Frontrunning: July 14

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It's a tough job, but someone's got to do it.

Casting call for Fashion Week Swim in South Beach


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Former partners battle it out in civil court in West Palm Beach. Company was awarded $2.7 Billion (yes billion) to deliver fuel to our troops.

Mohammad Al-Saleh thought he could finally relax after spending months making sure he and his business partners secured yet another $500 million defense contract to deliver fuel to U.S. troops in Iraq.



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Sargeant needs to be busted down to Private. These sick Pug profiteers are the ones that will really cry if the debt ceiling isn't bumped.

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WTF! I am going back to bed, after a stiff vodka beverage.

Silver is looking great....

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OT: About the math questions if you have been logged off...A little calculus perhaps?

Gotta love those accelerations and decelerations.

Side note: I recently took an employment test that did not allow calculators. SOB if I have forgotten how to do long division. Been using an HP-12C since forever. Then switched to Excel, because I did not trust the 12C. Entropy. Enjoy getting old kids. The other option is death.