Frontrunning: December 1

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  • Euro-Zone PMI Manufacturing for November 55.3 - lower than expected. Consensus 55.5. Previous 55.5.   
  • Hopes of ECB bond buying calm markets (FT)
  • Fed Will Name Recipients of $3.3 Trillion in Emergency Aid During Crisis (Bloomberg)
  • China goes deeper into price controls: "China, the world’s biggest
    cooking-oil user, has ordered four suppliers including Wilmar
    International Ltd. and Cofco Ltd. not to lift product prices to help
    slow inflation, the National Business Daily said, citing people it
    didn’t identify." (Bloomberg)
  • The ongoing saga of Sergey Aleynikov: Goldman challenged on trading code (FT)
  • Contagion May Force EU to Expand Arsenal to Fight Debt Crisis (Bloomberg)
  • The perilous condition of Portugal's banks (BBC)
  • Banks Bailed Out With State Capital Must Restructure, EU Says (Business Week)
  • Foreign, Chinese firms' Tax Burdens Unified (China Daily)
  • Fed's Lacker Says Inflation `Hysteria' Over Monetary Stimulus Is Overblown (Bloomberg)
  • The rough politics of European adjustment (MPettis)
  • South Korea spy chief says more attacks likely (Reuters)
  • Gasparino: The usual suspects: What insider-trading probe is really about (Post)
  • Currency Manipulation: Two Sides to Every Coin (Merk)

European Economic Data:

  • Euro-Zone PMI Manufacturing for November 55.3 - lower than expected. Consensus 55.5. Previous 55.5.
  • Germany Retail Sales for October 2.3% m/m -0.7% y/y - higher than expected. Consensus 1.2% m/m 1.3% y/y. Previous -1.8% m/m 0.9% y/y. 
  • Germany PMI Manufacturing for November 58.1 - lower than expected. Consensus 58.9. Previous 58.9.     
  • France PMI Manufacturing for November 57.9 - higher than expected. Consensus 57.5. Previous 57.5.     
  • Italy PMI Manufacturing for November 52.0 - lower than expected. Consensus 53.0. Previous 53.0.
  • Italy New Car Registrations for November. Previous -28.8% y/y.
  • Italy Budget Balance for November. Previous -72.0B.   
  • Italy Budget Balance for November. Previous -7.5B.    
  • Norway PMI SA for November 56.0 - higher than expected. Consensus 54.0. Previous 54.4.
  • Switzerland SVME-Purchasing Managers Index for November 61.8 - higher than expected. Consensus 59.5. Previous 59.2.   
  • Sweden Swedbank PMI Survey for November 61.3 - lower than expected. Consensus 62.3. Previous 61.8.    
  • Sweden Current Account (Kronor) for Q3 50.3B. Previous 55.4B. 
  • UK Nat'wide House prices sa for November -0.3%m/m 0.4% y/y - in line with expectations. Consensus -0.4% m/m 0.5% y/y. Previous -0.7% m/m 1.4% y/y.    
  • UK PMI Manufacturing for November 58.0 - better than expected. Consensus 54.7. Previous 55.4. 


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nice vertical $10 gold drop in the span of minutes...what is this, the PM fix?

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Another day and yesterday's issues forgotten. All green!