Frontrunning: June 24

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"Bernanke Public Approval Falls to Lowest" Yeah, thanks Ben. I'm still no where near retirement age and I'm paying the mortgage with money from my IRA. Your the man.

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You don't know whether to feel sorry for him or cut his balls off. And that's quite a dichotomy.

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How many in the "public" even know who Bernanke is?

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The news this week concerning Japan and climate change with record weather.

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read the bernanke article, the only reason for linking the guy is ignorance. why dems would like him, I'm a dem. don't these idiots realize he a a major reason we have had middle class wage destruction, etc. without the fed we couldn't have endless foreign wars, etc. what the effec of always and excess cheap credit as done to the world and our economy. the poll really shows how little people know about economic issues

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We need more people like you in the big two parties, who have carefully examined the issues and step outside partisanship to understand the real source of our problems.

Happy Friday.

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when did the Fed Head need ANY public approval??  They didn't even get majority when it was created