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France Grinds To Literal Halt As Authorities Impose Fuel Consumption Restrictions

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Thu, 10/21/2010 - 12:42 | 667116 EscapeKey
EscapeKey's picture

It's a little known fact, but societies suddenly become richer, just because workers strike, and hence gold plated pension schemes suddenly become affordable. </clavin>

Thu, 10/21/2010 - 13:37 | 667401 hugolp
hugolp's picture

While I dont agree with a lot of what the strikers are demanding, they should go on strike.

Europe is not doing austerity, which is actually a beautiful concept. Europe is spending a lot of money saving the banks while at the same time cutting on social government spending. That has a name, and its not austerity.

The french have all the reasons to go on strike.

Thu, 10/21/2010 - 16:17 | 667976 THE DORK OF CORK
THE DORK OF CORK's picture

Sorry I misread your post and went off the deep end with much profanity.

My deepest apolgies - I am now becoming a deeply  irrational and angry man as the banks rape my country (Ireland) to pay off unpayable debts.

Again my deepest apolgies , I agree completly with your take on this "austerity"

Fri, 10/22/2010 - 04:25 | 669189 hugolp
hugolp's picture

No problem. Another european here (from the south).

I understand. Rage is the only thing left with what they are doing.

I think people should understand what they are really doing and unite. It does not matter if you believe in a small government or you believe that government should try to take care of a lot of things. What is happening now goes against both ideas. We should understand what they are doing and then unite against it.

Thu, 10/21/2010 - 14:45 | 667723 SheepDog-One
SheepDog-One's picture

Yea I agree socialist France has a lot of issues, but at least the people go out and shut down the country and say 'hell no' when the govt tries to curtail them unlike here in america where the clueless spoiled lazy citizens just believe nothing bad can ever happen to them.

Thu, 10/21/2010 - 16:55 | 668136 minus dog
minus dog's picture

I'm sure the French government is rather jealous of that, dreaming of telling their workers to STFU and go back to making cheese.

Thu, 10/21/2010 - 18:18 | 668363 samseau
samseau's picture

Hey man, i know this is off topic, but in another thread you posted:

The government is writing off more than 200k on the principal and interest for my student loan debt (yes, I have a lot of letters after my name, which will probably shock some of you).  Depending on how much I make, my payments may be as low as $10 a month, and after a number of years they just write off the remainder.

I personally could stand to benefit from this..


I'd contact you through email or something, but I don't know any other way to reach you other than through these forums.

Thu, 10/21/2010 - 17:17 | 668207 ConfederateH
ConfederateH's picture

Ever heard of the tea party?  Instead of believing what the cheer leader media says, perhaps you should try to understand what it is about.

Thu, 10/21/2010 - 12:44 | 667122 TheGreatPonzi
TheGreatPonzi's picture

Still living in France, so I give my now habitual update to ZH readers: out of 12,500 fuel stations in the whole French territory, 2,000 were out of fuel the 19th, and 4,000 are now out of fuel.

In the West part of the country, many violent actions have nearly paralyzed the economic activity. France is currently losing about 200 million € per day of strike.

200 persons have blocked fiat paper loadings coming from the Bank of France (Americans should try that with Banana Ben's printing presses).

Strikers have still no intention of giving up, and the unemployed suburbians have nearly destroyed the centreville of several big cities. 

Thousands of factories are now stopping all production.


Thu, 10/21/2010 - 12:47 | 667133 outamyeffinway
outamyeffinway's picture

"200 persons have blocked fiat paper loadings coming from the Bank of France (Americans should try that with Banana Ben's printing presses)."

Try that in America and there would be 200 less Americans.

I say good for France. There's a reason this isn't being shown widely in America.

Thu, 10/21/2010 - 12:53 | 667165 Cognitive Dissonance
Cognitive Dissonance's picture

I say good for France. There's a reason this isn't being shown widely in America.

God forbid the fawning corporate press aka MSM would actually show humans in a state of protest. After all, we know that the only state humans are ever shown on TV is in pre-copulation, copulation and post-copulation. Or shooting, knifing or maiming your former copulator.

Thu, 10/21/2010 - 12:59 | 667190 ZakuKommander
ZakuKommander's picture

"Protests" in America consist of picnics in Washington.  The biggest this year, that Beck thing, featured not one speaker who called upon the audience to stand up to the financial, corporate and military complex of TPTB.  Indeed, more of those protesters were there to profess their love of the oligarchy.  And the counter-rally was no better, missing the point entirely.  Blindness and docility.



Thu, 10/21/2010 - 13:23 | 667313 Cognitive Dissonance
Cognitive Dissonance's picture

.....that Beck thing, featured not one speaker who called upon the audience to stand up to the financial, corporate and military complex of TPTB.

Now how many junks can I rack up if I say that "protesting" in America has turned into just another form a (mutual) masturbation. We shall see.

The trick is to feed into the protesters ego rush that results from "opposing" TPTB without actually challenging the protestor to actually "do" something such as opposing TPTB. What we're really talking about here is a faux state of excitement, where the emotional high received by releasing the endorphins doesn't actually result in potential physical, mental or emotional harm.

If one thinks about this, it is exactly like masturbation. We get all lathered up to the point where we experience release, but with none of the complications of actually dealing with a partner. In fact, this is a wonderful illustration of the modern American life. It's a faux life, complete with the illusion that we are having the time of our lives during those brief periods when we're excused from hamster wheel duty. And from what I can see, those "time out" periods are about to end. 


Thu, 10/21/2010 - 13:28 | 667357 ZakuKommander
ZakuKommander's picture

Hamster wheels, CD? The average American picnicking-protestor is so obese he couldn't do two revolutions in one of those.  Yet another reason we'll never leave our couches for fightin' in the streets.  

Thu, 10/21/2010 - 13:45 | 667433 Kaiser Sousa
Kaiser Sousa's picture

Bro -

i was tripin off the "junking" of ur first post...i really am starting to wonder about some of the natives here at Zero...

Thu, 10/21/2010 - 13:48 | 667450 Cognitive Dissonance
Cognitive Dissonance's picture

I think it's a love / hate thing.

Someone loves to hate me. :>)

Thu, 10/21/2010 - 13:46 | 667441 Dionysus
Dionysus's picture

Sounds a lot like Orwell's Two Minutes' Hate, doesn't it?

Thu, 10/21/2010 - 13:49 | 667455 Cognitive Dissonance
Cognitive Dissonance's picture

It does, now that you mention it.

BTW you're able to last two minutes? :>)

Thu, 10/21/2010 - 15:30 | 667880 MachoMan
MachoMan's picture

sort of...  maybe if we were yelling at china as a currency manipulator or something like that...  I agree we're not yelling at the right thing, given we're confused and yell at entities rather than their principal actors...  but we're closer than goldstein to the problem.

I believe america's system is far more ingenious than even orwell depicted.

Thu, 10/21/2010 - 14:56 | 667767 chet
chet's picture

Protest and the counter-culture have long since been co-opted by Madison Avenue.  Protest is now wearing an obscure brand of jeans, and ironically drinking cheap beer.

Thu, 10/21/2010 - 13:33 | 667375 Conrad Murray
Conrad Murray's picture

You do realize that rally was about religious revival right?  300,000-500,000 paid their way to go to that.  Like Beck or not, he's the only individual in this country so far that has proven able to mobilize a significant number of people.  That "counter rally"(who the hell holds a rally to counter religious unity and common decency amongst people?) was pathetic.  They paid the way for forced union members to attend and this is all they accomplished:


We'll see what Colbert and Stewart can pull off with the backing of the President, Oprah and the HuffPuff lady next weekend.  If they can't get it done with that lineup, forget it.  That'll leave Beck as the sole man in America that can get people moving, for better or worse.

Thu, 10/21/2010 - 13:42 | 667419 ZakuKommander
ZakuKommander's picture

Religious revival, LOL.  Religion is one of the opiates used to distract people from what's being done by the financial, corporate and military complex.  Karl was right on the mark for once.  

And your 300,000-500,000 number is as jacked up as the loaves and fishes thing.  

Denninger, one of the founders of the Tea Party Movement, had a great interview a couple of days ago to explain how the movement's been hijacked.  Here's the current site for his post of 10/20: 




Thu, 10/21/2010 - 14:32 | 667653 Conrad Murray
Conrad Murray's picture

I have no interest in getting in a pissing match over crowd estimates, but to say that 300,00-500,000 was overstated shows a clear lack of knowledge.  Here is an article that explains the estimation method used by the park service up until they stopped(Million Man March):


From Ronald Reagan(3rd red dot from the left) to LBJ(last red dot from the left) there is a difference of 700,000.  That is roughly the same distance as what Beck's following filled in.  Yes the pool takes out all the length, but it is more than made up for by the people off to the sides and under the trees:


I don't see how anoyone could reasonably say that is an inflated estimate.  If anything, it is being conservative.

You have gone from yammering about how a spiritual event didn't have speakers denouncing "the man" so it wasn't a protest(which it was never meant to be), to showing ignorance on the crowd size and slandering religion, to changing the subject entirely to the TEA Party.  Get your shit together man.

Thu, 10/21/2010 - 17:23 | 668227 ConfederateH
ConfederateH's picture

Bravo, Conrad!

Thu, 10/21/2010 - 22:21 | 668818 ZakuKommander
ZakuKommander's picture

See below, Mr. Lost Cause Which Also Claimed God Was On Its Side.

Thu, 10/21/2010 - 22:25 | 668828 ZakuKommander
ZakuKommander's picture

300,000 to 500,000?  With a spread that large you're all but admitting you have no idea.  Now, Conrad, let me hear you refute the scientific analysis to which I linked above.  But Beck and most of his "religious" buddies deny science, anyhow, so you're exused.

Thu, 10/21/2010 - 14:47 | 667734 SheepDog-One
SheepDog-One's picture

Right, Becks minions are moron drones with american flag tshirts, idiots.

Thu, 10/21/2010 - 13:07 | 667233 homersimpson
homersimpson's picture

Damn that's a lot of copulation. Can I have a few 6-packs of those? Thanks..

Thu, 10/21/2010 - 13:10 | 667247 Cognitive Dissonance
Cognitive Dissonance's picture


Sounds like your conditioning is progressing nicely. Another 1000 hours of genuine imitation TV copulation should do it. :>)

Thu, 10/21/2010 - 13:26 | 667346 outamyeffinway
outamyeffinway's picture

LoL!!! Indeed, someone in America is ALWAYS getting fucked!!!

Thu, 10/21/2010 - 14:03 | 667524 lawrence1
lawrence1's picture

Exactly, CD ... we are supposed to consume only, not be political, thus the bread, circuses and

distractions offered by mainstream media.

Thu, 10/21/2010 - 12:55 | 667174 geminiRX
geminiRX's picture

We can't block fiat paper in the US because it is all digital.

Thu, 10/21/2010 - 13:06 | 667227 UGrev
UGrev's picture

I stuck my thumb in the RJ45 port.. eat that Benny!!

Thu, 10/21/2010 - 13:12 | 667260 citationneeded
citationneeded's picture

But did you catch the Wifiiiz and 3Gzzz?

Thu, 10/21/2010 - 18:15 | 668356 A Nanny Moose
A Nanny Moose's picture

Both ends of a patch cable into a network jack will create hours of fun for the unprepared network engineer. Bah, these guys probably have spanning tree, and/or 802.1x running. I would.

After all they are the best and the brightest...right?

Thu, 10/21/2010 - 13:11 | 667257 Dr. No
Dr. No's picture

We cant block fiat paper in the US because there is so much of it!  Ever tried to hold back a freight train?

Thu, 10/21/2010 - 13:09 | 667244 erik
erik's picture

i have to admit i laughed out loud on that one.

i did take a picture of me flipping off the Federal Reserve on my last pass through of DC.  before i even did it, the guards were very uneasy about us even standing on the street out front.  the most important building in DC and nobody was protesting.

Fri, 10/22/2010 - 12:22 | 669886 nedwardkelly
nedwardkelly's picture

"200 persons have blocked fiat paper loadings coming from the Bank of France (Americans should try that with Banana Ben's printing presses)."

Try that in America and there would be 200 less Americans.

I say good for France. There's a reason this isn't being shown widely in America.


Oh but this is America remember, land of 'freedom fries'. According to most yanks the French are a bunch of spineless cowards. Apparently there's at least 200 of them with some balls.

Thu, 10/21/2010 - 12:56 | 667179 belogical
belogical's picture

Thanks for letting us know. 

Tell the French we rescued then in WW2, we could sure use their help in World Economic War 1.

We've been over run by Wall street socialist who have taken over the gov't.

We think President Obama is a hologram or his brain has been sucked out, we're not sure which one.

Send reinforcements, quick  

Thu, 10/21/2010 - 13:14 | 667264 erik
erik's picture

i wish someone would rescue us.  mr. obama is in seattle today, probably staying at the Westin seeing as how i got stuck in random traffic this morning near there.  maybe i'll go have a drink in the bar there and see if he is willing to hear our thoughts.

Thu, 10/21/2010 - 15:53 | 667937 Cpl Hicks
Cpl Hicks's picture

The sun is out and he'll be gone later today.

Life is good.

Thu, 10/21/2010 - 13:23 | 667315 Bob
Bob's picture

I think providing an example of what people (even  those whom we roundly belittle for their pansy-assedness) can do is all we can reasonably expect. 

The rest, my preening American friends, would seem to be left to us.  

Thu, 10/21/2010 - 13:09 | 667240 TBT or not TBT
TBT or not TBT's picture

For clarification for those unfamiliar with France, by "suburbians" (a euphemism) TheGreatPonzi would mean to say mobs of dependent people of largely north african descendance.   The suburbs are shitty in France because governement housing was located there, at the ends of the metropolitan transportation lines.   Today these old "new cities" are no-go areas not only for the police, but also for emergency services trying to render aid unless they go in heavily supported.  Visits by masses of "suburbians" or "youth" and so forth to city centers have routinely resulted in burnings of tens up to hundreds of cars for years now.  Nothing new.

Thu, 10/21/2010 - 13:35 | 667318 Calmyourself
Calmyourself's picture

I was junked for even suggesting this in the last "French" thread.  This is important to understand as part of the dynamic of uprisings in Europe not just France.  Of course, NPR junked me so no problem.

Thu, 10/21/2010 - 13:38 | 667407 TBT or not TBT
TBT or not TBT's picture

I guess we could just quote Angela Merkel from last weekend, who dared to state the somewhat analogous issue in Germany, to wit, that "multiculturalism has failed" in Germany.  

It has failed in France too, in a numerically bigger way, because the numbers are proportionnally much bigger.   %50 "youth" unemployment, conservatively, amongst row after row of socialist style concrete government housing blocks.  A great many of the units have a  satellite dish on the balcony pointed at arab language satellites, not CANALSatellite or whatever.

Thu, 10/21/2010 - 13:45 | 667436 michigan independant
michigan independant's picture

Thank you for the conveyance.

Thu, 10/21/2010 - 14:01 | 667516 marinbelge
marinbelge's picture

In the West part of the country, many violent actions have nearly paralyzed the economic activity. France is currently losing about 200 million € per day of strike

This is not a big figure, mind you.

Strikers have still no intention of giving up, and the unemployed suburbians have nearly destroyed the centreville of several big cities.

This is just not true.

We can understand that the kind of massive demonstration this country is used to can certainly be disconcerting to say the least for an anglo-saxon visitor, even on a long-term assignment.

While we are certainly getting into the difficult zone, I urge ZH members to take the messages by American expats here with a grain of salt. The situation is certainly still better than what the 1995 strikes.

I have not heard that these tough times - 1995 - ever got mentionned in history books. The situation is still under control overall. Of course, at this stage, any provocation, on any side, could trigger dangerous collateral effects.

We are just not there now. No insurrection. French people are angry. Aren't you!



Thu, 10/21/2010 - 17:27 | 668239 Diogenes
Diogenes's picture

My memory tells me 1953 and 1968 were the big riots in Paris. 1953 over the Rosenberg case and 1968 over Vietnam. I just realised both were over American politics so perhaps they are just the ones that were best reported here in Canada.

Thu, 10/21/2010 - 14:48 | 667744 jimcg
jimcg's picture

As the American Sheep silently, and Zombie like, march towards their shearing.

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