Frontrunning: January 12

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  • Home price drops exceed Great Depression (Reuters)
  • The Fed Oracle Speaks: Fed Officials Signal Intent to Back Bond Buys (Jon Hilsenrath)
  • Sanders Says Bernanke Ducks Request for Details on Fed Loans (Bloomberg)
  • Clarium Slumps 90% From Peak After Thiel Hedge Fund Has Third Losing Year (Bloomberg)
  • EU Weighs Boosting Bailout Fund (WSJ)
  • Lisbon Succeeds with Debt Auction (FT)
  • Credit Suisse Plans Market for Long-Term Investors (BusinessWeek)
  • UK Insurers Attacks Europe’s Bank ‘Bail-In’ Plans (FT)
  • World's ATMs Pump Billions Into Wrong Places (Bloomberg)
  • Rethinking the Public-Pension Punching Bag (BusinessWeek)
  • Big Banks Seek Plan for Failures (FT)
  • U.S. Export Financing Challenges China (WSJ)
  • Brazil's Credit Boom Could End in Tears (BusinessWeek)
  • Australia floods may cut GDP by A$13 bln (Reuters)
  • US to Match Chinese Terms for Train Order (FT)

European Economic Data

  • Euro-Zone Ind. Prod. wda for November 1.2% m/m 7.4% y/y - higher than expected.Consensus 0.5% m/m 5.9% y/y. Previous 0.7% m/m 7.1% y/y.
  • Germany Budget (Maastricht) (% of GDP) -3.5% - higher than expected.Consensus -3.6%. Previous 3.0%.
  • Germany GDP (Annual Growth Rate) 3.6% - in line with expectations.Consensus 3.6%. Previous -4.7%.
  • France Current Account (EURO) for November -4.2B.Previous -2.8B.
  • Italy Industrial Production sa for November 1.1% m/m 4.1% y/y - higher than expected. Consensus 0.6% m/m 4.6% y/y. Previous -0.1% m/m 2.9% y/y.
  • Italy Industrial Production nsa for November 4.1% y/y - lower than expected.Consensus -4.7% y/y. Previous -0.2% y/y.
  • UK Visible Trade Balance GBP/Mn for November -£8736 - lower than expected.Consensus -£8350. Previous -£8529.
  • UK Trade Balance Non EU GBP/Mn for November -£5028- lower than expected.Consensus -£4800. Previous -£5071.
  • UK Total Trade Balance (GBP/Mln) for November -£4123- lower than expected.Consensus -£3800. Previous -£4038.

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David99's picture

FED is criminal

Elite white-collar criminals must be heavily punished
eigenvalue's picture

We need more QE to expose the Ponzi and put an end to this corrupt system asap. QE is lovely. All hail the Almighty Bernank!

SWRichmond's picture

Home price drops exceed Great Depression

We must have more QE!  We must extend QE2!  Falling prices must be fought at every turn, especially since the Fed now has $1.5 Trillion in MBS on its books!

And some people still come here and assert that we're going to sag into some self-reinforcing deflation...

kaiserhoff's picture

Up along the Piedmont the bid/ask spread on Residential is a good 50 percent, in some cases more.  If that ever starts to clear, look out below, because there is an infinite supply of shadow inventory.  Commercial is just plain hopeless.  The banks are dead men walking.

Richmond is rumored to have a job market.  Any trends showing up? 

Racer's picture

"Home price drops exceed Great Depression"

Sheeple slaves lose more than GD.

Stock market soars up from lows

Banksters bag big Bonuses

malikai's picture

Home price drops can mean only one thing - Dow up 200pts today.

mule65's picture

Time: T minus 3 minutes.
Launch Control (LC): OSM, third stage S&A arm permit to close.
OSM: Closed.
LC: SSC,third stage S&A armed.
SSC: Armed.
LC: Prop 1, vehicle fuel tank press open.
Prop 1: Open.
LC: Fuel umbilical purge to open.
Prop 1: Open.
LC: SSC, vent 1 heater control exit.
SSC: Exit.
LC: SSC, vent 2 heater control exit.
SSC: Exit.
LC: NSC reports spacecraft is go.
Mission Director: Kepler spacecraft is go.
LC: SSC - FTS bat one and two heater controls heaters off.
SSC: Off.
LC: Prop 1, pressurized first stage LOX tanks to relief.
Prop 1: Pressurized.
LC: Prop 2, top first stage LOX to 100 percent levels.
Prop 2: Up and down, 100 percent.
Time: Ninety seconds.
LC: SSC, hydraulic external power to on.
SSC: External.
Time: Eighty seconds.
LC: RCO, report range go for launch.
Range Control Officer (RCO): Range go for launch.
Mission Director: LC (Viera), you're go for launch.
LC: Roger.

101 years and counting's picture

BDI now at 1453.  lowest print since 2/4/2009. 

snowball777's picture

You'd think a billion Chinese could chip in and get a route to defect; they could stow away on the ships they just finished building.

Mmmm....I love the smell of slack capacity on the high seas. Brisk!

hugovanderbubble's picture

Higher Crude oil prices,

Low Baltic Dry Index.....

 and margins up?='?

Main Street vs WSJ divergence is bigger than Bering´s Pass



Low VIX....


Where are the Vega + Gamma Traders? In Oahu?


Load Volatility cos this is a farce.


Please Close this market.....(Manipulated till the end of ages), Permabullishmode...

system failure's picture

I thought the schedule of the POMO was going to be released yesterday at 2PM. Has anybody seen the new schedule? Better yet, is there a new shedule?

Cdad's picture

Coin flipping 1/12


1.  The world will celebrate the resurrection of a nation.  After thousands of years of human struggle on that part of the European continent known as Portugal, folks will celebrate that a bond auction there went well...because the ECB made sure it went well by moving closer to the ledge of insolvency itself.  The celebration will last for half of one day when measured in how tawdry Little Miss Euro will or will not behave.

2.  Another day, another chance to raise the perceived value of NavelBook [FaceBook].  The love affair will continue, ironically, as Myspace lays off almost half of its employees.  Criminal syndicate Wall Street bankers will not let the fickle nature of navel gazers intrude on their plan to help citizens of the world misallocate billions of dollars on this venture.

3.  The world's largest manipulator of silver will chart a double top today as criminal syndicate Wall Street bankers upgrade themselves and each other in a joyous clusterfack of self-congratulations...while the rest of the nation looks on...a smoldering pile of ruins.  Later on, Meredith Whitney will be right, of course.

4.  After 2.5 months of nonstop dissembling, folks over at the Blow Horn [CNBC] will have run entirely out of shopping stories.  Rather than taking a break and properly doing their job for once, they will instead make 100 references to snow....which BTW is simply frozen precipitation, and almost all of us are familiar with it.

5.  Oil will reveal itself to be both priced for stupid and a complete the rally of the last two days will now be allowed to moderate as criminal syndicate Wall Street HFTs will move on to bidding up other things like back slapping bankers.  On that whole Alaska thing, no biggy.  Just the excuse of yesterday.  Thank you BP for continuing to ramp fuel prices right up our keesters, keeping the lights on at L. Blankfein Wildest Dreams Park [oil futures].

6.  Burritos continue to experience Novartis induced price discovery while drug companies that suck also continue to drift towards a value that is closer to believable. 

7.  Bulldozers may well ramp as if they were just invented yesterday, but ultimately underperform aerospace which will begin the day with low self-esteem.

8.  The perpetual rally in the shares of the world's largest zombie maker will clearly end today.

9.  Hyper posting by Robo and Harry will continue to accelerate as they attempt to get the dumbest people in the world to buy the top of the market during this premarket where RSI on everything this morning is already at infinity.

10.  Mary Shapiro will continue to meet relentlessly with criminal syndicate Wall Street bankers about which laws she should or should not enforce because that's easier than facing the whole ETF/creation units machine controversy.


Good luck out there in the land of make believe.


#11.  Gold just may actually present a buyable dip today.  Hmmmmm?

RunningMan's picture

We are in a Depression, and it is being hidden not cured by monetary policy. Record number of food stamp users and UE benefits on plastic merely hiding the issues rather than soup/bread lines. Massive money pumped into banks, and their spending or lack is driving local conditions. Home price slump now exceeding that of the Great Depression. How can this not cause pain? I don't care what the market is doing, conditions are awful. Have yet to see any sign of spending this year.

Rockford's picture

In addition the FED was able to bankrupt the country in a short twenty years. S.S. comes into being for one reason only; to pay off the FED.


andyupnorth's picture

We should compare housing today in the US to the Long Depression of 1873-96, rather than the Great Depression of 1929-39.

kaiserhoff's picture

The US had a dictator named "the Bernanke" in 1873?  Who knew?