Frontrunning: April 26

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NY State Troopers in Westchester County generate $237,875 on Easter Sunday by writing traffic tickets for a "move over" law nobody ever heard of|newswell|text|Frontpage|s



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CW, this is the new way to generate revenue in lieu of taxation.  We are seeing this phenomenon at scale houses and ports of entry nationwide. AZ, NM, CO, MO AL, GA specifically are targeting the trucking industry.

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Back in '90 my wife and I were pulled over in NJ for what was called "Failure to keep right" by a rookie town cop.  My wife was almost hauled in when she read the riot act to the young officer saying, "let me get this're wasting my time and tax payer's money giving me this stupid ass fucking ticket when, at this moment, someone is likey getting mugged or raped down the road?"

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Somers said they were not entrapping motorists.

of course it was entrampment. they are scared shitless.

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Don't like the DMV? Fine. It's closed. State using tax revenue to fund mandatory drug tests. Florida says get your driver license from your County, as County governments turn people away.


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Another genius nanny State. Want to swing at a baseball in Connecticut? Better wear a helmet. Driving a motorcycle in Connecticut? Oh thats fine, no helmet required. (Motorcycle lobby says Thank You).