Frontrunning: December 7

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In the US...please also take a moment to remember those that died at Pearl Harbor 68 yrs ago today.

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It looks like some kind of haircut is inevitable in Europe. I have not seen much written on how deflationary this will be. Won't haircuts in Europe fly directly in the face of various QE efforts to inflate? The losses involved in haircuts would be anywhere from hundreds of billions to upwards of a trillion euros (etc.). Maybe more. That seems pretty deflationary. Has anyone seen any analysis of this?

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Some beautiful butterflies can bite like a bear.

Good luck, folks!

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The Ireland story:

“Failure to pass a budget would lead to further economic failure,” Mr Lowry said last night. “If our Government and political leaders renege on a vital condition of our agreement with the EU/IMF we will suffer irreparable reputational damage. Such an abdication of governance would attract ridicule and scorn throughout Europe and the international financial markets.