Frontrunning: July 19

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  • Moody's suggests U.S. eliminate debt ceiling (Reuters)
  • ECB weighing eurozone default options (FT)
  • Debt Deal Search Intensifies (WSJ)
  • Obama struggles to get Wall Street funding (FT)
  • Euro Zone Sees 3 Options For Private Role in Greece (Reuters)
  • Germany Says It's Confident EU to Reach Agreement on Second Greek Bailout (Bloomberg)
  • ECB's Mersch-Inflation risks to upside, eyeing developments‎ (Reuters)
  • Lockhart: Fed could keep rates low "much longer" (Reuters)
  • Greece Seeks Advisers for Privatization (WSJ) - there's always Goldman
  • Taiwan Looks to Open products to Insurers (WSJ)
  • RBA Had ‘More Time’ to Assess Inflation (Bloomberg)
  • Asia Crisis Veteran Zeti Sees Region Resilient to Risks From U.S., Europe (Bloomberg)
  • Keep the faith: Gaddafi will fall very soon (FT)

European economic update:

  • Euro-Zone Construction Output SA for May -1.1% mom Previous 1.2% mom (Revised from 0.7% mom)
  • Euro-Zone Construction Output WDA for May -1.9% yoyPrevious -1.3% yoy (Revised from -2.0% yoy)
  • Euro-Zone ZEW Survey (Econ.Sentiment) for July -7.0Previous -5.9
  • Germany Zew Survey (Current Situation) for July 90.6 Higher than ExpectedConsensus 85.0 Previous 87.6
  • Germany Zew Survey (Econ. Sentiment) for July -15.1 Lower than ExpectedConsensus -12.5 Previous -9.0

Global highlights courtesy of Egan-Jones:

  • Asian shares dropped for a fourth day, led by Japanese banks and exporters.
  • Euro strengthens against the dollar and Swiss franc, as Greek minister says agreement on debt is ‘attainable’.
  • Oil rises above $96 a barrel in Asia amid expectations of US crude supply drop.
  • AIG may list part of its aircraft-leasing arm: reports.
  • American Airlines said to review splitting order between Airbus, Boeing.
  • Avery Dennison sees Q2 EPS of $0.74-0.79 (cons $0.88); revs of ~$1.7B (cons $1.83B).
  • Borders' seeks bankruptcy court approval to liquidate, shutter all 399 stores.
  • Brown & Brown reports Q2 EPS of $0.26 (cons $0.30); revs rose 1.3% to $246.8M.
  • Charles Schwab reports 16% gain Q2 income at $238M helped by invt advisory business.
  • Cisco cuts 6,500 workers, record $1.3B in costs.
  • Clorox rejects Carl Icahn's offer; Board concludes Icahn's proposal not in best interest.
  • Deutsche Bank, SocGen, RBS face pressure to boost funds after stress tests.
  • Facebook ad prices soar more than 74%; Big brands shift from TV and print media.
  • Gannett's Q2 net falls 22.5% to $151.5M; resumes buybacks, doubles dividend.
  • HNA vies for GE’s container leasing unit; SeaCo could fetch up to $3B including debt.
  • IBM raises guidance, beats estimates on increases in all major divisions.
  • Johnson & Johnson's June net income slips from $3.4B last year to $2.8B this year.
  • Magellan Bio sells TREK Microbiology unit to Thermo Fisher Scientific. Terms undisclosed.
  • MGIC Investment misses by $0.62, posts Q2 loss of $0.75/sh. Revs fell 9.7% to $367M.
  • Mosaic Co. Q4 net more than doubles to $649.2M as sales grew 54%.
  • Packaging Corp beats by $0.04, beats on revs; guides Q3 EPS below consensus.
  • Stanley Black & Decker expects organic sales growth of 4-5% (prev 5-6%).
  • Steel Dynamics' Q2 net doubles to $98.7M as revs rose 27.6% to $2.08B.
  • Wynn Resorts' Q2 net more than doubles to $122M as revs rise 33% to $1.37B.
  • Zions Bancorp swings to profit ($29M) on lower bad loans. Revs up 4.2%, at $544.5M.

Economic Calendar: Housing Starts - June, Building Permits-June.


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buzzsaw99's picture

buzzsaw suggests that moody's go to hell.

SheepDog-One's picture

Nah, Buzz, lets eliminate the debt ceiling! And the budget itself! WTF we're 98% down the road to total insanity anyway, lets go all the way! No ones going to STOP it anyway, so lets go full retard and just have fun!!

Deepskyy's picture

That Moody's peice is sheer brilliance!  Lets give an already fiscally irresponsible entity a credit card with no limit!  I'm sure that will help get them to curb spending.



DaBernank's picture

No need to curb spending, just print as needed.

MonsterBox's picture

Make no mistake: abolishing the Debt Ceiling is exactly what they will do. 

They cannot/will not cut spending for the same reason they cannot/will not raise taxes appreciably - Political Suicide. 

They're sensitive to that, more sensitive than to our future collapse.

Gramm-Rudman (balanced budget) was killed for EXACTLY the same reason.

Bull Shit?  Sure.  What do you seriously expect?

"As the dog returns to his vomit, so does a fool to his folley."

Cash_is_Trash's picture

Moody's suggests U.S. eliminate debt ceiling

- Moody's employees found smoking crack cocaine during lunch, making GM employees look like angels.

Iriestx's picture

No debt ceiling?  Free gay marriages and abortions for everyone!

the not so mighty maximiza's picture

A Caddy in every garage and a lobster in every pot!!!!!

Iriestx's picture

[jive] OBAMA GONNA PAY MY MORTGAGE!@!!!! [/jive]

the not so mighty maximiza's picture

Then she woke up,  Obama ain't paying shit

Iriestx's picture

She should have incorporated herself as a invenstment bank, and changed her last name to something Jewish.  She's be a trillionaire by now.

the not so mighty maximiza's picture

We will all be rich I tell ya.

Cdad's picture

Would someone over at COMCAST please just commence dry heaving the idea of putting Cramer on in the morning? Thank you.

BTW...he just wrote the epitath for Goldman...almost certainly greenlighting the entire world to buy those shares.  Look for the reversal, as well as the continued sell off in COP after the C man told everyone to buy the top in that one.

Good grief.

Oh, and as for Moody's, ditto on shutting that operation down for its supremely moronic call to simply eliminate the debt ceiling.

SheepDog-One's picture

Who the hell made MOODY'S the worlds leading authority on macroeconomics? I thought they were a bunch of book keeper accountants. 

I am a Man I am Forty's picture

why does everyone frame the fucking story that raising the debt limit and paying bond holders is the exact same fucking thing

SheepDog-One's picture

None of them actually know what the hell theyre talking about, remember NONE of these people saw 2008 coming AT ALL!!

snowball777's picture

Uncle Warren is "Moody" when his bonds go down and Becky won't.

Critical Path's picture

Eliminate the debt ceiling, comical... although one might argue the imposed debt ceilings are essentially worthless (see previous increases to the debt limit) and that by default the U.S. never had one to begin with.  Nice try though Moodys... what is your business model again?

Careless Whisper's picture

Thank You federal taxpayers. You just bought the Greenwich CT police dept. a new $600,000 boat. For Long Island Sound. For security. Never to be used for joy rides. They already have 2 boats.

Tesei said the Police Department has two boats that fall within the same category as the homeland security craft, and a Fiberglass boat rented out for special events such as Swim Across America.

One resident says don't take the money.

It's always terrific to get new boats, until you have to pay for them," Isbrandtsen said. "The federal government has no money. They really shouldn't be giving this to us."

snowball777's picture

Dear Mr. Lockhart, I appreciate your generous offer to keep rates low in perpetuity, but I seem to have misplaced my invitation to access the discount window.