Frontrunning: April 21

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AIG is insuring Goldman's board against suits...

So ...AIG, which is backstopped by the taxpayer, has insured Goldman's board against potential taxpayer suits.


What a circle jerk.


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Step Right Up...See What An Ex-White House Counsel Can Do!


If CNBC's report is true, that Goldman Sachs (GS) counterparty ACA was in fact informed of Paulson's intentions to go short, it could deal a potentially fatal blow to the entire case.

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No apparent stumbling blocks out there for the markets today. With the exception of Wells, it's difficult to find any earnings misses out there this morning. Of course Apple sets the tone with an amazing show of consumer strength in buying gadgetry. 

In short, we appear to have set a base for the next leg up from here.

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I would have thought this would have been expected from Paulson and Co.


It shouldn't be a surprise to anybody least of all the SEC as it is the easiest way to undermine the case. Lets see it tested under oath in court and if there is evidence to the contrarty.

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Expect another day of pumping the market and trying to drag down gold.

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You should have included the story about Geithner introducing the new $100 bill.  Apropos because we're all going to need lots of them in a few years, when it'll take a wheelbarrow full to buy a loaf of bread.

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Hollywood Futures Index was approved yesterday.

Regulators Approve Movie Futures Markets: