Fresnillo Up 5% On Slim Takeover Rumors

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The bigger news today is the new dioxine crisis in lifestock and eggs in Germany that seems to be spreading accros Europe.



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If this is true it's great news for the Keiser Kammikazes.

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Bankrupt FTSE went up + 150 points with AAL leading the fraud for the last 5 weeks

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Whoever is looking at Fresnillo, should take a quick glance at PE&OLES* MM.

It's the mexican listed and operating company throughwhich Baillere controls 77% of Fresnillo. It generates almost half of its' EBITDA from activities other than Fresnillo, and has a market cap smaller than its Fresnillo equity stake. With very low debt, the stub of mining activities which generates around 40% of its cash flow trades at negative EV.

Buy Fresnillo at market and get almost another Fresnillo of Cash flows for free....

Just a thought...