Frontrunning: April 12

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"France and Britain say NATO must step up Libya bombing"


They have money for bombs and killing but NO  money for pensioners and poor people

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Funny how that works...


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Yep, tupac said it best

"Got money for wars, but can't feed the poor"


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Economists predict V-shaped recovery for Japan:

What does it take to be an economist these days? 

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What does it take to be an economist these days? 

Not much...just the ability to lie daily and pathologically, as the criminal syndicate known as Wall Street front runs your lies.

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In-house economists ALWAYS predict v-shaped recoveries.  It allows them to quietly lower expectations without causing a panic.  Trouble is, we NEVER have v-shaped recoveries.

One other thing, the banks love it, because it makes the duration trade very profitable...

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V shaped recovery is a laugher...a recovery from the tsunami plus after effects of nuke meltdown, destruction of ag land from radiation rendering crops inedible, salt water intrusion into ag land, shut down of much manufacturing in the worlds third largest economy will take years or decades to recover from...

"Japan raised the severity rating of its nuclear crisis at Tokyo Electric’s Fukushima plant to 7 today, the highest reading. Increasing radiation has prompted the government to widen the evacuation zone and halt shipments of contaminated vegetables produced in regions surrounding the facility."

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"Democrats Allow Trims to Favored Programs"


 "In the last month, the amount of federal debt held by the public increased by more than twice as much as the amount that would be saved under the budget deal reached by Congress..."


If you cut their Pell Grants, during summer they'll have naught to do but run wild in the streets.

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I guess the PTB must really hate the brown people, or its just bad luck that the brown people are natural descendants to an abundance of resources.  I hope the Libyan rebels give NATO a hard time.  Its obvious what the agenda is for NATO and those behind the veil.  Its to the point of being ridiculously blatant....yet, what can we do?

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dudley just said that the chance of deflation is "greatly diminished"....

gee, ya think? inflation eating us alive, and you think deflation is slightly less of a risk?

where do they find these morons?

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I'd like an iPad with a Coke, please.  And supersize me!

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The same place they find all Fed members... An ivory tower where they are brainwashing future members of the Fed...Until they are called on to further the interests of those pulling the strings of the DC puppets.

The bread and circus sheeple have yet to realize that their pols are bought and paid for and have been since 1913. 

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The 'brown people' of the Mid East do not have bankers controlling every aspect of their lives. If they want to complete a transfer of funds to an expat living anywhere in the world they go to their religious leader, hand over some currency, and it is wire transferred where ever it's needed. Western bankers hate this system for it leaves them without a cut of the action.