Fraudclosure | Sunny Sheu Murdered? Judicial Corruption Activist Dead Weeks After Posting Video About His Fears

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In Kansas, and many other states, you can now carry a concealed weapon (after certification). I and all my friends do so. These fuckers will take down anyone who might give testimony to their falsness.  Take care of yourself, your loved ones and prepare for the worst.  Their next step will be to take our silver and gold.

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Hey Judge Gonorrhea, hope you meet some "old friends" in Ossining you corrupt, sold-out shitbag. They are gonna wear you out.

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I read a few weeks ago that things are so tough in America that the mafia had to lay off 25 judges. Obviously it was just a rumour. Or has the ownership of the mafia passed on to the government?

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"It turns out that one of the women Congressman Anthony Weiner was communicating with was a porn star. When asked how it was possible to get involved with someone in such a sleazy business, the porn star said, 'I don't know.'" —Conan O'Brien 

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I'm sure the New York Times and the Washington Post

will be all over this one.  They'll get to the bottom of it.


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Given the endemic sociopathic nature of certain people, it probably would have been smarter to choose different channels for making his case versus what he did.

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This could happen to you if you don't pay your mortgage.Blackstar news?

Let me guess Golia is in the way of a black lawyer somewhere.


Just saying

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i love 4closurefraud....thank you for exposing evil and fraud....golia is a total piece of shit who ruled feloniously.....there may be no justice from the wicked powers of this earth but i know that the powers of heaven will administer justice...golia and the completely crooked nypd will pay dearly....there is more criminality in the nypd than in the mob....

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A- I was junked for telling the truth.
B- Why? Because "Keine Widerrede in Auschwitz." There is no back-talk on the Bataan Death March. This poor deceived man evidently didn't realize he escaped into a concentratrion camp. In a concentration camp when the commandant decides to steal your stuff to give to his friends, well "the strong do what they will and the week suffer what they must." You suck it up, leave the state and be glad you are still alive. When you argue/talk back/send "facts and evidence" to the camp commandant, you get your head bashed in by the prison guards. This is selbsverstandlich, so why the surprise? The chatter on this thread is about "getting the facts and evidence" into the right hands. Evidently the other inmates are as deceived as poor Mr. Sheu. And I am also an inmate in this camp. I only talk in hushed tones, in an obscure blog that few read.

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I didn't junk you, but I appreciate the pithy reply.

People are angry, mumbling in the prison yard.  It takes a lot of mumbling and grumbling to start a riot or a breakout. Some are tortured, some are killed, but it is better to speak than to surrender.

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This whole thread is a joke.

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I think Mr. Sheu is a much better martyr candidate than the other guy that was recently considered.  I have found a forum that's been established in his honor.  The purpose of this forum is to discuss and actually implement concrete methods of protest and civil-disobedience.  Please take a peek at


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I have sent info to Drudge Report so they may spread the news as well.

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 I don't fault Sunny Sheu, but you never deliver a piece of mail to a judges house that is presiding over your case or any case. If you are not getting the justice that you deserve go to every local and national media outlet that you can find. Get good representation, appeal to high priced firms to take it as pro-bono or find an attorney that has fought this kind of battle before. Don't get a low level attorney that will trade your outcome to find favor with the judge. Appeal to organizations like the ACLU. Don't get into a shouting match with the judge or walk out of the court room. It didn't help that he wasn't a fluent english speaker and his accent was very strong. He was naive in that he thought he could get justice just because he was right. There are many corrupt judges with huge egos.

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I already have a few new Urban dictionary entries being reviewed for Golia. "The act of defecating into another’s anus, typically as a precursor to forced sodomy within a Judge's chambers or in the back of a health club sauna."


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Because people have allowed the system to become so completely corrupt, and because people have become sheep, the only solution remaining today is the wild west solution.  When someone rips you off, especially an "official" of some kind, lead is the only solution.  In private is usually best.

That may sound terribly harsh, but it is the only recourse that remains in modern times dominated by predators gone wild.

The world today is dominated by:

predators DBA government
predators DBA corporations
predators DBA central banks

All a predator cares about is "what they want".  No quantity of evidence matters one nano-bit to a predator, so there is zero point in dealing with evidence with predators.  This should be obvious, yet people continue to attempt to "reason" with wild, savage beasts... just because they morph into a form physically resembling a human being.

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When we lost the courts we lost America.

It's the judicial branch's job to protect citizen's rights from infringement by the legislative and executive branches.

If the judicial branch stops doing that job, rights are gone for all practical purposes.

America is run by criminal gangs now.  The less property you have, the less likely it will be stolen.

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Red Cloud(Makhpiya-luta) , April, 1870


"In 1868, men came out and brought papers. We could not read them and they did not tell us truly what was in them. We thought the treaty was to remove the forts and for us to cease from fighting. But they wanted to send us traders on the Missouri, but we wanted traders where we were. When I reached Washington, the Great Father explained to me that the interpreters had deceived me. All I want is right and just."

Ecc 1-9 What has been will be again,
   what has been done will be done again;
   there is nothing new under the sun.

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This looks like something that I'd be reading out of the Bangkok Post over my morning coffee and a muffin whilst shaking my head over the obvious unresolved problems with the Thailand police enforcement and all of the associated corruption throughtout that beauracratic system -- and then lo and behold -- this is my own fucking country we're talking about!!! And who said that the US isn't rapidly turning into a third-world nation? Nothing surprises me anymore.  Sorry Sunny, justice doesn't extend to the serfs.  RIP.

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Watch the YouTube video...

Fallen Man: The Road to War & End of America



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i have posted at zh before several times that there is no benefit to "owning" real estate or keeping your assets in the usa, so why do it? Rent, dont "buy" - keep your savings abroad. Or leave. Otherwise dont complain because none of this is new, usa has always been violent and corrupt, exploitive of other nations and their own people. you know it, so why act so surprised?

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Why do you think abroad is any safer?  Where do the crooks stash the loot?

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What can we do to fight this corrupt judge?  Maybe if 100 of us send him a letter castigating him?  Or send letters to the FBI/police demanding an investigation?  Or send letter to MSM demanding media coverage?

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I believe there was a pretty good recipe for a Molotov cocktail posted on this site a few days ago. Just sayin' ....

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What can we do to fight this corrupt judge?

They say that turnabout is fair play


Maybe if 100 of us send him a letter castigating him?  Or send letters to the FBI/police demanding an investigation

Letters to the editor of the NY papers might help.  But if you must send to him, maybe something other than paper?  Perhaps a short length of rope?

A good supplier: (no connection to me)

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Yep. If everyone here sends him a length of rope over the next month or two the psychological torture will be a beautiful thing. Each day, a new length of rope arrives...

Also quite legal I suspect.

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I checked this judge out, he is as crooked as they come.  He used contacts that he had to help him silence this man through intimidation, when that didn't work they did it permanently.  This is what happens to a society when you allow all parts (especially the Judicial) to become corrupted.  It makes the country so unsafe that in the end we turn into a third world nation.

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we are a third world nation.

Sorry for for being presumptuous.


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Our court systems in the United States are 98% fair, honest, and our best defense against criminals and dishonest politicians.  The other 2% are in New York City.

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Looking for that other "98"%...keep finding last name "Crater". WTF?

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Most states have judges that can be influenced; thus the saying "A competent lawyer knows the law, a "good" lawyer knows the judge".

Judges actively directing criminal enterprises is a bit much for most of the US though.

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Must have been a judge that junked you

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This may not be an isolated incident of murder because of taking on the ruling establishment. Paying attention to a death threat is important, but should a death threat rule the court/justice system. If you go dead, it may be the case. You do not need to go to the street to fight and die for freedom and justice. A court room might do just fine. One would certainly hope that this never happens.

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somebody know how to get this to 60 minutes? would they do anything with it?

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they are just getting bolder.

after 911 why is anyone surprised?

after the bp gulf catastrophe look what happened to the whistleblowers?

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It's a real shame the FBI and the NYT don't have internet access. 


Thanks for the courage ZH!



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Truth and Justice-the American Way!

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Do you think that no ones cares?

It is more true that we are trained like dogs to live in fear by the designers of the "no fear" buttons

We are the 'system' and live in denial of that which we have created and sustain

fifty years thinking about this and still nothing has changed

I feel like I have never escaped the 1950's every time I return to the US----especially california

too bad-------or 'hmmmm------' as you guys put it

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The only difference between America's "mafia government" and Russia's "mafia govt" is the Russian public knows it has and admits it has a "mafia govt".

The American public is like those 3 monkeys: see no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil.

Google "Richard I Fine", he tried to reveal judicial corruption and got the finger all the way to the Supreme Court-and they gave him the finger too.

For info on Richard Fine go here



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And all this time I thought this kinda shit only happened in Alabama.  Good grief does this country need an enema.  R.I.P Sunny.

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Communist China has a better judicial system than Amerika. Let's give a shout out to "judge" Golia.

(I'm playing fast and lose with that term.)

You suck!