Frontrunning: June 21

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that cohan article is misleading, and is a goldman puppet piece

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Sell in May and go away !!!! Enjoy your "Summer Doldrums" !!!! First day of Summer and the PMs are languishing ???? Hahahahahahahahaha !!!! Monedas 2011 The Summer wind is blowing the confetti fiat around like painted kites !

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do you have knowledge of this document ?


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So Barney Frank's housing bubble was an attempt in good faith to break up the concentration of wealth ? Why do people do back flips to not blame our lovely populist rabble rousers ! The urge to lick government hole is a very deep emotional need like lunching at mama's milk bar ! We (you) voted  for these idiots of the left ! Shit in....shit out ! Monedas 2011 The Socialists trash our way of life and we don't have the heart to hold them accountable because their intentions were good ?

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Couple more (semi OT) - Can't wait for the weaponization of  MK801 in aerosol form- Great for wafting over a battlefield or dispersing protests. Individuals may challenge Fed law for violating states rights

Edit:  Treasury Esf video .... must watch - far as I can tell the treasury secretary controls the funds in the ESF and is responsible to no one on how it is spent - also anyone looking for money, it should be in here, but it not reported

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  My sept. contracts are already opened!

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The "greenhouse" gas decision is a sad end to an outright corporate/executive branch power grab.  The Top 5 Power companies know they're hurting people and that this is a tort.  It's no different than dumping your garbage on your neighbor's lawn.  There's no need to get the Unconstitutional EPA involved.  Having the EPA "regulate" pollution is equivalent to paying off the cops.  They allow you to continue to harm people so long as you pay the "fine" to the cops.  Then the cops turn around and dump money into the same top 5 power companies to build worthless wind turbines or solar panels thousands of miles away.  Your kid got cancer from mercury or sulfur dioxide released from a coal plant? Fuck you.  The EPA gave me a permit to give your kid cancer.

Doesn't surprise me.  The environmentalists were always socialist private property haters anyway. Interesting when the biggest abusers of environment are on the side of the environmentalists, isn't it?  It's like the corporate interests are using the regulatory apparatus to do as they damn well please under the cloak of "protecting" people.

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Melissa McHenry, a spokeswoman for AEP, said that "as we've said since the day the lawsuit was filed, states and private parties should look to Congress and not the courts to set policies on climate change and greenhouse-gas regulation."

She said the court's ruling "ensures that power generators and other companies can continue to operate in accordance with environmental regulations without the threat of incurring substantial costs defending against climate litigation."

Writing for the court, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg noted that Congress decided the EPA was "best suited to serve as primary regulator of greenhouse-gas emissions. The expert agency is surely better equipped to do the job than individual district judges issuing ad hoc, case-by-case injunctions."

Ginsburg wrote that individual federal judges "lack authority to render precedential decisions binding other judges - even members of the state court."

Environmentalists, however, also claimed victory, pointing out that the court unanimously re-affirmed its 2007 ruling, Massachusetts v. EPA, in which the justices found that the federal government has the authority under the nation's clean-air laws to regulate greenhouse-gas emissions.

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William Cohan should be slapped to death with John Paulson's flaccid penis.