Frontrunning: April 18

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Inflation in China Poses Big Threat to Global Trade

No shit! That's what's going to bring our inflation numbers at the same pace as theirs!


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Like Obama announcing in his speech if theres any hint of curbing the wild insanity of furious money printing, the whole world implodes. Gee what a great situation. But no worries, oil will be $150 in the blink of an eye. Shenandoah » Saudi Arabia Cuts Oil Output Right Before U.S. Summer Driving Season

'Driving season', lol. So quaint sounding, like all the bankrupt and unemployed get up on cue and go driving around landmarks. More like instead of 'summer driving season' theyll be getting beaten to death over a can of tuna.

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The Repubs are going to hold the Debt Ceiling hostage until "School Prayer for the Public System" is passed into law.

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Loose Stools also has diarrhea of the brain.

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Fed to Signal End of Monetary Easing (FT)



The Bernank = Biggest Fail Boat of All Time; All Hail The HMS Ben 'Titanic' Bernank!

(Unless one thinks failure was his goal)

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"Debt Ceiling Increase Is Expected, Geithner Says"

Timmy can go fuck himself.

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Capitalism is failing the middle class (Reuters)



Capitalism is great.

What we have now is NOT Capitalism.

We have Governmentalism + FederalReserve-ism pushing on a string.

These headlines are pure comedy genius.

Bring back Capitalism by getting Governmentalism and the Federal Reserve out of the way (End the Fed for good) and all the nation will prosper. Test Hank Paulson's/Bernankicide's allegations of 'doom' and see that only the Goldmanites and other parasites would have lost, and 99.999% of Americans would have been far better off had TARP and QE never been devised nor implemented.

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Yea, Im not shaking in my boots at their threats of 'DOOM' if they dont get their clear path to print our wealth into oblivion. Im all for calling their bluff. Will it be nice? No...but the threat to THEM and their billionaire buddies is far worse than any danger to us.

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The sooner Bernankenomics and Paulsonomics are discredited, and the natural order of business cycle failure and success based on natural supply and demand is brought back, the sooner real economic growth begins anew.

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Blankfein May Consider Stepping Down at Goldman, N.Y. Times Says

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I am bullish on countries with out extradition treaty with USA..Blankfein recently bought spanish teacher services..LOL

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Blankfein cites "fatigue" lol.

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Oh... no QE3? So we get yet another dip and opportunity to hear about how were so wrong about the economy and everything is ok. After that dip, bernanke will announce, and the media will downplay some more money printing and all will be normal again. 

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Here is what they will claim:

With slow employment and a delicate global economy it would be imprudent to stop printing digital money to hand out to the people who crashed world finances because they need new Ferrari's since the company is going IPO soon.

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We're making up corporate earnings and paying stock dividends on profits we are not receiving. We must IPO to pay those. No we are not bernie madoff. We swears it.