Proof 4 ( OCR / Optimizing ) 

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carnival barking idiot!  

You, nor the producer of those videos, haven't the slightest clue how Adobe Illustrator separates text from its background or how OCR works.

Even Faux News - who has been trumpeting the "birther" movement from its inception - has suddenly tried to smoke bomb their own pumping of the birth certificate story by discrediting this bullshit Adobe scandal. For the past two years, Faux News was nothing but the National Enquirer by proxy for the Tea Party, and now, suddenly, they treat the birther story like it's kryptonite. Not even the super-morons like Glenn Beck will touch it, and he's the biggest court jester the media has ever created.

If this Adobe scandal had any legitimacy, don't you think Donald Trump would have latched onto it in an attempt to reattach his face after Obama ripped it off? If it were true, don't you think Fat Ass Limbaugh would find time to pump this Adobe story in between ripping lines of oxy?

Don't be a carnival barker. 


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Now, I don't know how OCR works. Consequently, I have no idea who is right. However, I can say, with logic on my side, that absolutely nothing you say in your rant is relevant or supports your argument. Every statement is the use of heresay to create the illusion of support.

Don't be a carnival barker.

Further, the fact that this hospital did not exist as named in 1961 and Kenya did not become a country until 1963 are much more important problems with the document. Go back to the WH will ya?


Libertarians for Prosperity's picture

That's why I provided the link, you dipshit! Obviously you didn't read it. 

In it, Faux News interviews an expert who discredits the entire Adobe scandal. Are you trying to tell me that you'd believe my words over his?

For Faux News - the universal hub of anti-Obama propaganda - to suddenly back peddle away from the "birther" movement speaks volumes on the lunacy of the subject matter, and is far more convincing than a boring tutorial on OCR for those who know nothing about it and would never know if I'm telling the truth or not.

Besides, why would I ever want to explain how OCR works to a faux-philosopher who prefers to argue that mathematics and physics isn't factual?

I can't even imagine where I'd begin the OCR tutorial with you. I'd probably have to start at the big bang.  And then you'd attempt to discredit OCR .000000000001 seconds later. 







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I found the link before your comment and watched it. Like I said, I don't know enough to believe either one, which is why I made no conclusion. 

Faux news is owned by Murdock, a well known Bilderberger insider. If you are truly fooled by the game played there, you need serious help.

As you never participated in that discussion, I find it interesting you would have it ready to quote. I find it just as interesting that you neither refute my points above nor the ones in the previous posts. You merely attempt to slander through association.

Did you forget which avatar you're trolling under?

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I don't know enough to believe either one, which is why I made no conclusion....

For someone who doesn't think math or physics is factual, there is NO DOUBT IN MY MIND that you don't believe much of anything, regardless of merit, facts or who posts it. 

If you can tell me that you're reasonably sure gravity exists, I might consider pursuing this with you, otherwise this is just another knife fight with a hemophiliac.  No doubt, you're the first person on Earth who would carnival bark outside the math department at CalTech.  Next day's newspaper headline in Pasadena:  Philosopher goes Nuts!  Cognito Ergo Sum leads to doubt whether 2+2=4.

By the way, the fact that you said you "found the link...and watched it" proves you didn't click the link, at all.  It wasn't a video. It was an article - something one reads. You assumed that since I said Faux News, it must have been a video segment of some sort. 

Winning rules!  LOL

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I watched the link from the actual debunker. It is a video. I prefer my information "unfiltered". Like I said above, you continue to NOT answer my comments. Are you incapable?

If you can read for comprehension, you will see I never questioned whether gravity exists. Why do you lie? Are you intellectually challenged? I mean, that would explain alot. The algebraic proof  that one plus one does NOT equal two is well known. The example illustrates that when used inappropriately, all "laws" can be abused for the purpose of getting a desired result. Which was the point of the discussion.

I apologize if you stumbled into a discussion beyond your ability to participate and were left angry and confused. However, I think your anger may be misplaced. If your mother hadn't slept with a neanderthal, perhaps you could get up to speed.

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The algebraic proof  that one plus one does NOT equal two is well known....

Yeah, right.  p=>q is always true when p is false.  

You can believe whatever you want; you can choose to wrap your brain around mind-bending mathematical red herrings, but you'll never get an airplane off the ground using it.  Similarly, you'll always live in a deep fog if you filter your reality through false paradigms.  That applies to everything in life from airplanes in the sky to politicians on soapboxes to m/puppets in the media. Personally, I don't want to debate reality or facts with someone who get tripped up with 1+1=2.

Believe whatever you want.  It's your mind, and you're free to pollute it however you wish.


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Thanks for your permission. By the way, you still haven't answered a single question from any of my comments. What's the matter, trolling too difficult for you?

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Libs for Prevarication, with all his disjointed dissimulation and troll gibberish evokes a mental image of Gabby Johnson. 

You remember Gabby: 

Like Mayor Johnson said, "Now who can argue with that ...." 

Hell, who would want to?

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All the article says is that it's probably an unaltered pdf. I'm not exactly sure what that proves other than the theory that the pdf was altered is a little less likely.

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We are screwed when that vault door opens, hellllo? (helllo echo) anybody in here? Holy Sh#@$T , it's all gone. 



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Not going to happen.. It would be the end.. There is little gold left.. It's been stolen.. by.. guess who..

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Not going to happen..

I'll believe it when I I see it.

Mabe not even then.

Keep stackin, this year a snap back in precious metals could be very fast, and of course the presumed sell-off may not happen.

Holding Metals in a Market Selloff


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guess who?  to many name come to mind.

Yes, if the curtains are pulled back and there is a empty stage, the show IS over.  Maybe that is what is needed to get Americans to wake up.

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So, somebody take a SWAG.. If it was proven that the US gold reserves was a file cabinet full of lease agreements, what would happen to the price?

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probably the same thing that happened to silver a few weeks ago. Price will go parabolic and the CME will Raise margins to "curb volatility." I love Dr. Paul, i would gladly lay down my life in defense of what he believes, but i think we all know there is no turning this economy around. 

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They'll find a way to subdue the price within a week but the story would unfold something like this....

Some politician will say that it's a boon that we 'sold' it because we need more credit and liquidity in the markets - not some ancient relic which has no importance in this modern global economy.   Then he or she may add that this proves theyre getting serious about reducing the deficit... starting with this whopping 228 billion sale.  Unfortunately the MSM will cover this story for a total of 2 hours before Charlie Sheen's death takes precedance.  

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Clear case: Osama Bin Laden... hmm no, this one is already killed twice.

Maybe Gaddafi? 

I bet, we find Gaddafi's passport in that vault.

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Well, the Government is always keen to tell us, when hacking back yet another one of our precious and hard won civil liberties, that 'If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear'.

So then, I assume that an audit will be allowed with no objections at all, since clearly there is nothing to hide.

The response of the authorities to Paul's audit push will be as revealing as the audit itself, I should think.

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Gold? We don't need no stinkin gold!

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Never happen. If there exists the amount that Treasury states I'll shit in my hat. That gold is long gone.

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Agreed.  The treasury said it is there; therefore it is, even if it isn't. Does anyone think the treasury and the WH are going to lose that face before anyone?  The gold is there and there will be no assay or audit.

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Old Mother Hubbard more like it.

Won't take long and Paul will be suicided or experience one of those, "oh, the escape slide in the back of the 727 just went off by accident, luck it didn't mess with any flight controls" type moments.


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meanwhile I'd put the US and Germany rather at the end of the country list

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He has been pressing the point since the early 1980s

So... Not very effective then.


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There is a reason they have been avoiding the will reveal substantially more gold than the estimates.

That will be the death blow for all the "Cash for Gold" kiosks.  More unemployment to come.

Just speculating.

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dream on - it will just turn out like Bretton Woods

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Just speculating.

Appreciate you taking the wrong side of all these deals...was wondering where all the loonies were.

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Ok...  and your basis is....

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so the existence of the thesis automatically creates the antithesis...

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I'm sick and tired of the tungsten rumor. Either put up or shut up.

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Isn't that what Ron Paul is trying to do?

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No because if tungsten was delivered you do not need to audit Fort Knox. All you have to do is show someone the bars that were supposedly delivered

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If Tungsten was delivered AND DISCOVERED by the recipient, you can bet that they received full compensation and replacement by the seller with a non-disclosure gagging order too.  Everything will be denied.  Like it never happened.

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I agree but then were does the "rumor" come from...I would propose that they make an announcement and produce the bars if they had real gold. It would hurt the seller and your gold would be worth that much more.

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The thing is, lying does not hurt Amerika any more.