Frontrunning: January 11

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  • NFIB Small Business Optimism comes at 92.6, misses expectations of 94.5 (NFIB)
  • Short the Rumor Pays 14% on Takeovers That Don't Happen (Bloomberg)
  • Could the U.S. central bank go broke? (Reuters)
  • Goldman Sachs Said to Plan Disclosing More Detail on Revenue (Bloomberg)
  • Fed's Fisher: Expects Fed Bond Buying Effort To Be Completed (WSJ)
  • Fed's Lockhart Sees `Headwinds' for Economy as Growth Accelerates in 2011 (Bloomberg)
  • China's FX Reserves Rise By Record $199 Bln to $2.85 Trln Q4 (Market News)
  • Chinese Citizens Spent $48 Billion Overseas In 2010 (China Daily)
  • Portuguese Bond Sale May Make Bailout `Inevitable' (Bloomberg)
  • ECB Intervenes As Debt Crisis Deepens (FT)
  • Barclays's Diamond Promises Bonus Restraint, Rejects Pay Pledge (Bloomberg)
  • Beatles Revolution Returns Four Decades Later (Bloomberg)
  • China overshoots loan target and more tightening to come (Reuters)
  • Are You A COIF? (Dynamic Hedge)
  • On jobs, President Clueless really doesn't get it (Post)
  • Global Accord Targets Credit Bubbles (FT)
  • Japan Joins China in Assisting Europe in Debt Crisis (BusinessWeek)
  • HK Price Differentials Create Renminbi Openings (FT)

European highlights:

  • Czech Retail Sales for November 5.0% y/y - higher than expected. Consensus 2.5% y/y. Previous -0.7% y/y.
  • France Bank of France Bus. Sentiment for December 108.Previous 107.
  • Sweden Service Production SA for November 0.2% m/m 5.8% y/y.Previous 0.5% m/m 4.5% y/y.
  • Sweden Budget Balance for December -97.7B.Previous 13.7B.