Frontrunning: April 28

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Wal-Mart to start selling guns and ammo again.Half its stores to carry.



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They never stopped in my neck of the woods

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Guns and ammo is probably a large chunk of Walmarts sales.

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George Castanza really does work at the NY Yankees. Tries to "recall" email sent containing private info.


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So called "Greenie", Mayor Michael Bloomberg wants to limit bicycles in NYC.


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i read about this cap on pedi bike licenses about 2 years ago. no where in the once great country is anything given an incentive to not drive a car. no car insurancer will lower your premium if you hardly drive your car. they would lower your rates if you installed a governor of sorts, in your engine compartment. this country just goes down hill as fast as ben prints crap.

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"China’s Population Flocks to Cities, Grows Older, Census Shows" - Really ? hence the doormant Ghost Cities and malls that are emptier than a Scottish pay toilet...nice scoop Bloomberg

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Moody’s cuts New Jersey’s credit rating

certainly not a political move by Warren's favorite ratings agency

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It didn't help that Rutgers paid Snooki $32,000 to give a speech.

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Snooki can read and write?  Who knew?

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"Asian Currencies to Appreciate Against Greenback in Second Half, ‘Mr Yen’ Says"

Who will give me 50 cents for this $1 FDR...

Going, going, gone!

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Republicans in Florida distance themselves from rookie Governor. Vote against anti-union bill.



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Rocky Hill police officer found dead of apparent gunshot wound

but... according to Connecticut State Police...

the death does not appear to be suspicious and it is being treated as an untimely death at this time.
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The Syrian Time Bomb.

MCBS. Don't leave home without it.

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All things Japan Inc. are going off line and off the tracks for a couple of years, at least.  Invest accordingly.