Franz Kafka Would Be Proud: On America's End Of Liberty

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"Americans today are constantly watching their speedometers and trying to conform to every little rule yet there are so many rules that it's impossible for even the most honest and hard-working Americans not to be breaking some type of law on a daily basis. We are slaves in a criminal monetary system, where the Federal Reserve steals from the middle class through inflation and transfers this wealth to their banker friends on Wall Street. We are forced to accept pieces of paper of money while the US constitution defined only gold and silver as legal tender...We are now seeing countless signs on a daily basis that the US is headed for a complete societal collapse as we know it, forever."

The government is finally being exposed for being the most systematic abuser of those primal human weaknesses known to Franz Kafka over a hundred year ago: namely - riddle people with guilt, force them to obey countless rules and regulations, many of which are in stark disagreement with each other, keep them preoccupied with superficial lies, provide them with a marginal education, prevent them from thinking for themselves, allow the constant deflection of individual responsibility, provide a society of countless lawyers where any infarction, no matter how minor, serves as the basis for substantial wealth loss, all the while hiding behind a system of increasingly insolvent welfare, whose sole purpose is to validate the destruction of labor product savings, and the devaluation of money. At the center of this nearly 100 year successful wealth transfer plan is none other than the Federal Reserve: a private institution controlled by wealthiest, whose tentacles reach into the government, into the media, and into every classroom (especially those of brainwashed Ivy League students).

As Gerald Celente says, America has become a society where one is guilty until proven innocent. Is it any wonder that nobody respects the constitution any more? MERS fraud, financial collapse, unprecedented political corruption, and not one person found guilty or put in jail...How can one respect what America has become?

Just over two hundred years after America's "independence", the country has reverted to a despotic state, at whose apex is the New Novus Ordo Seculorm, not that envisioned by the founding fathers, but its mutated, freakish descendant, which managed to survive Andrew Jackson's victory over the Second Bank of the United States, and is now controlling everything through the secret and unauditable decisions made in the halls of the Marriner Eccles building, and a stock market which is driven exclusively by the order flow emanating from Liberty 33.

And even as America prepares for yet another theatrical farce of what Democracy has become in the form of the mid-term elections, whose outcome will have no bearing whatsoever on the future of this country, the far more important decision, that virtually no American has any control over, except for a few bankers and a few religious fundamentalists, is the Fed's decision to decisively do away with the reserve currency, appropriately due on the very same day.

We suggest everyone watch the below clip documenting the end of US liberty, and its transition to a state that is everything that those who created America rebelled against.


h/t Robert

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Is that the same Kafka who wrote "The Metamorphosis" ?

This could explain the strange back hair.


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"that virtually no American has any control over, except for a few bankers and a few religious fundamentalists"

What religious fundamentalists would that be?  Oh, I know these:

gwar5's picture

Thanks for the video by the way!

jesse livermoore's picture

this video was prouduced by national inflation association.  I have seen some blog sites label them a scammers running pump and dump schemes. anyone have any thoughts or comments?

flacon's picture

anyone have any thoughts or comments


I do. Where is the evidence that the NIA is pumping and dumping, and WHO is making those accusations? Is the NIA guilty until proven innocent?


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NIA Stock Suggestion June 15th: PDO 

Their profile for PDO is down but they were claiming some serious revenue and cash flow. The order flow that day was rather odd and the crash was not orderly as sellers were taking whatever they could get. 


Unfortunately charlatans will always take a good message and use it for their own advantage but as the saying by the sword, die by the sword. 



merehuman's picture

shoot the messenger? NIA is educating the public to reality and allowing a few of us who dont watch tv to prepare.

Thank you NIA.  And if you lost or won money in the fedlottomarket, FU, you should not be trading with the enemy.

Life is short, too short to live with our heads held down. Man up folks, restore personal honor in your own lives. As a cumulative effect it would sure help.

DarkMath's picture

"NIA is educating the public to reality"

Reality? They didn't mention once in the video why the g'ment might want to shut down milk producers who don't pasteurize. Um, because Pasteurization prevents disease. Some of the diseases that pasteurization can prevent are diphtheria, salmonellosis, strep throat, scarlet fever, listeriosis, brucellosis and typhoid fever. I'm glad the government has the Patriot Act becase they can protect me from wackos like the NIA.

NIA is an elaborate Pump and Dump scheme. I gullibly signed up a this past spring and then got inundated with penny stocks ideas. Hhhmmm, I cancelled my account. A fool and his money are soon parted.

RECISION's picture

I'm glad the government has the Patriot Act becase they can protect me from wackos like the NIA.

And why do you need a Government Patriot Act to protect you from wackos like the NIA?

Are you glad you have the Gubernment protecting you from Banksters too?

DarkMath's picture

"Are you glad you have the Gubernment protecting you from Banksters too?"

Good point. My problem is with everybody. Nobody gets it, NIA, The Tea Party, our Government. From my vantage point both sides of the aisle are way off target.

masterinchancery's picture

A little less protection, PLEASE. Whose business is it what kind of milk I buy if you have informed me of the risks--greater fear of disease on one side, significant loss of nutrition on the other?

DarkMath's picture

"significant loss of nutrition on the other?"

Really, pasteurizing milk causes a significant loss of nutrition? I doubt that. The risk of some organic farmer getting a lot of people sick is what the g'ment is trying to avoid. American's aren't lacking in nutrition.

The big picture here is that the Tea Party has been hijacked by wack jobs. If it's not Karl Rove and the AstroTurf movement, it's pump and dumpers like NIA. Of course there's the God, Guns and Gays crowd waiting in the wings.

America is so fucked that even the groups that are supposed to save it are fucked in the head. That's how fucked we are. It's all over except for the cryin'.


DarkMath's picture

If Sarah Palin becomes the next president I'm moving to Australia.


Meatier Shower's picture

Good luck with that.

Unlike the USA, Australia has strict standards on who they allow to immigrate - and they actually enforce them.

Also, the IRS will be looking to collect their cut of your assets as you look to expatriate them.

Don't forget the KY jelly............

BigJim's picture

There wouldn't be much point. Australia is run by lunatics as well.

Saxxon's picture

Don't look for someone 'bigger' than you to get it. You are on your own.

Hulk's picture

DM, when you pasture raise these animals, as many of the raw milk producers do, the diseases you mention just aren't an issue. Only when the animals are raised in CAFO's, kept in their own filth, are these diseases an issue. A pasture or forest fed animal is an entirely different beast...

WaterWings's picture


FDA and their boogeymen. It's just amazing humans have made it this far along without tech. 

Seer's picture

Thanks for the comment, Hulk.  People foget to peel back the layers.  Superficial observations produce superficial solutions.  Or, as Eric Sevareid said “The chief cause of problems is solutions.”  E-coli outbreaks are the consequence of "govt protection" of big business: once power is concentrated it turns around and wipes away restrictions on it (first kills competition/diversity, then tosses off regulation); always amazes me how many people just cannot get this!

DaveyJones's picture

Well said. Most of the modern diseases are traced back to our modern "domestication." Mad Cow being only one of the latest 

Hulk's picture

Server crash...503 error..

hack3434's picture

 shoot the messenger?


Also if you need a documentary flashing NIAs site every other minute to "enlighten" you, well...never mind. 

AnAnonymous's picture

NIA is educating the public to reality and allowing a few of us who dont watch tv to prepare.



Their piece on here is loaded up on propaganda. Inflation stealing from the (US) middle class. Propaganda marked.

Inflation touches every class. The least touched is the higher class and the more touched is the lowest class.

The USD is world reserve currency. They are more poors outside the US than within the US. The US is stealing from the rest of the world through the USD (to be transferred to anyone in the US, especially middle class)

That is closer to reality than their NIA scam.

Seer's picture

"The US is stealing from the rest of the world through the USD"  Yup!  Spreading that "American Dream!"

Hulk's picture

Celente tells me they are legit. -FWIW

JW n FL's picture
Angus Maddison
Emeritus Professor

Faculty of Economics

University of Groningen

This is the last version of the Angus Maddison homepage, last updated on March 2010. Further information can be found on the Maddison-Project Website

Articles and papers

New Estimates of Chinese Growth Performance and Potential 1952-2030
World Development and Outlook 1820-2030: Evidence submitted to The House of Lords

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"We are slaves in a criminal monetary system, where the Federal Reserve steals from the middle class through inflation and transfers this wealth to their banker friends on Wall Street."

IMO its not that subtle.  The stealing and lies are blatant from almost all our so-called leaders.  Its not just inflation - its lying about everything and the MSM is the main facilitator

THE DORK OF CORK's picture

Chicken nuggets Bitches !!!

Big Red's picture

Man, I can no longer stand factory food. Take KFC, without the spices in the skin, where's the taste in the meat? And if you buy a turkey for Thanksgiving, how can anyone stand that terrible smell from the oven, if it's a factory bird?

Hell, just driving by CAFO's is bad enough. But like good old Earl Butz (former Sec of Ag long ago) told the farming community back in the day, "Get big or get out". I want to see all subsidies die out over a 2 year period.

(At least, today, in my neck of the country, you can find the small guy doing good meat and vegetables. )

BigJim's picture

Yes... if you ever smell KFC chicken, it literally smells like shit.

God alone knows what they feed those poor creatures with.

Tsukato's picture

Id like to suggest that Zero Hedge put together a "contest" on who can write the best "Manifesto", and that that Manifesto be kept permanently available by a front page link. At some point, somebody with some nuts, or even a crackpot who wanders onto the site can use it for whatever they have in mind:) Remeber that idiot who flew his cessna into the IRS building in Austin. What a wasted chance! He could've done so much better, especially considering he was suicidal anyway. Ah...missed chances to fire the masses.

Dapper Dan's picture

I assure you he was no idiot.  But his violent act was of no help to the cause.

Tsukato's picture

 Only a moron would want to exact revenge on the IRS or the federal government. Get out there and ROCK THE VOTE!

High Plains Drifter's picture

The man had balls the size of grapefruits to do such a thing but committing suicide like that does not help anyone especially him or his family. Will there ever be American suicide bombers? I don't know. Maybe.  This sort of discussion scares the pants off of Homeland Insecurity.

Tsukato's picture

American suicide bombers!? Oh shit! Just like them crazy A-rabs! Wish GW Bush would've sent them all to hell for what they did to us on 9-11. GOD DAMN THEM TO HELL!

Tsukato's picture

What!? No fucking way! You pinko! Love it or leave it bitch!

DaveyJones's picture

what does communism have to do with architecture?

Tsukato's picture

I'm joking about everything you fuckin dolts! Jeesh, I didn't picture the folks here to be so thick!

oddjob's picture

Consider the Cessna man the thin edge of the wedge.

collegepunk's picture

+1 to the manifesto

-1 for violence

Tsukato's picture

Me too! Just kidding! Just say NO! to violence.

JW n FL's picture

After the hard heads burn stuff and the shit settles down I would happily throw my hat into the ring for King... people seem to think that shit sucks now, what do people think the law of the jungle is going to be? wait thats to extreme, right? okie dokie... all these eldery retired fucking chatroom hero's... professional writters and / or other's... Buy gold! better buy fucking bullets!! cause King James (thats me) may just tax you later... and I dont give a fuck about your feelings... so everyone should start praying that things stay as is...

Jungle Love Bitches!

I am all for a complete and total shut down of civilization... and I am sure that I am not the only one who wants to be King... Oops! Maybe area Kings? But I will make one prediction... if, IF! shit hits the fan... the South will rise again, Bitches! now score that for long term risk!