Friday Flush Sticksave Provided By Fed, As Basel Capital Charge Requirement "May" Be Lowered From 3% To 2-2.5%

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Nothing like the Criminal Reserve announcing at 2pm on Friday, just as the market was about to flush all stops to the bottom that the already laughable 3% capital charge buffer (initially expected to be 9%) required by Basel may be reduced even more (according to NY Fed mouthpiece Steve Liesman, a hypothetical which will likely be refuted before long), probably down to 2-2.5%. This number is woefully inadequate to protect financial companies from the the material capital infusion that will be needed post the onboarding of $200+ trillion in OTC derivatives to exchanges as we reported previosuly, but who the hell cares: must kick the can down the road one more day.

XLF's knee jerk reaction.

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Drop the reserve ratios to 0%.

Does it really matter when the 3% or 2.25% or WTF is free fiatski, with a government guaranteed backstop?


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CNBC is in on the FRAUD news.  They had a team to report on this scam. Rumor is all the hedge funds had trades in before.

The rumor mill says Goldman, BAC and JPM will make a million or more on the news.

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CNBC also reports that Fed will offer free blow jobs with purchase of ES contracts.  Oh, and free ice cream for the kiddies (the two are not connected).

Maybe it's time for "sources" in the WH to announce a new stimulus package is in the works?

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Shut down the CNBC,

ZH 100% better info and content.

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its just an intentional rumor


Keep shorting banks and insurance till 1.100

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I thought they were suppose to be honest. They all belong in Jail.

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When is collusion by CNBC, a hedge fund or two and traders criminal?  At exactly 2:00 is when the XLF manipulation started.  With news commentaries from four analyst provided by CNBC already lined up, to assist us in the benefits to the banks on this great news to save the bankers.  Was it a secret meeting or a secret scam to benefit some insiders of the plan to make huge profits trading on the scheme ?   

 Does this qualify as insider trading ? 

Hello SEC or DOJ or anybody who believes the markets should have some kind of integrity. 

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There is absolutely nothing like a good rumor to fix all that is fundamentally wrong, even if the substance the rumor speaks to wouldn't do jack shit in reality, so that several dozens of millions in fiatski can be scalped in milliseconds by little black boxes allegedly containing algorithms, but actually only contain tiny midget traders that receive front running info via a red telephone.

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I usually watch Bloomberg, I saw the spike up on the banks, turned over to CNBC and they had Breaking News.

Huh, With a whole team of analyst to report of how gooooood the news is for the banks.

I did not know CNBC's staff of Women, including Liesman, had the responsibility to blow all the Bankers.

Hmmmmmmmmmm.  What a shit financial news station.

ZH Rules.  No.1 in real unbiased Market news. Good or Bad. 

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Who wants to organize a Creative Letter Writing contest with the Theme :

Dear NBC:

Why I think your network should be shuttered for the sake of the Republic...


Whenever you see large institutions that care not a bit about their crumbling integrity, that is exactly when folk should start getting very, very nervous.  This goes for both the BlowHorn and the Federal Reserve Bank.


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I would hope that the people at CNBC have to take care about where they are seen in public.

I can not imagine that they are liked everywhere.  Not all of New York can be in love with them.

LawsofPhysics's picture

No kidding.  How laughable is the financial system now?

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Its totaly laughable, and theyre extremely puzzled why we dont take them seriously at all since they tell themselves we're all just a bunch of retarded plebes. The dangers of buying your own hype.

Cdad's picture

Sell it.  The first really large sell wave has already come through.

And will someone please arrest the Federal Reserve Chairman, the one who cannot even let his second crime wave end before teasing the market with his next crime wave.  

For fucks sake!  Lower capital requirements on insolvent banks?  Are you kidding...this is the best rumor they could come up with?

Cdad's picture

And somebody send someone to pick up Duncan Niederauer, as well...for the co located nightmare he helped to install in this market place.

Sell it, folks...this has been a rumor innitiated, computer harvested scam...brought to you by your friendly criminal syndicate Wall Street banker supporters at the BlowHorn [CNBC].

TruthInSunshine's picture

CNBC - I quit watching it years ago, and can't believe I could ever stomach it.

It's literally a direct proxy of the 'Federal' Reserve and our very honest and upstanding government.

The jig was really up when it dawned on many that GE, formerly owning NBC along with the parasitic lamphrey that is CNBSC, was one of the biggest donees of the government bailout, through TARP and TALF (not to mention all the low interest loans and even access to the discount window it availed itself of, or the government contracts it receives). To add insult to injury, Jeff Immelt, as you know, now works in the Obama Administration.

CONfidence games amongst media participants in the great experiment in McMockracy have never been so easy to spot.

And what a fine, fine McMockracy it is!

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Brother Truth,

The GE thing is epic...and I mean epic...crony capitalism.  It also contains some serious personal liberty selling by the corptocracy, for the promise of "ear mark" cash.  Seriously disgusting, and not at all surprising that our President, who seems to have a taste for fascism/Marxism, would choose Immelt to join his failing administration.

And you are also correct about just how helpful The BlowHorn was when it came to facilitating the $7 trillion dollar stimulous, bailout theft of Average Joes' future children's tax payer pockets.  

But fool me once, shame on you.  As the the market now falls apart a second time, you can count on continued bullishness from the network...until they suddenly go bearish and start the fear which time you'll have your cues for covering short positions.

This rumor blip today will prove to be absolute nonsense...just an algorithmic trim on the dunce algos [typically firing on half of their cylinders and emanating from Hong Kong.]

**oh, and I just noticed that all the algo trick did was bring the Vix back down to Carter Worth's cool "smoothing mechanism"...where the Vix BOUNCED.**

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Fuck, I'd like to see the Silver price effects if CRIMEX were to lower margin requirements by almost 30%.


karzai_luver's picture

I coulda swore that beernake said about a year or so ago

that any amount of reserve was dumb.

sub zero dude! GO FER IT! LETS ROLLLLLLLL!!!!

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Good luck trading this market without inside information.

And they wonder why Mom and Pop have stayed away.

russwinter's picture

It's looking more and more like these tawdry leaks and manipulations (the obfuscation trade) are no longer saving the busted system. Buy this little rally-ette and be crushed. 

etrader's picture

Always helpful when it co-insides with the 200+/- ema "Blind order white boxes"

Wont last long. Just need to flush the demand. They'll just try & swamp it the 1272 area.

Translational Lift's picture

PPT in action....I hear they get paid OT for staying late in the day.....This is late in the day for FED employees....

r101958's picture

(sarc/on) But wait, remember? ....there is no PPT....that is just tin foil... (sarc/off).

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Oh, I thought it was that much better than expected Budget deficit figure.

HamyWanger's picture

Hilarious. The PigMen have once again achieved the "impossible", right when the SPY was finally going to have a correction. 

I expect LULU to reach back its all-time highs as soon as monday.

HelluvaEngineer's picture

Robo, how do you sign out and back in so quickly?

slewie the pi-rat's picture

i confess!  i have never been in the same room, together, with either of them!  now let me go!

this is funny!  should we expect hamy to be posting pictures, now? 

SheepDog-One's picture

RoboFaker at least get the troll names right.

plocequ1's picture

"but who the hell cares".. Copy and paste x1000

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Around 1267.50 is the daily CLOSE SPX support diagonal off the 667 lows. The end is near (till QE3 of course).

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they are 30 minutes early with the announcement - selling to commence at 3pm...same time same place

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Drudge stating Swiss politicians marching on Bilderburger scum to arrest the war criminal Kissinger.  Looks like a Tyler take to me.  ZH can always add that cynical, iconoclastic slant we all know and love.

Motorhead's picture

Doo dah, doo dah.

The Fonz's picture

Camptown ladies sing this song! Doo dah, doo dah!

This really can't hold up long! Oh the doo dah day!

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And this improves solvency on deteriorating Tier 1 assets how again?

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watch for them to lower the daily ATM usage allowed. proving once and for all there once you put your money in a ceases to be your money and becomes their gambling and bonus fund.

I'm gonna need a bigger mattress.

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They can jawbone all they like, the momentum is DOWN. All they are trying to do is controll the implosion. Stay short.

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Mr Market might duck into a methadone clinic here and there along the way, but the downward spiral has commenced, his free smack has been cut off.

AGoldhamster's picture

down we go - next 4-6 weeks - everything in between is noise
all rallies are to be sold
in everything, no exceptions

everything short - dollar long

slow_roast's picture

Won't even hold out until the close...hahahh

HelluvaEngineer's picture

Right.  Traders "may" be fading this move already.

etrader's picture


Look how easy the weak hands like robo jusy got knocked out of their position shorts...:)

TruthInSunshine's picture

The Fed has rollover money from interest they will receive on MBS and other toxic sludge (before that ultimately grenades) that they can rollover into more terrible investment acquisitions.

It won't be anywhere close to QEeefable levels of buying power, but it's something, or so they say.