Frontrunning: January 21

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  • Peter Orszag: America must brace itself for turbulence (FT)
  • ECB Flags Risks of Higher Prices (WSJ)
  • Spain Plans Partial Nationalization of Savings Banks (Reuters)
  • BofA Reports Loss on Costs Tied to Bad Loans, Mortgage Unit (Bloomberg)
  • European Governments Weigh Bond Buybacks (WSJ)
  • Portugal Vote Imperils Accord (WSJ)
  • Obama Taps GE's Immelt to Head Economic Advisor Panel (Bloomberg)
  • Hu defends Beijing’s Currency Policy (FT)
  • GE Net Rises 31%, Tops Estimates Amid Finance, Health Gains (Bloomberg)
  • Nigeria oil fund fears hit bond issue (FT)
  • Ivory Coast's Gbagbo Faces Financial `Asphyxia' by EU (Bloomberg), bad news for bondholders
  • Volcker Rule May Work, Even if Vague (NYT)
  • The rise of the redback: China will have to open its financial market if it wants the yuan to rival the dollar (Economist)
  • Hu Rapped by Congress, Assures China Is No threat (Reuters)
  • Warner Music Group Is Said to Hire Goldman to Explore Buyout (Bloomberg)
  • Carbon trade cyber-theft hits €30m (FT)
  • Hildebrand Says Swiss Franc's Strength Burdening Exporters (Bloomberg)
  • And lastly, of course, Krugman: China Goes to Nixon (NYT)
  • Managing Credit in a Levered Sovereign World (PIMCO)

Economic Highlights:

  • Germany IFO - Business Climate for January 110.3 – higher than expected.Consensus 109.9. Previous 109.9.
  • Germany IFO - Current Assessment for January 112.8 – lower than expected.Consensus 113.2. Previous 112.9.
  • Germany IFO - Expectations for January 107.8 – higher than expected.Consensus 106.5. Previous 106.9.         
  • UK Retail Sales Ex Auto Fuel for December -0.3% m/m 1.0% y/y – lower than expected. Consensus -0.3% m/m 1.3% y/y. Previous 0.3% m/m 1.8% y/y.
  • UK Retail Sales w/Auto Fuel for December -0.8% m/m 0.0% y/y – lower than expected.Consensus -0.2% m/m 1.1% y/y. Previous 0.3% m/m 1.1% y/y.

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99er's picture

(Reuters) - President Barack Obama will name General Electric Co. Chief Executive Jeffrey Immelt to head a new advisory panel focused on promoting economic growth by investing in business, the White House said on Friday.

Immelt sits on the Board of Directors of the New York Fed. Another tentacle, the fuckers.

Pants McPants's picture

By god, if I didn't know any better I'd say that move reeks of textbook fascism.

But thankfully we live in the land of the free and the home of the brave.  They almost fooled me.  Almost. 


sunny's picture

By god, if I didn't know any better I'd say that move reeks of textbook fascism.


Bingo!  Capitalism died in the early '80s.


HelluvaEngineer's picture

...and you can promote business growth by investing in government.

crosey's picture

Jeff Immelt on BO's panel.....hmmm, let's see if we can predict the future.  More jobs shipped overseas, screw small businesses, U-6 at 16+% for years, growth of the welfare state, tax breaks for global corporate interests, CNBC remains the state-run business news source, BO re-elected for a 2nd term wherein he can do some real damage.

Facism grows before our eyes like a Chia-Pet.

spanish inquisition's picture

Sorry if this is old news.

In a setback for Mr Cowen, he added that six vacated cabinet seats would be reassigned to existing ministers

Note: anyone else leaves and he will have to run things for the banks solo

NOTW777's picture

all that erin burnett cheerleading and cnbc campaigning for obama pays off with a WH appointment for immelt - replacing volcker

this guy is giving economic advice?

overmedicatedundersexed's picture

I am shocked, Shocked that there is pay offs in Obumas's regime..(sorry casablanca rip off over used but could not resist.)

Careless Whisper's picture

Of The Corporation, By The Corporation.....

Catullus's picture

Angelo Mozilo will be appointed Secretary of Housing and Urban Development next month as well.

BRAVO 7's picture

"brace for turbulence" is an extreme euphemism.

financial armageddon, about right. doubt it not.

heard a radio broadcast last friday the 14th. the host's name is rick
. his website is  he has been on the air for 11 yrs.
with useful news.
he hosted 3 other men on a telephone hookup. long story short they had
inside info of the planned collapse of the dollar, repeat, it will not
be a natural event  the euro would also collapse > sarkozy just left
d.c. after a meeting with obama  > hu jintao is visiting d.c. now and
berating the dollar's reserve status >  g 20 will meet this spring in
march, versailles, france to finalize the collapse  > new reserve
to be introduced between march and july 2011 > it was decided
in june 2009 to dump the dollar  > obama's personal rep. has been
traveling for the last year and 1/2 in negotiations with the usual
  as you can tell this will cause much chaos and mayhem around the
planet, will undoubtedly cause a great shock to the united states.
you could probably get a telephone interview with rick wiles, for
i will be doing my best to get this info out on some respectable
websites,to the hapless sheeple of america, maybe some will hearken.
thanks for your efforts.
rick's  # 561-792-6777 USA


Commander Cody's picture

Moynihan musta been out drinkin' and missed the memo from the FASB on how to cook the books to show a profit.

slaughterer's picture

Brian and Ken are great drinkers.   It is kind of a prerequisite for the CEO position at BAC.

Bur seriously, Immelt?  This guy made GE into the zombie it is today.  Now we will have ZOMBIE NATION?

Rodent Freikorps's picture

Snap out of it, man.

He went to Harvard Business School. Therefore, he can do no wrong.

Salinger's picture

Key Google executives have sold more than a billion dollars worth of shares in 2011. And it has been only twenty days since the new year has begun. The Google guys are half a billion dollars richer. Each.

Oh regional Indian's picture

GE really gets my goat and gizzard. Talk about a classic govt. money propped front of a company, actually a financial institution masquerading as a company. And then Immelet-up gets to head the economic recovery team?

Though it will be hard on many, the truth about GE needs to come out.

Insider shop gets bloated another 31%. Go ask the people of Schenectady how that feels.


gwar5's picture

No shit Shurlock Orzag!  Precious...

Peter Orzag did the walk of shame out of the White House he screwed up so badly-- but did manage to help get Citi bailed out with TARP and helped get the $ 1 Trillion stimulus passed  -- and he was rewarded with cushy Citi job. (Home of Robert Rubin and Glass-Steagall repeal disaster epicenter)

He jumped ship first, before all the rest of the bitter Keyenesian clingers and number cheaters after their trash doomed the economy and the little guy. 

Now he says,  "Turbulence ahead!"  from his own stinkin' steamy pile of advice.  Precious...




Rodent Freikorps's picture


Princeton and London School of Economics.

He is also, therefore, infallible.

Cdad's picture


FrontRunning Chief [cause no one else seems to be playin']


1.  If the little Miss Euro is partying this morning, it will finally be time to cover some other short [except not $9-$11 burritos] to make funds available to buy EUO.  Period.  It is time to take the other side of the trade from the Goldman Sachs crew.  I am thinking anything above 1.3601+ to the USD stud man should signal to put it on.

2.  Euro drug companies that suck at getting their drug ideas approved are now in free fall mode...having broken down below the 200 day sma on good volume [and it is also a secondary way to short Europe].  Oh, and as a point of curiosity, if you discover this one, check the Money Flow indicator on this...just in case you are one of those guys that puts his faith in technical indicators.  Funny.

3.  L. Blankfein Wildest Dreams Park [oil futures]...well, well, would seem some folk are coming around to my side of the ledger on this one, what with Brent now being revealed to be yet another criminal syndicate [Euro] banker scheme to corner that market this spring.  I repeat...oil is priced for stupid.  Oil is a hard short to take on...but it is a short anyway.  Pair it long gold if you need to.  L. Blankfein is both an ass and a liar about euros and oil.  'Nough said.

4.  What more can a man say about $9-$11 burritos, what with $.99 burritos everywhere?  Seriously, criminal syndicate Wall Street push folk into this stock at this price is a misallocation of capital worthy of a prison sentence.  Sell your shares, change your dumb ratings [in that order of course] and move along into the world's best maker of french fries...already.

5.  D. Tepper will piss off well North of 100,000 people today [due to the Blow Horn's poor viewership]...because of his blatant self-serving personality.  He will pose as a charitable man while simultaneously giving rats rear end about our currency...which is like saying he does not care about EVERY OTHER GENERATION...which is a sentiment that used to be frowned upon in America.  Sigh.

6.  Gold.  I don't think I'll know it until it is here...but it is coming.  Will be getting long...and it will be scary...

7.  Mark Haines is now a short.  If Intrade has a contract called Short Haines, buy it.  This guy is so washed up and mentally lazy at this point that I cannot imagine he survives the transition to Comcast.  IF HE DOES...CMCSA is a massive short instead.  How many times can we chat about his tomatoes or his Cheetos?

8.  What can a person say about Blight on America bank?  Seriously, did you see the interview with the CEO [whose initials are BM] on the Blow Horn [CNBC]?  Even he could not figure out what to say about the whole mess.  I mean he tried, but....

9.  Stocks priced for Dotcom...oh man.  I could write a thousand words on this matter right now.  However, you would not read that many words.  Fine.  Think cloud.  Check chart.  Confirm PE in search of the highest.  Then Whack-a-Mole away.  Some things get so disconnected from reality in US markets that they literally BEG TO BE SOLD.  Find the one with a name that sounds like it is a company in an entirely different sector.  'Nough said.

10.  If E. Burnett and B. Quick HAD TO BE PAIRED...which would be which in your book?  E. Burnett is surely adorable...and E. Quick is a truly good person.  Some will quibble...and not commit.  But NOT CDAD!  LONG B. Quick, SHORT E. BURNETT.  Any questions?

As always...good luck trading this absolute travesty of a stock market.  The NASDAQ rally ended yesterday.  You are warned.  And to D. Tepper....I threw up in my mouth a little hearing about how some of the money you made was directed to a food shelf because folk in Jersey are starving to death...on account of too many people like YOU at work in the country gaming food stuffs and destroying Average Joes stored wealth.  Retire already.  That would be a much greater act of charity.

John Law Lives's picture

Yet another STRONG open for the stock market is in store today.  I'll bet that just chaps the asses of all you doom-and-gloom types that are so sure the world will end tomorrow.

Enjoy watching strong gains from your caves today!

NOTW777's picture

cnbc honoring immelts payback by campaigning/cheering obama nonstop

where is jon stewart - nbc is a sick joke

sunny's picture

The government of Ireland has pretty much collapsed.  I checked UK newspapers on line, the Guardian and mention.  No mention of that here, I found a few details with Mish.    WTF???

What am I missing here?



Alterity's picture

When a member of the Obama regime comes out with an article warning that we must brace for turbulence, then you can bet the farm that it's really about to get bad.  All this time we've heard about "We're coming back from the brink", "Summer of Recovery" and "we are rebounding from the worst crisis since the Great Depression"....and it was all a LIE.  Only Bolsheviks can believe on the level that these guys believe! 

95% of Americans will miss Orzsag's statement about this today....but when the SHTF at least he will be able to say he was responsible by warning the public and the Obama admin will get some credibility by giving us the head's up.

I wonder if it really will be 100 times worse than the contagion he describes....