Fraud Digest | Robo-signed – Who’s Signing Now? Mers, Assignments and Trusts

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Wed, 07/20/2011 - 20:39 | 1475737 Zero Govt
Zero Govt's picture

Name and Shame 

nice stuff 4CF, shed some sunlight on the frauds ...and no arrests yet? ...maybe a list of Police Depts and Attorney Generals sitting on their arses showing contempt for the Law and not applying the Law (that's party to criminal fraud in my book)

Wed, 07/20/2011 - 13:51 | 1474431 mudduck
mudduck's picture

LOL. I bet the bastards hate having stuff like this put together and laid out for all to see like this. Well done.

Wed, 07/20/2011 - 13:30 | 1474361 Caveman93
Caveman93's picture

What no Linda Green??

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