Frontrunning: February 17

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I wish Iran had not steped back on the Suez Sail. Just sets bad precedents for bullies.

Bully needs a bloody nose from a little un.

Yemen, Bahrain, Libya......

Damn meddlers...liars...


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"Is Your Job an Endangered Species"

Kessler's technology-driven jobs reduction is the dumbest thesis on UE I've read this week. Take his example of the GG bridge...both FastTrak and plate-scanning have been in place for years, but they eliminated the toll workers now.

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Belgium Weighs New Coalition Proposal


The sex boycott must be working.

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Fuck the cowardly governments that shoot at non-violent protestors (in the wee hours of the night nonetheless)!

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Geithner Says Inaction On Debt Limit Would Harm Recovery....

First, what recovery?

Second, higher debt would kill the recovery.

Third, inaction is probably the best course of action.  The the consequences begin!

Fourth, what full retard university gave Timmey a degree?  That university probably produced a lot more village idiots that need to be cleansed from this system.

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Chill out dude, he is a paid tool just like his boss. It has nothing to do with the University education he got.

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They don't want a recovery.