Frontrunning: July 12

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Man kicks can...again and again   

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Until the can kicks back.

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How about a new one?


* Market futures turn positve as politicians promise to fix everything as they buy all the debt ever created to save everyone.

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(h/t John Robb)

“That’s what I worry about,” he said. “But instead of flowers, she’s got guns. Violence in the streets, aimed at the wealthy. That’s what I worry about.”

must suck to have all that 'wealth' and still wake up every morning with a lingering fear for your life.

just like Biggie (RIP) said, mo' money mo' problems


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This morning would be a fabulous moment in time to audit the Fed and check that "other assets" surely, the Fed is loaded to the gills with E minis this morning.

The absolutely obvious destruction of the US market's credibility is enough, in and of itself, for it to crash. Onward then with the hopelessly useless and moronic banker cliche's:  "better second half" (based on what is anybody's guess), "we're off of our lows" (why would be a mystery to even the most prescient crystal ball wizard), "global growth" (where would be a good question to ask), "historically cheap valuations" (compared to the post Ming Dynasty crash?)

Nice faux market.


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For what it's worth I highly recommend this guest post from yesterday to anyone who hasn't read it:

Here's Why Small Business Isn't Hiring

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Law and Order: Greenwich


Alleged $11,000 scarf thief to apply for first-time offender program

Read more: Boman didn't speak during the brief court appearance. She was fashionably yet conservatively dressed in a form-fitting, sand-colored cropped pants and matching suit jacket.