Frontrunning: April 11

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I really can't understand why the Medical profession and hospitals specifically don't play hardball with the Feds and the states. What Obama is going to propose for cuts to Medicare and Medicaid will be price controls.  They know that this is the only way.  All a mjor hospital has to do is say "we're not longer accepting either medicaid or medicare, we'll deal with the lost revenue.  But we refuse to deal with these assholes any longer."

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How about WE start playing hardball with the "medical profession" and stop paying these stratospheric prices?  They rob us blind...just like the bankers, lawyers, teachers...

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That is what Obama and the socialists want...for the hospitals to say no..then take them over....its all laid out....national security or something will be used..humanitarian will be used..for the good of the country will be used....see...the plan is working...

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Woo hoo, Nero Obama, the post-election republican, as always fascist, like the other side, proposes that instead of enacting Glass-Steagall to wipe out the fraudulent debt that is forcing idiots to want to cut or print, we'll just continue cutting and printing, now to include social security and other needs. 

Wow what a fascist position, and if you agree with him, you're a fascist unamerican too.  Sorry, that's a fact.  Killing seniors to pay for bankster fraud, is fascism. As the hollywood character Brad Hamilton said to Jeff Spicoli once.....Learn it, Live it, Know it. (or else you're stupider than spicoli....and we'll leave that on the blackboard for all to see giving you full credit of course)