Frontrunning: August 10

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Incomes are rising in Rome (Washington) while the provinces starve eh? How long before they send a legion to put down a grain revolt in Egypt (midwest states)?

Everything old is new again.

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what about gladiator fights? thumbs up ;)

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Speaking of gladiatoral matches and Rome, that's exactly what I thought about when I first heard about this,


How much you wanna bet that the team that Obama played on won?


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And Nero played the lyre while Rome burned...

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at what hour is de fed announcement?

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tyler, nice to see you again.

EST. i see frontR U N N I N G , got rather large and lengthy today.

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The only question one needs answered :

Is the Gov and Fed as stupid as they appear,

or are they all sociopathic criminals?


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China To Close Factories In Energy Drive (FT) - China plans to close outdated factories owned by more than 2,000 companies in heavy industries in the clearest sign yet of Beijing’s determination to meet its low energy targets even at the expense of economic growth.

I don't buy that reasoning one little bit.


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actually, "the old" factorys mean the iron casters. These guy are real energy eaters and they torture the grid.

This is also the reason why electricity drops out so many times in these industry centers.

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The targeted industries are cement, steel and another major one not on that article, is paper.
All major energy consumers.
You should believe this one.

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Unemployment: What Would Reagan Do?
The Alzheimer's Puppet Reagan would be pissed to learn you could simply eliminate the unemployed when their unemployment insurance ran out by calling them marginally attached...

Alzheimer's Puppet Reagan: "After all the grief I went through in '82-83, you mean I could have just CALLED THEM marginally attached?"

"Get Don Regan and Bill Casey on the phone... see if the CIA can't DO something with all these unemployed..."

"Get me another dish of jelly beans... I'm taking a nap..."

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What would reagan do? What fucking idiots the WSJ is.  Hello, the people that controlled Reagan, philisophically are STILL in power.

We already know what Reagan would have done because BUSH AND OBAMA have fucking done it.  Unless they mean some sort of other direction Reagan would have taken....which is overblown as he was greatly controlled by the same idiots.

The Wall Street Urinal, still fucking it up like always.  Death, taxes, and idiot free marketeers.

Do they really PAY people to write this shit?  Seriously? They pay them and not in Trident Layers?

Reagan was Trickle down king....except Obama now is.  What do you think bailouts are?  Giving money to the top, in trillions of dollars, and expecting it to trickle down to the rest of the economy.

Low taxes, have 'em, in fact Obama has lowered taxes.

Yet none of this has worked.  Because unlike Reagan, Obama isn't in the beginning/middle of the destruction of America, he came after it already happened.  So of course the Reagan-esque policies we've seen enacted (and have been just about every one) haven't worked.

So to answer the Urinal's question is quite simple.

Reagan wouldn't have done a single damn different thing.  (if so, maybe ONE small thing that would be inconsequential)

WTF playbook do you think we are using.  It's Reagan's dipshits.